SuRie carries on after stage invasion - "Storm" Live | United Kingdom - Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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Alina World Journal
Like her voice so much!!! Amazing song!
Andrea Travassos
I am glad he invaded because all her anger come into that final bit of the song but I do feel bad for here
Anna Kiuru
I love this song. I love SuRie. I love her dress. When I feel sad or weak I sing this song and it help. SuRie is awesome!!
I actually liked it but they didn't come far.
Benji Rawling
The lyrics are:\nHey, hey brother\nDo you remember when we were kids with no fear?\nHey, hey sister\nDo you believe in the things we dreamt we’d discover?\n\nI still have faith\nI still believe in chasing rainbows\n\nStorms don’t last forever, forever, remember\nWe can hold our hands together\nThrough this storm, through this storm\n\nStorms don’t last forever, forever, remember\nWe can hold our hands together\nThrough this storm, through this storm\n\nHey, hey mother\nAm I making you proud or could I do better?\nHey, hey father\nThere’s weight on my shoulders but it’s not over\n\nI still have faith\nI still believe in chasing rainbows\n\nStorms don’t last forever, forever, remember\nWe can hold our hands together\nThrough this storm, through this storm\n\nStorms don’t last forever, forever, remember\nWe can hold our hands together\nThrough this storm, through this storm\n\nSpread your love, give all you got\nHold your head up, don’t give up, no no\nHey, hey brother, don’t give up, oh woah woah\n\nStorms don’t last forever, forever, remember\nWe can hold our hands together\nThrough this storm, through this storm\n\nSpread your love, give all you got\nHold your head up, don’t give up, no no\nSpread your love, give all you got\nHold your head up, through this storm
Benjy dbp
Just listen to how the crowd sings along with her, I've never heard a crowd this loud at Eurovision before
She totally deserved a much better position
much better than the winner\nbest greetings from germany
Bonnie Aprillollipopp #TRIGGERED
I Am From Estonia!Hey ====DD\nCelebrity stars Out There!You did good on eurovisiooon☆
Brendan Richards
They say that the stage invader was called Dr ACActivism.\n\nDr *Cockhead* more like.
Buon Giorno
Bellissima e bravissima, nonostante l'improvvisa interruzione. Complimenti SuRie.
I mean ironic though he ran on and she sings « don’t give up » like of course she carried on singing
1:40 That was not fair!\n\nBest greetings from Austria =D
He said: \
Caroline Tendilla
I wished she won cause, her determination are a lot, and her voice is beautiful too and the song is not over the top like some but there still great songs.
Charlie Harrison
Televoting points from Ireland (10 points), Australia (6 points), Denmark and Albania (3 points), Germany, Malta and San Marino (1 point)
Chloe Walters
That man had no respect for her at all shame on him. Well done for her to singing on really proud of her.
Chris Grecko
What did he say
Chris Prestage
We never have a chance of winning but she did us bloody proud. And it was a winner worthy entry. You did us proud girl- kept calm and carried on. 🇬🇧🇬🇧
I was in the audience that night, it was so amazing to see everyone sing with her for the finale, me included! We love you SuRie!
Claudia with a Chance of swedish meatballs
Real winner of ESC 2018!
Clive Bezzina
Much love and respect from Malta, such an amazing woman, go girl 👏🏻❤️
Proud to be British
Doggo days and Pig
OMG 😮 he said nazis of the UK
Dusan Micicelovic
Well done United Kingdom! You did GREAT job, amazing song with wonderful lyrics! And SuRie was so professional and WONDERFUL! \u003c3 GREETINGS FROM SERBIA
I feel so sorry for her .. but i love you U.K ... 💪❤
Emma Dmn
Congratulations for exhibition! She must be a very strong girl and her voice is very powerful! Love from Italy :*
Eunice Ramos
I was there, far ahead, at the Golden Circle!\nAfter the incident, immediately the flags were raised, the audience (from different countries) began to sing louder ... It seemed that the Singer was giving up, but in this scenario, she picked up the microphone from the floor and continued! In the Arena they all happened to be Surie, UK. It was beautiful ... it was amazing ... it was creepy!\nOnly those who lived this moment can testify.\nCongratulations to the Eurovision spirit !! Congratulations from Portugal!
Frankie JJ
Shes a star!, please make an album , her voice is stunning.
François Sebastian
SuRi coped brilliantly... That kind of stunt makes me so angry... The guy who took to the stage probably takes the view that what he did was harmless, since it was a non-violent stunt, however what he did must have been terrifying for her... A man coming out of nowhere and grabbing her mike like that... It's quite despicable that he picked on a defenceless woman... I'm also very disappointed that there was such a breach of security... The man could have been a terrorist...
