YaphetS vs YamateH 1v1 SF - WDC 2010 Showmatch

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YaphetS (PIS) vs YamateH 1v1 showmatch. Yaphets sentinel, Yamateh scrg. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Check out Ranked Gaming Client - the best place for dota!

2010 dota pis sf shadow fiend showmatch wdc yamateh yaphets

2Morrow Day_
8.54 มี พี สะเดิด ด้วย 5555
Ahmed Qahtani
Still watching in 2017?
Akira Sendoh
still watching in 2016?
Apin Rizal
openAI bot would destroy both Kappa
watching this on the last day of 2017
Aura MC
Bibib Riziek Disko
Old but gold
Carl Barcelon Jr.
Even in dota2 yapethS still dominating
2018? After watching rtz vs miracle 😅
Cipriano Kyle John Soriben
2017 anyone?
Daniel ArtRevolution
2018 Anyone?
Daniil Sedikh
Ебать, они же тогда вообще нихуя не умели. Просто стояли и крипов били.
Devour X
Япхетс даже в те времена лучше играл, чем сейчас Денди
Do el
Dota 2 Breaking The Limit
An pasado 8 años que loco xDxD pero yhapets se volvió muy bueno en dota 2 incluso mas del nivel de antes ;\
Dr LAREX Čhhąñğťé
Dota 1
has anyone ever turned subtitles on? It quickly becomes comedic
Should write the title in whatever asian language that is tho..
Fire Ice
if yamateh was better than yaphets, why Yaphet's Shadow Fiend is auto-ban in tourney in dota?????
rage against the machine-wake up
God give me 25cm
if yamateh hitted that long raze yaphets would be dead ;(
God's Office ལྷ།གསང
Who is still watching this in 2020?
Grand Prime
Hakan Scifi
Why didn't I like Dota in 2008 :(
James ivan Tejada
Who is Yaphets in dota 2 Team?
Jayvee Cristobal
i love playing dota 1 its really fun
Jingwei Xu
7:10 : amazing haste doge, I mean it still looks amazing in 2017
Johan Law
yaphets officially retired
John Jurell
back then this is underground dota.\n\nthese are the early Gods of the game
Josiah Dave
watching this in 2018. good old times my friend.
Justine Horario
Jyu Viole Grace
who watch this in 2050?
im back to watch this video because of the humor that yaphets is now back xD
Kenny Wong
all because of bottle....
Kevin Moua
yaphets has came back but idk tongfu havent been doing too well... but to ones who doesnt know, fans argued about who is the best shadow fiend, and so they both were the best sf in the world. after this match its how the 1v1 was created.. by the two legendary sf player and yaphets was the better sf
Khryss Roque
Whos watching this in 2018
Khánh Nam
2016 now...
Kiri ZPraid
ofc YaphetS is the best nevermore!
i thought i misclicked video on something like MMA match... because that intro :)
Levi Ackerman
still watching it now?
Lonely loli
Louinico Encina
Still watching in 2017?
Lucas Freire
It's amusing to see this x1 nowadays to understand how the pro scene evolved mechanically. Just like seeing old vigossive movies, compared to the regular pro of today they're just not that good, mechanically speaking.
Mashka Mats
here because of dac 1v1 sf
Matthew Viery Tanuwijaya
who watch this in 2018?
MeNt Andrew
I understand all from the commenters....
Min Thiha Myo
Man... Dota 1 used to be so much fun... It'll be just me and 9 of my homies just going at it from morning to night at a cafe... Now we talk to them on a microphone...
جفتشون کیره منم نیستن.کسکشای کون گلابی
Nate River
2018 here, this is always be a legend. Yaphets a.k.a. PIS
Norbert Villas
i came here for the \
Peter Spender
Coming from the future to inform everyone, YaphetS and his team win TI7... wait and see...
Puguh Haryo Suseno
2018 and I'm still watching this video
Ranz Sumando
How about yaphets now compare to yamateh's achievement now
Reid Sjaaheim
I approve this video. -RS
Reyz0rVen #1 CS:GO, Games & More.
Who watch this in 2018?
Roma Angelico Lorayes
Back when there's no mmr and everybody likes the game
Rubick's Cube
2018 кто смотрит?
Saam hz
Still watching 2017?
still watching 2017 ...LEGEND YaphetS ..you are still my idol ...PIS
Strange Videos
This world going to END,because of these morons.....
Tasso Toni
Watching in 2017 haha
and now YaphetS will reclaim his title as the BEST SF in DotA 2\n\n:D
Ulan Ussenov
Any from 2018??
Uzumaki HanYo
15/01/2018 who’s watching :D
Von Pabalan
Who else tried to close that ad hahaha
Yusuf Hidayat
Zero Two
pure game,pure fun,PURE SKILL!
arsh khot
the way miracle plays today this guy mastered it long back from dota 1 so iam shocked because he has got that game sense with sf since dota 1
yaphets vs OpenAI
bong grape
whats the opening music?
carl ermac
LOL! they're both have good skills and last hitting yamateh just lost for cheapshoting and keep his life low, he used his low life to be a bait because his depending on his magic, and its not helping him...
carlos andres villar
report no botle please report PIS
cristian baterbonia
el giee deee
Dota 1: it is where there's no such thing as position 1 2 3 4 and 5 just pure fun and pure skill required
who's watching this in 3000 on your built in neuro-chip uplink to the internet?
ichlal aditya
miracle vs arteezy\nbring me here
jade carlo
jeff ray
yamateh was the best SF player before PIS
kenneth butron
tawa ako sa mga nag cocoment na pinoy .. halatang NOOB .. \
kopex gaming
watching this after watch 1v1 dac 2017
luciana karin
mohd ramzi
even icefrog change sf nickname to yaphet if u play dota 1..
nanz datumanong
galing talga ni yaphets idol \u003c3
nurodin sumangan
me watch 2018
phun weng
2015! and it;'s 2016 soon
rayana ustadi alghofaro
who watch this in 2017??
sadisticpsycho fox
never really understood a thing except \
sebas suttayme
yo me lo parto a yapets le doy x el *
who watch this in 2019?
w1nslow incoast
when i see this nowdays i see that players skills are increasing 
xpesal pesal
miss this situation.. yaphet and yamate .. and dota 1 ~_~