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Al Olmstead
The most important revelations, from the child's perspective, are (1) inability to understand internal adult sexual experience, even though their bodies are able to be externally stimulated in an adult sexual way (classic asynchronicity between capacity and competence); and (2) spontaneous self-accusation of complicity because of adult sexual pleasure. In other words, what no paedophile will allow to be true is that a youngster's safe introduction to adult sexual experience occurs only from spontaneous internal cognitive, emotional and physical development. When a kid is ready, then he will do it all by himself, with no need of \
Angela L
The justice system is a joke, the sentencing and comments by the judge was offensive and infuriating. Pedophiles need the harshest of all sentences, they're rapists and murders of childhood. Life in jail.
Belvedere Bailey
Ohhhhh... these poor, poor men. Great courage to speak out.\nVery powerful yet sensitive documentary. Well done to all.
Best Orange Tree
Carrie Jansch
Hats of to these men sharing their stories. True survivors
Strong brave men, I hope they have all found peace and happiness. I am so sorry for their terrible abuse and betrayal at the hands of evil people and the further abuse of the lack of justice they received. Thank you also, Matron Walsh, for your bravery.
Cynthia Kirkland
I have much respect for those men that came forward and I hope they continue to heal completely..every sexual pedophile on this planet should be castrated of every male part of his genitalia...or sent to a remote isolated island with cannibals....this is how evil these individuals are !!!!! I have no mercy on these sick twisted devils !!!!
Daniela Staples
Heartbreaking. I wish them everything wonderful for their future.
Wow...such a raw documentary. I have always been so confused, as to why child victims, or any victims, kept silent while living in so much pain. This documentary taught me why. I understand. The total honesty from these brave men is remarkable. To see, & empathize with their pain, as grown men breaks my heart. What I missed in this exceptional documentary, was how their lives are now. I saw the pictures of their families, but did they divorce? What are their occupations? What effect did that horrific emotional abuse have on their souls. I could actually FEEL their pain as they told their individual memories...but I wished for more. I hope they have access to read the comments posted, I THANK YOU all for teaching me. I believe there should never be a statute of limitations on child sexual abuse, for the very reasons why they kept silent. If an adult man, or woman, makes a complaint to the police, that he/she was sexually abused during their childhood....and they find child pornography, and pictures of him abusing children, that IS their evidence. Even after 30, or more, years later.
Dawn Prince
These people are so brave. What I find so puzzling is that there is a nearly universal, gut rage that people respond with to child molesters -- clearly believing people (overwhelmingly men) are capable of sexual victimization -- but then suddenly have dismissive reactions when adults reveal they have been sexually assaulted. I hate that these things happen to anyone, child or adult, but I wish, given that they do, that people would find all of them equally abhorrent.
Dbow H
The strength of these men is extraordinary! \n\nso dignified after such an horrific act ?\n\nmy heart goes out to them
Denilson Ap. de Souza
My friend.\nHelp us with the caption in Portuguese or English.\nI even can't understand English, didn't want to miss any detail of the documentary.\nThank you very much.
Donald Armstrong
I'm a victim of sexual abuse and I had real problems with it for years - drugs - my sexuality was a confusion - i now have HIV because of things I did sexually - but now I am finally happy with who I am and am passed it. my abuser is in prison and he needs to be there
Those poor boys. They may be men telling their stories but it is those boys reliving the most horrid kind of betrayal. Those monsters took away from those boys their innocence, naivety, dignity, self respect, and to a certain degree, their identity. I have a son that had a similar experience. The difference is, he told me right after. And all hell came down on his abuser. I resent all these creatures. It is because of all of them, children no longer can be ignorant of predators, and just be kids with no worries.
Eva Korpa
These men talked about their torturing experiences with such enormous dignity, bravery and honesty. They moved me so much. So strong and so fragile at the same time. Just wonderful people. They brought me to tears many times throughout the video.
