Epic Vocal Music: CHOSEN | by Generdyn (feat. Svrcina)

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ASMR for Moonwalkers Official
She walks forward in the view of her people, scared to smile or move under the heavy silence. A crown is gently placed on her head. She closes her eyes, and then opens them. The cheers drown out her uncertainty. She belongs here. She is chosen for this path.
Alik Ostapov
Самая лучшая музика и песни браво
Amaterasu Gaming
The vocals in this are amazing ^-^
Aneta Fajová
Who's here because of WLOP? :D
Audrey M
Austin Crossley
BDO Dilong
Try this song at 1.25 speed ;3
Barry Winchester Allen
such a beautiful voice
BlackGhost 13
Those who dislike such masterpieces are unworthy of the eternal mercy , just why did you dislike such a good song ? Just try to explain it !!!
BlackHeart Vegeta
another epic song , seeing Generdyn & Svrcina & Zayde Wolf you know you're up for an epic journey .\nthis song captivated me and made me imagine a video so i was wondering if it's ok to use \
Burak Yüksel
I love this channel you are really epic music world 😉
Cithia Mart
Me encanta gracias por compartir amigo
Claire Chang
OMG throw back to Darkness by Built By Titan from the vocals
Coronizz Ferone
amazinggg love her voice
Daniela Přivřelová
Dino REX!!!
smash or pass?
Dovah Games
Parece un super hit de la radio
E `
On peut on trouver l'instrumental ?
EARTH Matters
what a melodious song 😍😍😊😊☺☺☺
Efisio Cross | Orchestral
Extraordinary stuff #EMF ❤️
Svrcina has an awesome voice.
Epic Music World
CHOSEN by Generdyn with beautiful and powerful vocals by Svrcina. Co-production and co-writing by Zayde Wolf. #EMF\n\nLyrics: \nVERSE\nWalking circles in a dry oasis \nWe feel the rain is coming \n\nWe’ll overtake all of the war torn places\nAnd build our hope again \n\nPRE CHORUS\nOH OH OH OH OH / OH OH OH OH OH \nThere’s no other time like this we’ve seen\nWe’ve got the keys to set us free \n\nOH OH OH OH OH / OH OH OH OH OH\nI know we’re worn down to our bones \nThis our prayer, this is our oath\n\nCHORUS\nWe feel the spark in us \nWe got the golden touch \nThere’s royal blood in us \nChosen for this \n\nWhen darkness overcomes \nThere’s still a light in us \nDestiny rising up \nChosen for this\n\nVERSE \nWe hold the pressure, all the weight we carry \nWon’t let our strength grow thin \n\nWe’ll take these chances, through circumstances \nAnd build our hopes again \n\nPRE CHORUS\nOH OH OH OH OH / OH OH OH OH OH \nThere’s no other time like this we’ve seen\nWe’ve got the keys to set us free \n\nOH OH OH OH OH / OH OH OH OH OH\nI know we’re worn down to our bones \nbut this our prayer this is our oath\n\nCHORUS
Fanhakin Ansari
What kind of animation is this?
Freddy Flo
if Generdyn keeps doing such awesome tracks he will hit the charts of the us, uk, ger, france, spain, china, russia and only god knows where else!!! i can't stop playing his tracks on repeat. and i hope i never will stop\n\ni mean... he would already hit number 1 in the charts. if he was more know... SO SPREAD HIS SONGS EVERYWHERE!!!
Gabriel Meunier
Wow... Just wow!
Gamer zilani
the art work is amazing
George Washington
Gina Martindale
Breath taking. Love this song one of my favorite songs now! 😋😁✌👍🤘❤🐈
Give Me A Smile
This is beautiful \u003c3
Halil Bozkurt
Generdyn and keep the epicness coming Epic Music World
Hisato Yanagi
Music Sure Is Unpredictable
I'm Shook
I liked this faster than my science grade went down
IamGod_human 8
love my kali
Beautiful to find you here Svrcina ! just a amazing wonderful voice you have ! enjoyed this one very much ! Thank YOU ! Love Light ! Ingeborg from Belgium
Irina Ostrovskaya
ooo... It is so just beautiful... thank you)
Jereboam Atam
Love it so much
John Purdy
Rare to find someone like Svrcina who can speak English in epic piece of music and make it sound very good.
