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Athena S
And this is why I hate walking to school or home alons
Bronwyn Macmillan
Omg, Ive lived in Hastings my whole life and Ive never heard about this
charlene should do asmr damn
I love how Charlene chose to get in that car. she didn't know what was gonna happen to them, but she didn't want Lisa to face it alone. I would fight to the death for my best friend and I have no doubt that these girls wouldn't do the same for each other.
Charlene and Lisa would make great counselors for children who suffered such abuse.
Cheese Waffel
I'm so happy when I hear of these kids being found but it's so sad when it's not. R.I.P to all the children that where never found or weren't found alive 🙏🏻😇😢
Chenoa Bryan
take head letting your little ones walk to school on their own... if they are not big not big enough to put up a good fight, drop them off or take them to the bus stop. Our world is full of these predators in every town. no child is safe thanks to the internet, more information is an open window for these warped people. god bless our children around the world and these two brave ladies.
Chesa Djanelle
This kind of videos gives me chills!!! My parents hates it whenever I watch crime documentaries but I just can't help it! I'm so interested in all of this....
Crystal Walters
They talk so calmly about this. I admire them so much, they are so brave and strong \nMay good bless them and keep us from the evil in the world
Deep Heat
Tell your kids that if they ever get taken to say to the guy that their dad is a high level gangster. It might not work but these people would worry more about that than being held in an air conditioned, cell equipped with modern conveniences!
Denise Eggert
Why kind of school officials or teachers don't call the parents when the children didn't show up to school ?
Dianne Kaminski
Castrate the s.o.b.!
Eat a plum bro
i can't even imagine what it must have been like. such brave young women, and such a horrible man
Ebears Canada
if I had kids I would be a bubble wrap dad! hold your kids tight. hug them closer!
Emma Homan
it just amazes me how much goes on in this world
really weird how it's ppl like this walking around on this planet
Fantasy 87
why are predators allowed to leave prison!? they're just going to keep hurting innocent children!! this is a serious flaw in the legal system that needs to be fixed!! all who agree say 'aye.'
Fay Paradise
Pedos should have their eyes removed, cut out tongue, cut off arms and legs, and castrate him, keep him alive 'till he dies.
Georgia Louise
How could you harm anyone let alone a child! 😡
13:07 \
Haunani Martin
These young women are amazing survivors! I say good for them, that they haven't allowed the perpetrator to destroy their souls. Sexual predators target their victims as objects for gratification; these wonderful women have been able to claim their pain & joy, & retain their humanity. They are brave & strong & fierce!!!
10 min in and 3 ads, really??
Izzy Wood
Thank god they were found
People's sexual proclivities most likely DO NOT CHANGE!!!! If you are a sexual deviant now, there's a good chance you always have been, always will be. If you listen to pedophiles who have been released, they will say that it's a constant struggle to NOT abuse again.
This is why Child Molesters have to stay locked up. They cannot change and are a danger to society.
best of luck girls, hope your future is full of happiness
Jacki Mullinax
I know what its like as a parent to have ones child be taken. Im so glad the two girls came home safe, and stronger even after their ordeal and grew up to be amaizing adults!
So this man had a history of kidnapping girls, soooo why was he not locked up until the day he died. The law clearly needs changing. These people need to be kept away from society.Permanently.
Jessica Gross
This is why people who kidnap children should get life in prison. Those people will never stop.
Joby Fluorine
Pedophiles should get the death penalty. PERIOD. Without fail, without pause, without reflection, without remorse.
Jules Nope
Thats amazing how Lisa was the one who was meant to be abducted, but Charleen just jumped right in with her! That's some friend you have got there Lisa
Juliet Tyler
Stories like this, hearing them talk about how determined he was to rape them, truly makes me sickened by men in general. I've lived 32 years hearing stories just like this one; one after another after another and guys, I'm grossed out by you at this point, I am starting to see guys in such a negative light. what happened to being real men? Please, pull yourselves together and stop behaving like animals.
KENNEDY the Cosmetologist
and why again are men like this allowed to live???
Kailen Tucker
Paedophiles and child abusers need to be fixed or . They shouldn't be able to have children. Who agrees?
Kay E
Pedo's should be castrated
Kenji Yagi
30:42 it's unclear what his intentions were? He just said a minute ago.. he wanted her for one more night.
Kenny Dodson
This made me call my little sis and see if she was ok
This made me tear up. So selfless at that age, not giving it a second thought getting into that car after her friend. I'm glad they came out alive
Lacedra Minor
thank God he did not kill them
Lavender Rivers
It’s so sad how many pedophiles are actually amongst us. They really do look like Normal people. I remember when I was a kid I recognized this guy following me and my brother. We were at the dollar store with my PARENTS. Then we left and went to Walmart to look for something else and what do you know that guy was at Walmart staring at me and my brother from a far. I told my parents and they acted calm because I think they didn’t want to scare us. People are sick. Always keep an eye on your children even if you are around. People are so crazy.
Leigh MB84
Lisa's mother was awfully relaxed about her daughter being missing. What sort of mum finds out her daughter didn't show up at school then casually goes home and waits until it gets dark?? If i'd gone to pick up my 10tr old daughter from school to find they hadn't shown up then i'd have gone mental at the school for not calling me then rung the police immediately.
Leksi Wins
Two words: chemical castration. \n\nReleasing a sexual predator back into society after any number of years NEVER works. Ever. They can't help themselves.
Liliya MM
Awful story, so pleased they got the girls back. What really tugged at my heart was a dad who was desperate for his daughter back and who was targeted by the press because of his previous mistakes. The poor man.