This absolutely breaks my heart, seeing these men still cry about it and seeing how much it still can hurt them. I was targeted by a pedophile from our church who was a return missionary, but I got away from him before anything dire happened.\n\nBless these men \u003c3
Flossie 17
Brilliant documentary and I am full admiration at the bravery of the interviewees for their candour in front of a camera. Sexual abuse of children is rife... It happened to me too from age 7 onwards. Boarding school? Yes, a Catholic boarding school. Have I forgiven? I have washed my hands of the whole thing and walked away. However, that abuse has unfortunately affected my relationships throughout life. I am now nearly 71. I live for the present day with my four wonderful grown up children and nearly ten grandchildren. Thank you guys for being so amazingly open... Exposing the darkness and letting in the light.
Free speech for all
Harrowing, i hope this gives more young boys the courage to come forward. Although listening to this as men now, i just see you all as the young 11 year old's who were very innocent, and trusting those in authority, after all they were in one of the highest positions of trust .Hope this help's many. Thank's for having the courage to help others.
I feel so strongly for these brave men. They have all my compassion. What these teachers did to them is beyond unforgivable and completely disgusting.
Nothing would deter me from murdering anyone I ever caught molesting a child. Nothing.
Hanne Maabjerg
I think you are very very brave to talk about it i have sadly been sexual abused by my father, very very sadly. It is so discusting i can bescreibe it. A lot of the abuse i dont remember it have been forgotten for many years and sadly i got a psykose that got me down i have never spoken to my father about it. I now i will get help. Right now i am on medikation and shall do that the rest of my life. Sorry for my english writing. Love from me. I am from Denmark.
Heidi Embrey
I told EVERYONE I was being raped and beaten by my father as a child and no one did ANYTHING. I told my mother and everyone in my family, friends and their parents, teachers, guidance counselors, adults at the churches we went to, no one did a thing. they would say I ''shouldn't lie about things like that'', that I ''was doing it just for attention'', that it was to ''get out of doing school work'', I was told if I ''didn't like it to get a job and move out'', that this was ''just something some men do to their daughters'', that I ''should not talk about that or people would think I was a bad person'', etc. etc. They finally arrested him when I would not shut up when I was fifteen and he got three months in jail when he pled guilty to fourteen years of rape and abuse. He didn't even lose custody, I had to run away. It pains me to no end. Pains me more than anything, when other victims of abuse say they should have told. Tell WHO? For what? I am missing something that makes me not know who to confide in but healthy people are not. There is a self preservation instinct that kicks in for most people that makes them choose to stay silent. They instinctively know no one will help them and will blame them instead. I didn't. I thought people would help me, and knowing for a fact that no one would help me, has hurt me more than what that one man did. How do I forgive my whole society for betraying me?
Helen E
The sad thing about the UK, is that it's so common to send children to bording school. That in it's self is a huge risk to take. I believe no children under the age of 15-16 should live away from their home.
if you're going to send your child away like that why even have them in the first place
Horatio KJV Bible
I lived with a friends family for a short while. What I noticed about the family was every single one of the kids told their mum everything that happened with their day. Every single part of their day. The highs and lows. I was flabbergasted. Even when I spent the day or even 30 minutes with one of them they will come home and tell their mum my part of the day with them. Every inch of every part. When I asked why their mum needs to know so much detail, their confusion to me was \
Such amazing, beautiful, sensitive, intelligent guys. I hope they managed to find contentment and go on to have great relationships. Those were just utterly depraved monsters, who else could feel lust for a little boy????
it's like killing the child. ..not allowing to grow up slowly just bam and ist over. extremely disturbing
What an amazing documentary. Every parent of a child who goes to boarding school or spends a prolonged amount of time with adults outside of parental supervision should watch this. The men interviewed are incredibly articulate and strong for speaking out. It's disgusting how they were treated. I wonder if Nick Clegg had any of these issues because he went to the Caldecott Prep School. As someone who experienced something incredibly similar at ages 13-15, you are not the same and relationships suffer. It seems as if this documentary caused a court case and the abuser was to be sentenced to jail but he threw himself in front of a train the day before I think. The articles I found were a bit confusing so if any one can tell me if he was finally sentenced in 2008/2009 I'd appreciate it.
