DotA Top 10 Weekly - Vol 3 by HELiCaL

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Жми Лайк - Это Помогает !◣ Подписаться....

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so play like this and post a replay
A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid
really? what made you say that.
The vids are good, just please stop using memes.\n
Adolf H1tler
fuuuuuuuuuuu wodota real noobssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akim Baban
kto montaj sdelal?
Amru Abdul
tat pdge .. really a idol !! not a wisp *
This soundtrack is better than electric !
Baxter Oswald
i wonder how send dota 2 replay
helical clan\u003e\n
Cesar Gonzales
pudge pro!!!!! no sabia que se podia hacer eso\nexcelente!!
Crown Ambassador
wisp really is a nice suppoter hero.. but i noob use wisp.. hahahah xD
Diamond M
оо да пудж\n
Duy Le
4 st VN pro :)
he is not.
Fernando Marte
illi - 504 remix\n
Giannhs as
In my opinion number one shouldnt have been number one the 2ond sf scene was way better and must have been at 1st place.
Grey eegii
wowo pudge???
Hai Nguyen
the song is 504 remix- illi...
Hamdi Kilic
Hara zuki
Pudge and wisp is the best \u003c3\n\n
Doom can't fly. :p
Isuke Shiro
shit music
Xin vs Raijin (Irony)
Jon David Ombayan
awesome pudge with wisp :))
Jordon L
Sf armlet.. Hmm imma try is next time
Juan Cedeno
yeah living armor of treant on rikimaru .. weird shit ... i though this was a weekly top 10 .. that must be like at least a 7 months or so
Junior kurosaki
sweet!Pudge and wisp!!!!!!!!!!!!\n
Keenan Matanawee
the title of song..??
Holy S**T 8:05
Lazuardi MR
its amazing
Linh Việt
you are his boyfriend? dangerous fanboy :))
Lord Abuabu
illi - 504 Remix :)
Love BaBe
i like the song XD\n
Markk Obra
galing ng vs
start 0:37
Milan Vasic
I prefer this music.....AWESOME VIDEO
Ming Wen Liang
so if you are a member this is the new WoDotA.
MrDavid rus
иди мамке своей это покажи мудак
Hmmmm all the time i am noticing that a lot of greecs are good pugdes. In wodota i saw al least 4 times greec pudge in top 3.
Nick Foong
SF Mh...why put
Noble Arch
why rylai opposing doom?
Paul Trinca
nice build on nevermore:))) (2-nd place) :D
Peder Olsen
Persian Translator
Pudge and wisp :D best kill #1
Rodrigo Schead
No pro moves by terrorblade ._.
SadRandom AsdAccount
This How I Roll When Someone In Dota is Talking To Me I Answer That
I listened to the original, and I like the way you've remixed it better.
holy shiit. its yen yen again :O GJ MAN
Tim Valencia
One of the better reasons to watch this: soundtrack is better than \
Vladimir Roganovic
thumbs up if you noticed roof using his old second skill on riki to heal him (old you helical ^^)
Wan Anewcom
good thing the wisp left
Westley Lee
These videos make me miss the old days, there was just something about the feel of the game, still beats any of its \
5th the map is long time ago cuz I saw truant buff armor for rikishi
alexandros papadogiannis
Terror_nino its from greece... greece= respect..
alfredo alegre\r\n \r\nis so good! check video ;)
arjelz de luna
allright.. the best game..
Strangely, but this song brings a whole new touch to the videos. It reminds a bit of Electric but it's unique and totally fulfill the scenes. Nice job. Keep it coming, please.
carl vince amper
idol pudge tang ina\nimba moves\n
go listen to bieber
chris laurio
haup lulupet hahaha\n ..\n
q buenas imagenes\r\n
daulet omirbek
you bitch
diego chavez
Helical awesome
excitetunbeat exc
wow!! pudge
where are new movies, helical?
what is the name of the song
janjosh mandia
Whats the title pls reply!
kent bm
pudge *.* my idol
lazar milisavljevic
Nevermors items omg
1 question . where are you from? (helical?)
Yurnero use his healing ward for kill Venon , NICE
nguyen alice
@[email protected] Butcher °¤°
nova cachuela
Mga BOBO yaN\nLAlo na Ung Gumawa
have you watch dota fever 3?
the intro is amazing gJ
sta perix
bravo agorina
surya desriyan
what is title song off the videos ?\n
Subscrube or doom will use his wings and fly away :D
Александр Журавлев
gj parni\n
Антон Назаров
0:27 mortred = bad hero????
Богдан Чайников
Россия в топе. Сосунки!\n
Вячеслав Мартюшов
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Жамбулат Кабаев
Куда могу отправить свои водоты
Илья Смирнов
Марлен Жетписбай
манас артыков
И у меня не плохой ролик) куда надо отправить??