Hollie Nicole
I remember seeing this live on TV and feeling overwhelmingly proud of her when she picked the microphone back up and naturally continued. If anything, the stage intrusion only made her performance stronger as you can tell that she becomes more passionate about the song, and there’s an obvious feeling of unity as the crowd sings with her (you can hear the crowd continuing the song for her at 1:52 while the singer is still retrieving the microphone). It’s beautiful.
Ilse Jonker
Your te best
Ingela Eenola
It's so heartwarming to see how the crowd continued singing and stood up to support her. And SuRie herself continued with such power. She is a queen.
Congratulations to Surie for her professional behaviour. In addition, the song is really amazing. Greetings from Greece :)
J Winchester
I remember watching this live, and thinking how impressive it was that not only did she carry on, but also upped her game. The second half of this performance was better then anything at this Eurovision. She nailed it.
James Shunt
I think this song deserved to finish top 5. It's catchy.
So much love and respect for SuRie - A world class star!
Jelena H
Absolute amazing how she dealed with this situation \nThat’s a real characteristic a singer have to have ❤️❤️
Jenny Penny
I was in the arena when it happened! I was so shocked (I started crying even)! The entire arena just sang along and she got the biggest applause of the evening. It was so beautiful to see her continue singing and to see the crowd sing with her
Jeroen van der Plas
Honestly. The most beautiful thing about it, is that I'm SURE, that from Norway to russia to Spain .. No matter what colour your skin tone is, sexual orientation ór religion... \n\nEveryone up there was there as one! to support this lady. This is so, thé reason, why the Eurovision is still alive, because even with all the political shit happening in so many places in Europe. The EBU manages to keep Europe together for so many years. But that's because we áre one people. Let's try to keep it that way, this is f%cking proof! It's stunning, emotional and amazing to see how this whole arena was singing along and gave her so much respect after this horrific moment for Susie. It's painful but beautiful to watch, at the same time. wow WOW WOW. pfffff. x
Jimeniss 21
Surie congratulations!!!! \nA kiss from Spain 🇪🇸
Josefine Öijer
It's so beautiful to see how the audience sings even louder and stands up to show her their support! Surie is such a professional, I am so impressed by her!
Kelsie TV
I am British and I feel so sorry for her! she was amazing and those *RUDE INVADERS* RUINED IT!!\nedit: she should have been in top 5! she deserved to win tbh
Kiapet 2
The text of her song was actually really appropriate to her finishing it after being attacked like that
Laura Russell
I love you for representing my country go suRIE ! #LOL
Lea Hermann
Das ist cool das Lied müssen wir 4 Klasse zum Abschluss singen ich heiße lea 4 Klasse
Someone said she should have got some ‘sympathy votes’ which is absolute rubbish. She should have got votes for her professionalism and triumph and bounce-back ability - and the song was fantastic.
Lily Rose
She has my upmost respect, I would have punched him so hard id be the one in jail
Loe Milan
Alright now I will not say winner but .. 24th place? Come On!
Loomie 12
This is brilliant. love from Israel💙
Lorcan Connelly
This was better than Israel
Lucky_ace_ 123
She didn't get much points because the jury performance was pretty rough. Like after the incident, she did way better, if she had that fire in her in the jury performance and all the others, she would have killed it, don't know why the televotes were that low.
Luke Earnshaw
23rd but yet it was the only song that you could actually hear the crowd singing too and enjoying 😒 Really didn’t deserve that, she did the United Kingdom proud, you’re our winner SuRie ❤️
Lynsey Yesnyl
This was so empowering, I’m so damn proud of you Surie
I dont uselly swear but the man who ruined OUR performance is a little c***
Markus Villedieu
what if te man had a knife 0.0
A realy good song. \nAnyone from Germany here?✌
Metroalgo Tiny House
Thank you BBC for daring to publish the video of the real action of the United Kingdom. It's a shame as Eurovision Song Contest tries to censor his performance by publishing on Friday's official channel the performance on Friday instead of the original on Saturday.\n\nFrom here, give all possible support to SuRie and tell her that her transformation at the end of the song will be remembered forever. The strength with which it ends has taught us that the worst in the world can make us stronger in life. Thank you SuRie for everything, you deserve a better position without a doubt.
Mike Lewis
Amazing song sung by an amazing, courages singer!
Milena Jung
You can say what you want, but for me, SuRie was the real Winner of the ESC❤❤❤ Love from Germany❤
Molly Tottenhammar
I LOVE how furious she becomes when she gets the mic back. She USED that anger and strength, so freaking professionally handled by her, go SuRie!
when the ESC put this song in 24th place...............well, something goes wrong in this contest, really!!