Jennifer Bibi
i just wanted to hug them when they started to cry.\nthe world can be so cruel and perverse. i hope they got justice
Jo Samuels Baby j
Oh my God! NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS. I've been in tears for the last 20 minutes at least, but when the guy began to cry and say he was WEAK for crying it REALLY hit me then. I think these men are incredible. They are emotional GIANTS. They have OVERCOME things that most adults wouldn't be able to deal with.\nI thank these BRAVE MEN for doing this documentary. It has given people like me not just an insight into what happens to a child who is groomed for sexual exploitation, but helps the healing process for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. \nThis country has a history of child sexual abuse that has been coming to light in recent years. This goes deep into the fabric of British society. It covers all races, cultures and religious institutions.\nI so hope that these men and their families got the help they so deserved.\nPeople affected by these issues can also get help. There are quite a few organizations online. A few I know of are ONE IN FOUR a charity helping survivors of child sexual abuse. NAPAC. SURVIVORS helping men who have been abused as children. NSPCC I believe also can point adult survivors in the right direction. If YOU SUSPECT A CHILD IS BEING ABUSED OR HAS BEEN ABUSED PLEASE CONTACT NSPCC. Also support them and the above with their ongoing work.\nI don't believe child abuse will ever end but we can PROTECT MORE CHILDREN BY BEING MORE AWARE OF HOW THESE PREDATORS WORK, and by teaching our children about what to look out for and being SAFE, even in FAMILY SITUATIONS. A LOT OF SEXUAL ABUSE HAPPENS WITHIN FAMILIES AND around EXTENDED FAMILY FRIENDS.\nThankyou once again to the documentary makers. PEACE LOVE AND HEALING TO ALL SURVIVORS OF CSA.
JoJoZep ofthejungle
when he says he knew didly squat about sex, life & relations; that's exactly how it is but non victims further victimise victims over these issues especially \
I cried while watching this. I felt so bad for these men as little boys. What sick men to do such things to children. The world is FULL of these sick men. I want to go back and hug each one of you when you were little :(
This is shot very cleverly. They put the camera almost uncomfortably close to the person, rather than at an interview distance, and so you feel really pulled in to the experience and when they describe the abuse its like you are so repulsed but cant move back.
K. Myles
I wish I were half as brave as these men... my situation was different (& I absolutely hate it that they had to go through this) but it helps me to see this documentary to see that I am not alone... and they are not alone. Bitter/sweet feeling.
Kentucky 1950
In the U.S., most judges and juries prosecute such cases to the fullest. The pedophiles normally have to be segregated from the general prison population so that they don't get killed. Prison justice is harsh and many get killed anyway. Those teachers need a good dose of Texas justice.
Kire Moonchild
God this must have been so hard to talk about...
Lisa Lippincott
I am so beyond sorry that this happened to you men as young innocent boys! Makes sooo angry! May God bless you & help you through this abuse! Tom, Mark & Alastair thank you for being so brave & speaking out! You have done nothing wrong! You were wronged & by speaking out you surely have protected others! Please don't feel guilty because in those days these sexual abuse facts were not openly talked about like they are now! I was abused in Jr High by a boy who felt like he could just walk up & grab my body parts & I told no one cause I was embarrassed. I know that is not the same as what you went through, but it was abuse. Take care, sincerely L.L.