I love the people in the comments, coming up with a backstory for the video
Julio Mejia
I like this song,😍. I like her voice.
Kal-El Messenger Of The Bright Army
Kim Morgan
Koh Monom
very best!
La fille Au sang-mêlé
Magnifique 💭✨
Le Kim
beautyful vocal, beautyful music.
Lionel Dylan
It's so beautiful
Livita Clotilde
Is anybody else reminded of Fire Emblem: Awakening when they're listening to this?
Logi Freire
As always these channel never seems to stop amazing me \u003c3
Longevity Rituals
I don't know what to say when i'm listening to these songs. I'm speechless!
Marilene Rosa
I love the chanel
Marshall Mohammed
Actually more than Awesome ! \u003c3
Martin Renner
Maura H
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Meythan Darkaterro
Mirrer Bain
if i was anime the girl is how i'd look
Natália Stewart
This is so beautiful. My new favourite song
No Name
How do you do to have this animated effect ? It's very beautiful
Thanks to music like that I choose to subscribe this chanel . AWESOME!
PK froggy
Who is that girl?
Palmer Grysban
This is so beautiful...speechless!
Pierre Francois Passeron
Parfait 👌 😀 !
Great voice!
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So beautiful😍😍😍😍
Sergio The Mexican
Shadow Knight
This track is just epic! Keep the good work up Generdyn and keep the epicness coming Epic Music World!
Shay Patrick Cormac
masterpiece !
Sibs restaurant
we fight to survive\nwe fight to see our loved\nwe fight to protect \nwe fight to die\nthere are only two choices fight or give it all up\nwe are the miracles \na book I will write in the future.
Silent Shadow
Sound And Fury
This may not be the end for me.... i have to survive......for him. Athena thought she turned and walked slowy and picked up her blade. I have ended thease guards lives. Why would THEY make me do this? You should not fear death. Athena thought. You should. A voice in her head wispered. Athena herd the gate open behind her. More people who have to face there fate......Athena turned around.....her green eyes faded she stoped dead in her tracks. She saw him. Her mind was raceing. You cant kill him! She though. You will end his life.\
Tayson Willian
Beautiful ;)
Wait, why is there snow? This scene in the comics takes place in the desert.
This song made me subscribe to you
Tobi’s Tears
You are the chosen. Only you can fight your way to victory in the hopelessness of destroyed faith. Gather your strength, rally your forces, as you lead the charge against fate itself. Snow falls overhead as the sound of howling wind fills your ears. Shouting a battle cry, you charge into the darkness, only going forward, never looking back.
🇧🇷 👍👍👍 ...
Victor 1432
For only when the darkness rises, the chosen will rise from the ashes and fight.
Vinay Gowda
Really beautiful no other words really explain it
Vince Paolo Pagaling
Sounds like music from RWBY
White Tiger
Epic Music World Where could I get the sheet music please ? ;)
Willow Maiden
I just realized how beautiful her eyes are, wow...
XXMari BayXX
She is stronger then all of them, she is so innocent that she might aswell be a ladybug. But she knew that this is not the time to be that ladybug, it's time to be a vicious snake whom killed anyone in its path. She slowly turns her head to the metal gate she entered, her full body is shivering in the cold, winter air and her white teeth clatter, but she fights the coldness like it's her deadly enemy. She has no choice but to kill. She looks around her, poor to rich, all kinds of people are sat around the arena, chanting for the young girl to die and be rottened away unto the icy floor under her. But she's not going to let that happen - so suddenly, in front of her, a gate slowly lifted, it scratches as it reaches for the sky. A deadly roar echos from inside the deep cave that can hold anything... It was the girls worst nightmare...
chad twinberrow
I hope the dreams of your heart live with your soul and smile with the stars for life thank you for a smile to my day
I wonder what non English speaking people think of music like this. I listen to Italian, or German, even sometimes french lyrics put in the same kind of context all the time, but obviously I can understand it. I personally love when I can’t understand them because I believe it adds a bit more emotion than lyrics in English do. But do non English speaking peoples feel the same way I do, but about English music?? 🤔🤔
peter wengler
pra izz
right-click \u003e loop
solar storm25
How do I buy this!!?
Beautiful vocal
xx xxx
Awesome! Thanks for making this❤
Олег Золотарев
Какая прелесть идеальное исполнение молодци браво😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
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I love this song give a like if you agree
好聽 ^_^