Fotheringay Live at The Beat Club 1970

Performed for German TV, from the "Nothing More" box set DVD.I do not own the rights to this video. If you like it, please support the artists by buying the box set.Songs:1 Nothing More

Gerry Conway Jerry Donahue Pat Donaldson Sandy Denny Trevor Lucas

Oh, and Jerry Donahue's fantastic guitar playing is just so perfect for Fotheringay. He is truly a great musician.
Alan Edwards
Incredible rare video of Sandy at her best. Prayers for Jerry Donahue who has had a stroke.
Alessandro Valenza
How amazing is \
Alex Kawa Martins
Que saudade e nostalgia a tomar conta do meu ser e dos meus momentos, sempre que ouço (vezes sem conta) esta extraordinária apresentação dos Fotheringay. Ainda não suporto a ideia de Sandy Denny ter partido... que tristeza e revolta. Depois todo um naipe de fabulosos músicos e, nunca é demais dize-lo e reconhece-lo, Jerry, Trevor, Gerry e Pat fazem-nos recordar e deliciar do seu virtuosismo e de quando a música era feita e reproduzida por \
Alf Ching
Didnt Know this existed,Glad it does.Thanks a lot to be able to watch this\nThe Majestic Sandy Denny Holds the beacon to how it should be done,She\nshould have been enormous when she lived ,no one to touch Her R.I.P Baby.
All or Nothing
+ytnsanw\nA 'Scot' is a 'Brit'. 'British' is not a synonym for 'English'.
Andy Bricky
I never saw the lady perform live, and never thought I would. Thanks for putting this online, it's ridiculous to think she sounds this good without miming to a pre-recorded sound track as most with this quality seem too, and the band are fairly nifty too.
Arno Luyendijk
What I consider so special about Sandy Denny's voice is the combination of how she can fill a room with a single note, and at the same time deliver the feeling as if ballads of long time gone were sung specially for you alone. Wow, wow and wow.
Asif Hassan
What a voice....god's gift undoubtedly
This is truly electrifying. Sandy Denny has such an astounding voice and the rest of the band are amazing too. There are so few singers these days who can sound better live but Sandy was definitely one of them. As for the 23 people who gave this performance a thumbs down ... are they DEAF?!!
Ben Moses
Very fine musicianship. Ragged and tight at the same time. Just having Sandy on vocals or Jerry on guitar would give any band an unfair advantage. I especially like the rooty Basement Tapes vibe at the end.
Bob Atkins
Saw them perform in 1970 at Southampton University,absolute perfection,I will never forget it,Gypsey Davey has to be the stand out track for me,shows the versatility of Sandy's voice.
Chris Hartman
Love Sandy Denny. I miss her.
Awesome. Vielen danke for German music TV of the 70s!
Collin Butt
brilliant - nothing more to say
Corey J. Foley
Is there anymore of this session that we can see?? Four songs just wets the appetite. Great to see and remember them all at their artistic peak, especially Jerry Donahue's smooth and soulful lead guitar work. Thanks but can we see more?! Jofo
Cunning Folk
This is so unbelievably brilliant
David Heliker
This Woman's ancient , timeless voice would be appreciated by any Culture at any time in recorded history.
David Robinson
Wow! I never thought I'd see something like this. These performances might just be the best on film of the incomparable Sandy Denny. And watching Jerry Donohue spin out his ultra-clean guitar lines--it's a master class on guitar playing. So good.
David Vergi
I was fifteen then, I swear that their expressions, the looks in their eyes, expressions of the mouths, body movements, vocal intonations, all seem exponentially more real and anchored in reality, biology, and nature, than in today's products of the show business monster machine. Today I feel I am careening towards a postmodern nightmare of contrived, phony, and forced garbage, propelled by capitalism.
Deacon Cassidy
Apart from the superb music and singing of Sandy and friends the highlight of this video are the shots of Sandy smiling. There are not enough photos of Sandy laughing and having fun.
Dennis Gilligan
Absolutely Stunning, a pity they fell apart.
Düül Crimson
The best Music i've ever heard was made in the 70's !