It's the big white elephant that's sitting in the middle of the living room and everybody knows it's there but nobody wants to talk about it. It's too shameful and it's in a LOT family rooms but the elephant isn't talking. That's for sure and neither are the victims. This is the dirty little secret that most will take to their graves\n\nBut Tom Mark & Alistar are talking and my hat's off because it took a lot of courage and you can be sure they're not in it for the money. There isn't enough money in the world to make somebody go public with a shame based secret No. They're telling their story to help others and I say BRAVO
Lydia Burns
So much courage, so much with these men speaking up for a documentary. Knowing it will be viewed by millions of people on such a private, painful and personal nightmare. I wanted to reach through the screen and just hug them. Especially, the heavy-set man. It was so hard for him. \n\nWhat is wrong with these English people? I understand they are very polite but; \
Lydia K
This reminds me a lot of listening to the testimonies of the male victims who were abused at Sydney's Knox Grammar boys school at the Australian royal commission not long ago. They all spoke so eloquently and it was so impactful. I hope the UK can get their own commission of inquiry into institutional abuse up and running so these sorts of stories can come out.
I went to boarding school in South Africa, the similarities are mind-blowingly similar. They should do one about the boys schools here, you'll find similar tales of sexual abuse
Maggie Adams
It's shocking to learn that there's still no obligation on the part of the private schools to report child abuse to the police, and that the courts are so lenient in their sentencing of abusers.
Mahcyah S.
Perverted Bastard!!! Should be hanged by testical, doing that to the innocent! 😡😡😡 Judgment on such vile diabolical acts!
Mairead Ryan
12 months for these crimes against children. The law needs its head examined.
Maria Bushen
All three are extremely brave men and I'd like to thank them for telling their stories. I'm sure karma will get the vile abusers.
These men are so very brave. I have nothing but admiration and respect for them.
Michael Igoe
I know that it's neither here nor there but I'm struck by the eloquence of these men.
i tried to stop watching but i could not turn my back on these men and their stories.
This was such a harrowing thing that these brave men to talk about... and I really felt the pain of the guy who said he didn't want to shed 1 tear for that sick bastard who did this horrific thing to him... but those tears were for that 11 year old boy who he once was... .
Negin Emamian
what an agony just watching this.
Nikki Travis
I hope all of these men know how strong they are. Especially the one worried his abuser would see this and think it was weakness on his part. Showing you have compassion for the others, and wishing you had spoken earlier to save others the pain of what you went through. That is just honesty with yourself and others. I was raped at 16, later I found out that when I made the decision not to report I was also sealing the fate of another friend. I didn't know that my rapists would also go after other people later. Now I feel horrible that I didn't say anything but at the time I was the town geek, they were football players and could do no wrong. I do know if I had said anything I would have been lynched by my peers, not literally but the little friendships I did have would have disappeared over night. Also, being the town preachers grand-daughter I would also have been damned by my family. It would have been my fault for being out, having on shorts, wearing makeup... No matter where I would have turned I had no support. Still, if I had known others would also be assaulted I don't think I could deal with the guilt. I guess for me I didn't really matter, but for her... yes, I would have done anything to keep her from sharing that pain.
Oath Bound Secrets
My parents found out by reading my diary. My mother said to my father \
OutOfSight OutOfMind
I feel badly for these guys. They've been so traumatized.
My sister's daughter was sexually abused by her step father at the age of 2 years. To this day she has problems in life and is angry with her Mother for not seeing what happened to her sooner.
This is the most powerfully educational documentary on child sexual abuse I've seen, and there are several superb docs on this heinous crime. The raw courage it took these men to share their stories is a gift to all of us, forever preserved on film for future generations to learn from as well. The most important quote that's burned in my brain is thus: \
The children abused by adults, they should be skinned alive... and thrown salt... they are the worst human beings... I feel so sorry for those men abused.
