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7Nicester •
the foodmaker is my best actor ever
Aaron Wang
I cried durning the ending!!! The buy that died and landed in gods arms trying to protect hios enemy how sweet!!! 10/10 MOVIE
Acoustic Dream
very good plot..gives values ..inspires and entertains
Alangbar Basumatary
Wu jing is my favourite hero
Alfredo Muñoz
Sería super genial que la den traducida en latino o español
Alicia Robinson
My eyes are soooo tired of me crying!!!!😭😭😭
This movie is made in 2011. It's a very good movie, but you should put the correct year!
Ann Mobile
Antwi Elijah
Atsilah 03 أَثِيْلَة
Amazing film. Very emotional.
Azkalia Urthonitya
googd movie
The best movie ever I watch in this year.....very emotional like that#
Barrie Longman
have to rate this movie as one of the best, subtitles were a bit off but hey what a fantastic film a must watch for any kung fu fan, great actors in there too
Brazillian King
What's the moral of this movie? Never be trick by the white men! They'll betrayed you Reguardlesss the situation if they can't have it at! Turn your own people against you! But at the end they die like animals as well!
Bright Abel.
One of the best movies I've ever seen so far.. Lol,, I cried for the little girl,,.. war is not a good idea in any case..
Connie Ad
Have seen this many times and enjoy it. But the subtitling is a mess.
Cubbrien Smith
What a great movie i loved it.
Dare Devil
wow!! This movie must be awesome!! 11.9 million views in just two months!! I will watch it now hahaha\n\nAndy Lau is really something! He's getting old but he's still amazing❤️ \n\n\nI love this movie. Learned a lot. Because of his greed he became paranoid. And what he did in the monastery is a lesson from him hahahah\n\nAnd Jackie Chan is here too!!😂😂😂😂
Dean Hewison
My favourite line in the movie was \
Eugene K.S.M.
is that jackie chan? sure looks like him
Forever in hell
So many movies about war, killing n protecting a group of so called high ranked people. What is life means? R we really born into this world to work n pay these government people? Using our life to protect these strangers from the government? Let them take control of how we should live n how much we must pay? This is our life to the world. Our life to protect our love one not protect strangers who r lucky to born with power we gave them.
Francis Kim
I love chinese Kung fu movies but one thing what I personally hate is they show too much bloody cruel scene unnessisarilly
Frank Sarfo
Awesome movie. Money is not everything in life. What's worth? Gain everything and loose your life. Very powerful movie. Iam African, but I am addicted kun-fu movies
Grace Keep It Together
Great movie.People of earth wake up. Message seems straight forward
Grim Reaper
is ti jackie chan ? who count the grass? haha
Hamid Khan
4.1k dislikes\nwho the hell are these people
Herson Ramirez
Class A+ movie!
such a sad movie , had only the betrayer stopped , could have prevented many more people from dying.
Flim was good but where are those jackie chan scene you know what i mean
Imee Rusina
There are a lot of violence in this movie.and if yiu think it i reality it is frustating and so sad,, but inspite of that there are also so much more lessons to us,such as fighting and fighting back over again and again,the greediness of money,the lack of trust in god,and so on,,but the very usefull and helpfull to us is to obey and trust god every minutes of our life..put god deeply inside our heart and soul..thanks to this movie,and to the one who uploaded it..godbless everyone.
Isaac Corpin
very amazing story, it melt my heart and make me cry.. love jackie chan. excellent
Itz Nicki Berry
I really enjoy the movie very interesting
Javed Khan
Please can you this moovie in Hindi dub
Jens Alexsandro Bohnert
Jimmy Favereau
American movies FAiL in comparison to these Chinese gems.. Thanks so Much for sharing \u003c3\u003c3\u003c3
Joao Zola
I've never cried before watching chinese movies, but this was deep... Awesome movie - Best kung fu movie of the year!!!
Juan Carlos Valdes
Excellent movie!! It was emotional as well as great action! Thank you for allowing us to understand the struggle that one man has gone through while he sought the Shaolin way of life! Buddha bless to all!
Just A Quirky Army Whom BTS Loved
All i can say is this movie make cried like a river..idk especially in fight scenes..i just can't stop my tears..👍👍i give this one a thumbs up..it's been a while seens i got emotionally attacked!!
Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]
subtitle is rubbish
who are watching now
La Sra Mendez
The day i got introduced to the word 'Compassion' i never truly understood what it meant 'til i watched this movie. I sat through it and as i processed, i deeply looked into my own life. how compassionate am i really ? The scene with the two brothers, after the older brother tried saving him the first time the other brother still had vengeance in his heart to kill... The second time when his brother pushed him out the way and scarificed his life was when he realize compassion and was trying to help but it was too late his brother was already dying. \n👏this movie was definitely the best of the best.
Linda Cannon
Only 6 & Half minutes into movie and love the action already, Thanks for sharing & I'm back to the movie now
Lupara Bianca
Those who cannot tolerate small misfortunes can never achieve great things. Chinese proverb.
