Placebo - Every You Every Me

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I've listened this song on the radio and thankfully I can't forget it! :D
Que canción taan chingona!!
Alex Colinas
First time I heard: Formula 1 2000 ... :)
AlexC Castiblnco
Siempre lloró cuando los escuchó
Alexander Müller
nice song since a long time
Amal Way
The first song I heard (not kidding)
Andrea Jean
Flip Sorry.
Babatunde Swana
I love rock music
Birgit Weigelt
Classic Placebo... can hear this all day long.Very cool.
Bored Now
One of their sweetest singles, great song!
Best song! cant wait for tomorrow night placebo at the O2 Bournmouth!
Claudia Cutino
Lol Cruel Intentions brought me here, thank god. Can't believe this passed me by, such a good track.
Costa Margarida
the new unplugged version is better,in fact it is briliant.
Crazy Girl
Sucker love is heaven sent.\nYou pucker up, our passion's spent.\nMy hearts a tart, your body's rent.\nMy body's broken, yours is bent.\n\nCarve your name into my arm.\nInstead of stressed, I lie here charmed.\n'Cause there's nothing else to do,\nEvery me and every you.\n\nSucker love, a box I choose.\nNo other box I choose to use.\nAnother love I would abuse,\nNo circumstances could excuse.\n\nIn the shape of things to come.\nToo much poison come undone.\n'Cause there's nothing else to do,\nEvery me and every you.\nEvery me and every you,\nEvery Me...he\n\nSucker love is known to swing.\nProne to cling and waste these things.\nPucker up for heavens sake.\nThere's never been so much at stake.\n\nI serve my head up on a plate.\nIt's only comfort, calling late.\n'Cause there's nothing else to do,\nEvery me and every you.\nEvery me and every you,\nEvery Me...he\n\nEvery me and every you,\nEvery Me...he\n\nLike the naked leads the blind.\nI know I'm selfish, I'm unkind.\nSucker love I always find,\nSomeone to bruise and leave behind.\n\nAll alone in space and time.\nThere's nothing here but what here's mine.\nSomething borrowed, something blue.\nEvery me and every you.\nEvery me and every you,\nEvery Me...he\n\nEvery me and every you,\nEvery Me...he
Formula 1 2000
Dave Lister
my body's broken every me every you and when it is done i carve my name upon my chest
David Sykes
Something for everyone ,on many levels
Den Cig
It's my favorite song of Placebo.
Desmond Miles
Come To Chile!!
Digital Video
Amo esta canción
Dorcas Malahlela
One of my favourite songs ever.
Eliza E
I'm so lucky that my mum has good music taste
F. Hawk
The guitars create this constant buzz, drive, desire call it what you want .... ahhh bliss.\n\nIf you get time check out Lucid Rivers
Francis Cassidy
No one else thinks some of the lyrics reminds of Doctor Who?\n\
Best song in WINNING ELEVEN 10
Gonzalo Gauna
Cruel Intentions !\nI fucking love so much that movie and this song.
Gonzo Tigerfish
these guys with perfume genius would be cool AF
Guillaume Kerbourc'h
Daisuki !! Meccha meccha kirei
Gustavo Gutierrez
Cuando vendrán a Chile? We miss you...
Harley Quinn
I freaking love this! From Cruel Intentions x
Iván Trejo
'Like' if you come here from \
James Ross
it took a while to understand what its aculay singing about.
Jamie Hellfire
cruel intentions, man, what a movie, intense
Jane Doe
This is the first song that I've hear by Placebo (to my knowledge) and this song reminds me a bit of R.E.M.  I'm not sure why, maybe it's the way the vocals undulate with the lyrics, just the style seems to be similar to songs like \
Jeremiah Barry
under rated songs placebo sad deep music and lyrics
Jrunin 999
679 x 100 di energia poi tutto a fine ☀️ x sempre questo cazzo di cellulare è finito come tutto il resto
Kassie Jones
now I'm moving forward with out things being messed up so keep my thaughts real off the smoke too and moving forward sometimes it is for others not me\nno more
Kelly Bell
I love this ✌
Kelvin Maynard
Incredible song very powerful.well to meeeehe.