SuRie - you've done the entire country proud ❤️ \nYou have put so much hard work into this performance ever since You Decide back in February and your passion and love for music and performing always shines through. I really hope this hasn't ruined your Eurovision experience and I hope you can take away mainly good memories from your time representing the UK this year. We are honestly so proud of you and could not have wished for a better ambassador for the UK.\nKeep smiling lovely lady ❤️ \n\nP.S. would love to see SuRie represent us again next year!
Myrandos O.T.
This should have won
New Zealandic Mapper
If you want to know, 1:40\nEdit: The guy said, \
Nik Deros
1st cyprus , 2nd united kingdom for me .
Nombre original
I think I can speak in the name of Europe when I say that you were the bravest of the night! \n\nCongratulations from Spain
Great song and singer. Hi from America.
Peter Krolak
I like how only one security guard was actually bothered
Philip Carrey
Hat off to SuRie for having had the strength to go on with the amazing performance but one thing bothers me. Did the dancing men in the audience not see what was going on? They just kept dancing😄 I think I would have been shocked had I been there
RainbowGalaxy Husky
I remember when I was sitting in my room watching it live and behind half asleep then think the hell did that dude say or why did he do it but she was so strong
Robert Thomas
SuRie is a full blooded fantastic performer with a very lovely personality. Storm was at least one of if not the best song in the ESC this year. I actually had hoped GB would win this year as her song was way better then what GB had in the past years. I hope she will return and give it a hit again. Respect SuRie you did a great job.
Rock Man
Just listen to the crowd singing before and after the incident. They love SuRie!
Sara Aghbal
I do not understand why there is so much hate about SuRie and this song. I'm sorry that she has a hundred percent deserved to win! You could not have done better than her❤️
Sarah G Zone
Sassy Arinator For life
Is it just me or did she get stronger after it happened ❤️😄
Scotland Eurovision
SuRie proved what a true professional she is. Great voice, great performance and such a great spirit from the audience to keep her going. 💙💙💙
Serena Lizzy Cros
I love how the man on 1:46 continue dancing ;d \u003c3
Sharon Murphy
Well done done your country proud...very professional...from an Irish viewer xx
Sprinkles Creator Studio
The stage invasion was ironic
Teun g2
You deserved more points!! Greetings from the netherlands ❤️
At first I thought that guy was a dancer until he took the mic and I was like wtf
Vitale Haumono
The determination in her eyes after the stage invasion is an inspiration! Lots of love to you SuRie!❤️from Australia 🇦🇺❤️❤️
Víctor Segovia
1:40 min. Surie has shown to be a professional, as in 2010 was Daniel Diges.\nHe has even sung with more force than ever. It's marvelous! 😍\nUnfair position! 😞\nA kiss from Spain! ❤️
I know I shouldn’t say this but the invader made it better as SuRie sung the song better with an internal fire more than before!!
bangtan_fan jikook_stan
That is disgraceful! How rude. She is so strong for carrying on 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ well done! You did amazing for the UK SuRie 😘
she should've won, this song screams to be a hit. Beautiful melody, production... Something that almost doesnt fit for Eurovision
i really like her and the way she reacted! Really! BUT am i the only one, who hears that it sounds like she goes on singing while the guy graped the micro??
The UK didn’t win but they definitely won the crowd
She have pink hair?\n\nI'm french
korkyra hrvatska
Beautiful but that guy is stupid
Keep calm and carry on singing. Bravo!
negomi star
Well.. at least we know she wasn't lipsyncing
I would appreciate more if this song won and not that ridiculous Israel song
pigywoo 12
The guy that invaded had invaded before at other live TV shows, I think the voice was one he invaded....but anyway he should be banned from all live TV shows and the security around the stage should have been better. SuRie did an amazing job and still managed to pull it off even after that :) ❤ 👍
pinja koppanen
SuRie was amazing i think these was on my mind winners \n1.SuRie\n2. Saara Aalto\n3. Melovin\nPS. i am girl from FINLAND
I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the incredible audience for expressing true eurovision-spirit and responding so greatly to that horrible incidient by supporting Surie through the song ❤️❤️❤️
x Merel
This is way better than the chicken song 😂
Очееень классно спела
אביטל אביטל
You're amazing to me. I can not believe that people would not lose their heads\nLike you said you did not give up and it's crazy (in a good piece) that you continued to sing and I can not believe the song was excellent and all because of that song you did not get to a good place what a disappointment