Awesome Movie Thanks 4 Sharing .
Madocame Cardenas
Cómo la busco en español, porfa!
Manny San
This is NOT a movie from 2018. change the title accordingly. You dont need to lie to get views, and you know it.
Marlon gomes
非常好的电影。 我很感动。\nVery good movie. I was very moved.
Mary Brantley
Amazingly well acted and photographed movie! This movie is excellent in all aspects!! WOW!!
sub duration: 2,235
Mendoza Kimberla
yess i am speachless but why the subtitle is wrong or going first or last???
Mira Mira
Hollywood is not there to teach lessons. It's only to teach immorality and how to live a bad life but this movie teaches something great.
Mwima Rose
The person who made abullet en agun😱😱😱😱
Nhạc trẻ Hot
Amazingly well acted and photographed movie! This movie is excellent in all aspects!! WOW!!
Nichi Da'Model
Excellent movie. Excellent storyline. I loved it. Very sad movie.
Nicolai Andersen
What is the actual name of this Movie? This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and it sends a very beautiful and powerful messege!
beautiful movie
Pearl Owusu
Rili made my day
Peter Crossley
Amazing film. Very emotional. Beautifully filmed, well acted and directed. Story line was soooo real !!!!!! Loved it !!
Pirate King Cliff D
Great movie jing ended up in buddhas arms so he's at peace and of course I love Jackie Chan in here too.
Pricilla Klu
Real touching story thanks for uploading it
Queen Cherry
Omg, dude haven't watched this Movie \
Queenny Lewis
Amazing movie!! thanks for uploading
Raftab Hossain
I am bangladasi. I love you Jacky Chan 😗😗😗😗😗😗
Ribamar Gomes
muito bom o filme
Rich Orange
part based on truth as there were originally two Shaolin Temples a Northern [leg] temple and Southern [Fist] Shaolin .. Northern Leg Shaolin for invaders from the North on horseback [Mongols] before the great wall of China was built ..and Southern Shaolin [Fist] for hand to hand combat versus invaders on foot coming on boat. My Kung-Fu buddy Jay and I went to China in 1990 and studied as much as we could ^^ good energy all..
Rudolf S
incl Jet Li, but it is not correct at all to leave his wonderful wife with some ashes and stay with the monks for comfort.
For those who wonder, the following are the translations for the conversations Houjie had with his wife Yanxi in the end.\nHoujie: Let it be for my being, have my being to let it be, then I can find peace. (Hand over the bone ash jar) Here, let her accompany you from now on.\nYanxi: (takes the bone ash jar) Are you sure you don't want to leave?\nHoujie: (shaking head) Caoman is coming, his fault is mine too. Only I can help him.\nYanxi: you have truly changed so much..... I know, we can't be together anymore. But I really like the way you are now (bow and leave).
This is old movie
Sammy7 dbest
Love for all Hatred for none is the ultimate sacrifice!!! What a beutiful message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!⛅⛅⛅
Spenser Tumonong
Excellent movie. And an even better message
Storm Pooper scooper
The last part made me cry hard
Tom Sawyer
Thanks for the upload from, nc state university
Tommy pedersen
One of the best movis, i have seen for a Long time. Thanks for the download, it was two houres Worth.👍👏
Viet Ha
greats movie, thanks for upload, your channel too greats !
Amazing, it's good movie.
Wonder777 Warrior
The movie is called Shaolin... You're welcome:) leave a like so people can see.
Za Yu
taiwan No 1!
andrew pavel
Best movie ave ever watch wat a perfect message don’t trust anyone who ur blood Broda in life.
Is that Jackie at 51:00
charlie perry
The quest for wealth and power will always destroy the thing you love..............
fais khan
A good movie , with a good lesson of life.
jim bee
Man when the kid died it broke me
julfekar nayem
sub duration 1267\nthe greatest movies
kameron steel
Let these white folks in and this is what happens
kaplogers gang
Jackie Chan is the next Abbot 😇\n\nI think Jackie is one of the producer of this movie . I love it even he has not a main character . Nice upload more power in movie industry . 😊
I always love the Buddha's symbolism and how this movie tried to incorporate it as part of the script. \n\nReligion and belief when is well used produces instant magic in cinematography. This must happen more often. \n\nThis was great art and entertainment. I wish to see more good scripts like this one.
A movie with superstars : *Andy Lau* & *Jing Wu*\nAfter ambushing and killing his rival, losing everything in the process, dispirited warlord Hou Jie turns to a Shaolin monastery seeking salvation.\n*Thank for watching !!*
mmdubuike chukwuemeka
very lovely interesting and emotional movie
proud to be pakistani
Speechless, The best movie
These Chinese movies are getting better all the time.
Is that Jackie Chan in this movie? \nBcuz it sure looks like him.
shane f1
belly good film
suong dang
Viêtnamese monks should follow these monks to rescue their country
vibhavith palipana
what a great movie
vyer whaanga
what a movie