Eamonn McLoughlin
Sandy had a great voice, but she wasn't one for upbeat or rocking tunes, neither was she a great performer. \nIt was hard/impossible for her to compete with glam rock in the early 70's and punk in the mid to late 70's and it was equally hard/impossible for Island to market her. \nAlso, she was a bit plump and while that shouldn't have had a bearing on her image, it did unfortunately and it also affected her self esteem.\nIt was far easier to knock back a wine, a gin or a brandy and forget about it than go on a diet.\nShe was competing with Lyndsey dePaul, Judy Collins, Suzy Quatro and others and felt she didn't stand a chance. \nAdd that to her country frocks and it's easy to see how she was seen as old hat and irrelevant in the late 70's. \nBesides, she never really got over the break-up of Fotheringay. The reason they broke up was their disastrous 1st gig in The Round House. Elton John was the support act and he blew them off the stage. Fotheringay were an anticlimax in comparison.\nAs the years waned on she drank more and more and became an attention seeker - she had a penchant for falling off chairs and what have you. \nThe last 2 years of her life she was deeply unhappy and she wasn't a good mother to her prematurely born daughter.\nFriends were concerned about her drinking and erratic behaviour. Especially when she crashed the car, while drunk, with her daughter in the back. Thankfully, neither were injured.\nHer husband, Lucas fled to Oz with their daughter only to fly back shortly after when he heard Sandy had died of a brain haemorrhage after falling down the stairs of her parent's home in April 1978. \nShe was only 31.\nThere's an uncanny parallel with Nick Drake. Another doomed folk prophet of the 70's whose music would only be appreciated by later generations. \nMy God. The music industry can be depressing. \nBut Sandy had a haunting quality to her voice. She was at her best when singing about heartache, loss and tragedy. \
Erwin Woodedge
It's interesting to see that Sandy Denny is singing slightly behind the beat, like some jazz singers do too. It makes for this magic, laidback sound. LOVE it.
Geurt Smetjes
Such a shame that they didn't play the entire Fotheringay album.. They are all so on top of their games here. Everyone is shining in this pearl of pure musicianship.
Ghislain DORMONT
Maybe the most stupid question of all times : was \
One of the most intense seventeen minutes long on youtube.
Jim Ball
The first time I have seen this video, simply amazing, what a gathering of talent; Get well soon Jerry.
Joel Downham
Jesus when you first watch this video and then it just becomes of your life....
John Helfrich
Wow, I have never heard of this group ! I was a always a big fan of The Pentangle in the late 60's and early 70's, but for some reason limited my folk experience to Joni Mitchel and a few others. Thank you so much for uploading. I love the lead singer.
John V
I saw them (in Oxford around 1970) but never imagined I would be looking back 47 years on and thinking God they were so good. Sandy had the most beautiful voice and Jerry Donahue's guitar is extraordinary. It says something for the talent that was around in the sixties and early seventies that has been missing for four decades of utter crap.
Ken Clarke
I saw them at the Royal Albert Hall way back in the 70s ......Elton John was the support act!!!!
Konig Corvus
Hauntingly beautiful.
I'm so thankful that this footage exists
Ah those Brits of yesterday's...\nHaunting perfection....
Lucifer Sam
Thanks!!!!  It's amazing that this footage still exists, and the sound quality is crystal-clear.The overwhelming thought watching this marvellous band at work is... 'if only...'  If only Fotheringay had had proper management (this is one of only a handful of times they actually played in public) and Fairport's work ethic.  But people in The Industry seemed determined that Sandy should be a solo artist, and we all know how that turned out.Sandy appears to be genuinely happy here (with this bunch of musicians, who wouldn't be?) and her talent, both as a Voice and a musician, really shines.
Luke A.D. Green
Sandy.... sigh....
This is haunting.
Maurizio Clary
Sandy the queen of folk music
Mike Cowking
Brilliant to find this on You Tube - made my day!!
Moudie Blues
Sandy, such a great artist who went too soon!
Ms Vicky
She and Grace Slick sound similar.Though Sandy has a wider range.Love this music.
Patrick Sicard
Paul Griffiths
Thank you beat club for having the good sense not to trash these wonderful concerts soon after they were recorded as some idiots did, this is the golden era of musical talent 1967-1975 the tone on that lead guitar, wow!
Peter Clifton
Part of the reason this band was so good, apart from the wonderful singer and lead player is the superb rhythm section - great bass and drums.
Peter K.
Really GREAT video-quality for this SD-songs/really handmade good folk-rock-music/wish she had spent some more years with STRAWBS....
Randall Schoverling
The greatest female vocalist of all time🌿
Randy Potter
Priceless video.
Rennie King
greatest female singer of all.  May be a few whose voice comes close, but can they also write such wonderful songs like Nothing More?  Can they play the piano and the guitar with such precision and feeling?  Not many.
Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam
Beautiful. So much tks for the upload!
