Sweet And Sexy Side Of Michael Jackson

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Here is a video I made showing the sweet and sexy side of Michael Jackson...We all know how sweet, caring, giving and adorable MJ is, but there is also this sexy side to him that just makes him the perfect package of a man...a human being.I totally love and miss him...I also believe in him, what he stood for and everything he's done for the world.He's helped so many, as well as making a lot of people happy with his talent. He was the true master of music, in my book....a genius in soo many forms.I also believe that he was an angel, sent by GOD to show us the "true" meaning of L-O-V-E. For the fans, he was our world....to him, the fans was his world.He loved us....not just only the fans, but people in general...he wanted to make the world happy and a better place.That was his message, "Heal the world"...make it a better place, starting with the children. He tried soo hard to get this message across when he was here, but I feel that, not many people really listened...they mostly wanted to tear him apart and make him into something that he wasn't and that was a bad person. To me, he was and is something...simply Michael Jackson with a BIG heart.Let me just end this by saying...There will NEVER be another person like him and it breaks my heart to know that he is no longer here on earth with us.But, he IS and ALWAYS will be in the hearts of the ones who believe in him.THANK YOU MICHAEL, FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Even though you felt like it was your job to do what you did, you didn't have to do it....you did it because you loved it, it made you happy to see US happy.You devoted your life to the world and we owe you so much more in return."What much more could you give?' Nothing in my opinion...you already did, but I do wish you were still here, just to be here.God Bless you and your sweet heart....You will always remain alive in ours.About The Video--- The background music is the instrumental version of Madonna's "Justify My Love", then I added some audio clips from interviews/MJ's songs.I hope you enjoy it....I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now and I know I've been having fun piecing it together. I always have fun when it comes to making a project that pertains to our MJ. Just like him, I'm a perfectionist...but I can only work with the programs I have, so I hope you find it in your heart to enjoy it. Hey, I tried....LOL! That's all that matters right. Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself With Me....Sorry, got carried away...thinking of another song of his :)But, really I hope you like it....also, thanks for watching ;)B.T.W. Did anyone notice the slight MJ breathing sounds playing in the background?.....LOL!!!*This is intended for entertainment purposes only, I do not own any portions of the contents in this video.

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