Chosen Plays Minecraft 1.13 Ep. 23 Simple Villager Breeder

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AeronJohn Remolacio
Hi Boss, Nice Video, love your Videos
Akash P
Oh no u broke the prismarine slab the gods are gonna get angry now
Anna Singh
Dude, your an awesome youtuber, keep it up
AstroStorm Gaming
Hey Chosen! i love your videos and I've been watching for awhile now, and i would love to talk to you over discord! if you are interested let me know thanks!! :)
Y can place a boat on land and you can get them in the boat and you can just push m
Dude I am waiting for that skeleton spawner farm
Jim Salvador
Name the butcher 'tear in my heart'😂😂
I really like your videos and specially this ones ! - A subscriber from Portugal 😄
give we world download!... please
I like it!
Matt Bradbury
couple things ... you can drive boats on land, just not up hills. Another thing is you have a wooden door on your house, it likely won't affect your villager breeder but it will move the center of the village so if you plan to setup an iron farm in the same area then you will want to remove that door or your golems won't spawn where you expect them to.
Michael Johnson
Did anyone else notice, when he looked at the white villager in the farm (26:43, and happened before that too), the water behind it turned to ice?
Don't make that trench two deep, ya hear?
Rossen Rivera
Make a automatic sugarcane farm plss
Shadowy Nightis
Hey hows it going man, love the vid and your work, i actually watched a video on this exact design not so long ago and wanted to use it but wasn't sure if the fact that it was made quite a while ago would affect the functionality, so its really helpful that you decided to do this. Have a great rest f ya day!
Sol Gallin
Silk touch for 8 emeralds!! Great trade right there :) also I think trading with them makes them more willing to breed as well.
Is it possible to make this world into a server so that you can play with fans and the fans can help you inprove your world sorry for my English its because i am from the Netherlands and i have dislexyia i love your video’s keep it up man
Started to watch your vids 4 days ago, especially the vanilla series. I'm all chilled up when watching you, its amazing. Keep up the good work
Victory Slasher
Why dont you use data packs?
Yffd Haha
you sound like jake
ken slayer
Yay villagers
Nice, just when I needed an episode
tacoloco 2601
Put an alitra on and use rockets to fly