Roberto Zao
*Sandy Denny, vocals, piano, 12 string guitar;\nTrevor Lucas, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar;\nJerry Donahue, lead electric, acoustic guitar, alto guitar, backing vocals;\nPat Donaldson, bass, duet vocals, backing vocals;\nGerry Conway, drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ronald Lindeboom
Ladies and gentlemen, \
Ruben Araiza Porras
Excelente banda... soberbia interpretación...
Simon Ashton
Fantastic upload, not previously available on YT. Thank you very much.
Terrific drummer here
Stefan Lewandowski
Gerry: the Tzar of the tele; the Supremo of the string bend!
Sandy, única e irrepetible..
Thane Bridges
The voice that sets the bar for others to follow. Truly spine tingling.
Tim Carnell
Absolutely brilliant.
Toni Francis
I miss her.
Thank you, Sandy was great and here she was 23!
Victor Fernandes
I've noticed something else in the footage: Even tho Sandy is the focal point of Fotheringay, Gerry Conway is probably the unsung hero and creative anchor of the band. His laid back, loosey-goosey drumming has a dark, ominous and suspenseful quality to it while being explosive and funky at the same time, particularly his well executed snare rolls. You can hear and see him perform that combination during \
Wilfried Mathias
Absolutely amazing!\nSandy Denny has the most beautiful voice of the British folkrock!
black bob
to all the knobheads debating \
God I hate the \
child of the 50s
Brilliant vocalist....such a sad untimely end. Sandy makes her singing look effortless and totally unforced. Wonderful.
chris ott
pure gold....thanky immensely
david k
Sandy's great. Donahue's guitar is quite nice as well as is Conway's drum. A delight.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for posting this. the best youtube upload ever.
Holy crap! that's awesome. I've loved Sandy and Fairport for years--First time seeing this, massive.
gavin kilty
True musicians dedicated to their art, and of course, the peerless, incomparable Sandy Denny.
Hard to believe this is 1970. It could have been recorded yesterday. Amazing and utterly timeless. RIP Sandy.
So rare to find footage of Sandy Denny. Thanks for posting this
hello there
Jerry Donahue brought such a melodic solo to this. great stuff.
It is a mark of a civilized country to have spared a tape like this.
I'll have to paraphrase this since I can't find the original (or who said it), but the best comment I've ever read about Sandy Denny is that she sang 400-year-old songs like they were written yesterday and contemporary songs like they were centuries old.
jdw3848 fenton
Absolutely haunting performance. This sends chills down my spine. Sandy Denny leaves little doubt that her voice was certainly a powerful one. Sadly, such a tragic ending way too soon. Todays singers should see this and learn a lesson on how to sing with passion.
john e Lawler
the lead guitarists, Jerry often drank in my pub whenever in Cambridge, a proper gent
What a brilliant band. Any video footage of Sandy is a true blessing to see!!
keith burgess
Beautiful harmonies tight musicianship all tuned in to eachother all different components of the same vehicle.... priceless performance...true professional effort.... timeless vibe....
kevin kogin
This is the definitive version of \
kim lee
Dave Swarbrick her fellow band musician remarked, \
sad how little footage there is of Sandy
laccaria laccata
Much as I love Sandy and she was indeed a lovely singer, can we please stop saying she was the greatest singer of all time? Sandy was a very modest lady and would have cringed with embarrassment. If you keep exploring music, particularly if you move beyond rock and folk, there have been many many wonderful female singers.
Amazing, powerful, TIGHT music,  \
mike saunders
Priceless footage,the BBC would have recorded a cooking show over it .Viele danke.
Can't believe that it's almost 50 years ago.
Was fortunate to see poor Sandy perform twice in the U.S. and her voice was introspective genius with so much sadness and it ended so tragically at age 30.. Also we should not forget Trevor Lucas who only made it to the age of 45.. and Sandy and Tevor were the parents of Georgia Lucas, who attended Sandy's introduction into the BBC Radio 2 folk hall of fame in 2016.
Nothing More is a Masterpiece ! What a Band this made my day better!
Sandy Denny was a real talent; shame to hear of her downward spiral at the end. She was a beautiful human being. Ala Jim Morrison and the others, just super-talented and unique, and just like that, self-destructive and gone forever. Best to at least get a glimpse of the shooting star than to never experience it, I suppose......sigh. Sandy Denny and Fotheringay as a whole need to be experienced by more people......they are amazingly talented. Take care. Frankie
Multi-national band: Two Brits, A Scot, a Yank and an Aussie..
Олег Шматович
Люблю её.