Kevin Díaz777
Good song
2018 enyone
Luciano Canto Luz
Placebo é muito bom!
Makis veteranboy
«Η Ζωή Της Άλλης»
I was looking for this song since i watched Cruel Intentions, but, DAMN, it is way better than i remembered it
Marcos Fernando Borges
Musica TOP demais! Som atemporal, você pode ouvir daqui a 20 anos que ainda vai achar TOP!
Maria: The Demon Barber of YouTube
Love it
Markus H.
Mastopilamie Masie
Beste du und ich but nothing s forever
Mat Mac
First introduction to PLACEBO F1 2000...... PS1 great childhood game ;)
Maxwell cash
they sound really good!!😁😁🌠🌠
Michelle GH.
Que épocas aquellas uwu
Mykyta Panarin
I love how I get back to Placebo every like 5-7 years and get the same chills. Especially when you have memories from 12 years ago. It's like a portal now.
Nicinin 92
La prima volta che la ascoltai fu mentre scorrevo il menù di F1 2000 sulla Ps1
Ninfa V.
Phillip Anderson
Great articulation. l really like when the singer makes his words clear.
QuickDraw Maagrawl
I pretty much only listen to heavy music but this song is really really good.
RAsplez 98
This song is a testament to my life.. love it. Speaks to me on so many levels.
Raph Prospere
the lyrics are so bloody goood
Retrogamer 92
this song= F1 2000 PS1
Reyco Seven
Ayer tocaron en Málaga. El concierto fue impresionante // Yesterday they played in Málaga. The concert was awesome \u003c3
Robbie J
Sounds almost like geddy lee.
Thanks to F1 2000 I knew this song. It's practically in all my game's custom playlist like FIFA, F1 Challenge 99-02 and rFactor
Pearl jam tremor christ
Im 17 and have only recently seen cruel intentions (obviously i had no idea about it when it first came out) and i love the movie. But the opening track really got me so i did a lot of searching and finally found the song. I look forward to sampling the rest of Placebo's music, that movie had a good soundtrack really feeling this song
Tony S
More. Listens. Required.
Vaggelis Gradarakis
Placebo Greece loves you !!!! 
I guess the most beautiful and universal lyrics ever written in English. Don't ever listen to It while you Read \
Wreckless Nostalgia
Mark Appleyard Flip Sorry!!!
Xena Girl
Cruel intentions 😍😏😎
Yanie Boo
Every time hear this I think of Cruel Intentions and Sebastian Valmont😭 and how he died
Zampa 231
F1 2000 - playstation1 ♡♡
Winning Eleven 11 \u003c3
Zayn Alam
I knew placebo after I heard running up that hill. I never knew that there song are fucking nice 💜
Every Me Love It!
my first love with Placebo-)))))
Cruel Intentions
eric bryant
nice still of Jodie foster
fernanda reyna
the best band \u003c3
harry-joe boorman
There playing In birmingham ( united kingdom) tonight, debating whether i should go or not, only know one song, from skins lol
haze purple
Flip-Sorry-Epic-Forever!\nThank's a lot Mark!
lam L
love this song
lemsdarkapprentice 2
what an awesome song [el'sda2].
manu martinez
F1 2000 lol
mariale duque
i think this one is on my top three songs of placebo, it´s so amazing from beggin to end, there is nothing like placebo
Som bacana, bom pra se ouvir com o som.bem alto
menson satak
i know that very nice but i need some
monster jesse
Luv this one
playstation f1 brought me here
ΜΕΤΡΟΠΟΛΙΣ ΡΕΘΥΜΝΟ.....90s.........
pro gamer 120
Fan since I saw them doing Nancy Boy on TOTP'S 👌
ravikar singh
Damn ...i thought my earphones are done
veera marttinen
I saw Placebo live a week ago, and I will never forget it. I've never yelled as much as I did then, one of the best days of my life ever.
Валенти Х
Love this song ❤️
Favorite placebo song!