Linda aumiller
they both lived and that is what counts
this is why life in prison should be the only option for child abductors, no parole no nothing
this is why I am walking or driving my child to school.
I hope this man suffers. I spit on this disgusting man's grave.
Mack Is Back
My little sis was born 4 years ago and I'm never gonna let her get hurt NEVER ill teach her self defence and give her pepper spray and I'm only twelve 😂😂 but props to these girls for staying alive and strong I believe all pedos are corrupted and need to be punished
Madison H
The media is disgusting for trying to make the father look like this monster of a beyond disgusting.
Maggy Blue
Easiest way to deal with these \
Melissa Jenkins
Brave girls and an inspiration! They went through a lot and have risen above.
How dare the press bring up his past! What's his past heroin addiction got to do with his daughter being missing. Good on you Keith for beating the addiction! Well done!
Governments could deal with this problem within a few months, if they wanted to.
Isnt it standard procedure for investigators to start by tracking down local pedophiles and people with prior legal troubles and jail time?... the guy served time for priors and lived 12 miles away.
Natasha Letourneau Robinson
The school never even called the parents when they didn't show up??? That would NEVER happen in the U.S.
I really feel for charlenes dad. he put in the work to better himself, get his life on track and put his daughter first yet people still dug into his past to the point where he blamed himself for her kidnapping. he seems like a great father and I don't think he deserved the treatment he got
Old Fokker
Glad they kept the friendship.. Good for them.\nThe parents went through their own bit of hell.
Orlie Blalock
God I really hope these girls are in therapy for all the trauma they endured.
I'm a peaceful person but if I could get a hand on child molesters or rapists I fear I'd kill them...
Ruth Cromhout
Bring the death sentence back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Bonner
Hows the dad doing now? Hopefully he didn't relapse!
S Vela
we need a stronger system against pedophiles, it's not going to stop until we make it stop.
Salobrena Smith
Pushing therapy on kids and not allowing them to heal naturally is a mistake. Some counselling yes but you can go overboard.
Sam ross
*Charline explaining a suspenseful moment* \n\
Sandy Parker
Pedophiles are evil incarnate. They cannot be rehabilitated they do not need to be released back into society if caught. Execution is a good way to rid the world of this vermin. Anyone bleeding heart out there who thinks my words are harsh I hope and pray someone you love never comes into contact with one because you are blindly ignorant. They are a plague that needs to be exterminated period!
Sara white
my biggest fear that would happen to my daughter
Selene Raven
Humans are the most detestable, dangerous species to exist. People, not apparitions, scare me.
Sheldyn _x
Gosh I teared up hearing her say she was numb. Its amazing how your body & mind protect you in the worst circumstances. Pray for their lives to be long and happy now.
Sidra Anayait
Wonderful for the other girl t go and not leave the other one to go by herself with the fqing peodiphile
Texas Ray
anyone with a \
Trena Day
Little sweethearts, so glad they rose above their trauma and remained close friends 😍
Una Nina Nine
The British criminal justice system makes me sick. He was given 9 life sentences but was up for parole a mere 7 years in and allegedly, quietly released, in 2008. What is that about? Civilisation?
Val Mel
Child molester should have death penalty,that way they could save thousands of other children 👊🏻
Valerie Foster
The human spirit is amazing, and females are strong as hell!
If you separate the head of a paedophile from its body science tells us that it wont grow back ! \nAlso has the beneficial side effect of stopping recidivism in the pedo and no more victims .Cheap too.
Weird is NoRmAl
this just shows that there is hope if a child goes missing that they will be found again...I was, and these girls were found too
Wendy Barnes
If only the school had called to ask parents why they weren't at school that day.
Wendy Ramirez
It is extraordinary how they both have a positive outlook, they made the film to let others know that bad things happen but don't let those things destroy the rest of your life. Great story, thank you ladies for sharing.
Innocence lost for this 2 beautiful young children then, young ladys now. Brave young ladys. My heart goes out to both of them and their families. Death Penalty for this sick man, who his name is not worth mentioning!!!
a selkirk
If this man has kidnapped a little girl already what was he doing out of jail......?
alice birn
she got in because her friend was in the car?? this is beyond brave, i dont even know what to call it
first offense: castration.\nsecond offense: beheading.\nno excuses. no exceptions. make it happen.
Amazing that Charlene's dad went through that and didn't relapse. Well done to him and stay strong!
I love how Charlene talks about her feelings...she is so open and honest. \u003c3
hamster gal
That dads so sweet saying thats what heavens like
there should be a petition to REMOVE these peoples genitalia. Is that such an inhumane concept? they prey on young they are sexually aroused by touching babies etc that is the reality... it's our duty as humans to protect children from such evil... i belive they should loose their balls atleast... petition should be made. barbaric modern world? no this is common sense remove their balls they dont give a shit about the kids or anyone else so why should we look after their human rights... they shouldnt have them. fact
at the end, when you see how young they were at that time, little kids, and knowing what that bastard did to them, it's so disturbing, it really makes you feel nauseous.
He should have been hung after cuttin his ba!!s off
Justice failed these girls. He should have never been let out of jail.
He kidnapped a 11 year old girl in 91 and was released out of jail and kidnapped again in 99 😑 why was he let out so quick
lydia montey
The police dept works closely with government which is run by pedophiles
nina smith
my mum was talking to me and my younger sister about this, and she told us that people always say things like \n\
I feel terrible for that Dad. He really thought he was safe, and he must feel terrible.
Real friendship,, getting in a strangers car with your friend because you don't want to leave her. Respect to them both \u003c3
the law failed these girls that man should not be on the streets or anywhere other than jail where he will get beaten up xx
How is that a man with a \
vickie g
Those girls are so strong and resilient