Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Trailer

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Trailer----(Fujimoto:Ponyo's father)With my power,I can hold Ponyo only a while.After all, we need her.(Risa:Sosuke's mother)Sosuke,don't come back late!(Koichi:Sosuke's father)That's Sosuke! My boy is genious! He is only 5 ysears old!(Sosuke)Hey,Risa! Koichi says he loves you and he loves you very very much.(Ponyo)I'm Ponyo! I love Sosuke! and I want to be a human!(Gran manmare:Ponyo's mother)Oh,She's got a good name.(Fujimoto)Now,Ponyo can use any magic she wants and she is making a big trouble to this world.(Risa)I love you,Sosuke!(Toki:Old lady)Bring her back to the sea now! She will cause Tsunami!(Sosuke)Risa! Risa!(Koichi)That's a girl! That's a girl about Sosuke's age!(Sosuke)She's fell down!(Sosuke)I made a promise that I will protect Ponyo.(Ponyo)I'm Ponyo! I love Sosuke!"It's nice to be born in this world."(Sosuke)I love you too!----

Cliff Hayao Miyazaki Sea Trailer by on the 宮崎駿 崖の上のポニョ Ponyo