Random Humanoid Blob
This is so hard to watch. And these men are so incredibly brave - it doesn't matter how much time passes or how much rationalising or therapy one goes through, nothing stops that atavistic reaction that puts the victim right back into the whole, complicated nightmare of child sex abuse and its accompanying emotional devastation. These men and all children who are abused, especially within the closeted confines of a boarding school or similar closed institution, were let down by ALL the adults, not just the abusers. Other live-in teachers know. The Matron knew....and chose to exacerbate by victim blaming (I have no idea why, but boarding schools of this era often specialised in vicious spinsters who actively loathed little boys to look after their pastoral welfare.) I don't believe in a deity, but its things like this make me realise there isn't a deep enough pit of hell anyway. Getting children to talk is the holy grail. If nothing else gives these men any sense of peace, the telling of their stories helps us understand the tortured, convoluted and closed nature of this for children. And only by understanding it do we stand any chance of ever stopping it. And its a warning shot across the bows of the private schools. For too long, their aura of privilege has kept them \
Rob K
Have a talk with your children at an early age to give them the words to articulate what is happening. Most molesters tell the child that this is a big secret and not to say anything because they will get in big trouble.\nThey instill shame in the child. Children always think that they are at fault. Let your child know that it is not their fault and it is safe to talk and that the guardian will put a stop to it.. \nShame is directly linked to addictive behavior. All children have to tell their story. If they don't have the words to articulate it, many will eventually repeat what happened to tell their story. This is what causes the multi-generational problem continue. Give your kids a safe place to come (where they won't be shamed) to tell their story. Put a stop to it before it becomes a problem with addictions or the child growing up to molest other children.\nMy heart goes out to these brave men for telling their stories. Give your children a safe place to tell their story. PEACE
S Tiankova
How could you even send your child away for so long so young anyways??...
The most awful part is where these poor men blame themselves for not speaking up sooner to stop the abuse of others. It is never the victim's fault, never. The abuser is always 100% to blame.
Scott Stevens
Who is this man, let his name be forever be in social media forever!!
Sharon Davison
Poor men, that's so sad 😭😭😭
Brave brave men to talk about this so frankly.
Someone Sometimes
im only at 33:53 and it breaks my heart to know that the 'Matron' knew about this and didnt try and help him. these men are so brave for telling their story the horrors they went through and to be able to tell their story is amazing! this is a strong message for anyone else who is going through these horrors stating its ok to speak up and you are not the disgusting one its the evil person who is doing it to you that is the disgusting one.
To the guy in the blue suit jacket - you aren\
Give me 1 whole minute with a molester in a room with his/her hand tightened and a basbeball bat only...
Tanya Brown
Brave men speaking out, I hope that others can speak out to and not allow abusers to keep doing this silently. I wish these pedofiles got very harsh penalities
The Moonwalker
Am I the only one feeling physically sick when they tell the stories of the abuse? :o Their honesty is something quite extraordinary - in a noble way.
Valery Blank
I'm so proud of these Brave men coming forward. God Bless Them.
Victoria Salek
My heart breaks for these men. My brother was sexually molested/raped by an older cousin, and it went on for a while. My brother never told our parents either, he told no one. It was like that in the 60's and 70's. Kids weren't listened to, or believed. Adults ruled and you obeyed them. When my brother finally told our parents, he was an adult. At the same time he told them he was gay. He ended up talking about it because we found out through the family that this cousin that molested him, went on to molest his own daughter. If he was able to molest even his own child, I can't imagine how many children this bastard got away with molesting, and damaging. My brother never really recovered from this, mentally. He went on to abuse drugs and alcohol. It breaks my heart that my brother went through this alone. The cousin was finally caught several years ago with tons of child pornography on his computer. He served some time in prison, but not enough for ruining my brother's life, and countless others I'm sure. The abusers care for nothing but their own gratification.
Thank you for being able to tell your story. Hopefully others abused can get their strength from a united front. This needs to be addressed by humankind. Thank you sincerely.
William Doubleu
Listening to these men. Is like me, listening to my younger self and my boarding school life. \nI have cried listening to this, yes. I was abused over many years, from the age of 10 years old. \nRaped and sodomized. Sexually abused. Physically abused. It's given me a different view of life. \nOne of resentment and indeed confusion. I still ask myself, Why me? What did I do wrong? Why?\nThis has lived with me, all my life. I am still haunted by the events at my boarding school even now. \nMy father berated me for lying about the occurrences, He said, \
Yo Mama
I understand that these monsters can be very effectively manipulative, but I still find it difficult not to find fault with the parents. Until people learn to have open and honest relationships with their children, and encourage possibly awkward conversation, these horrors will continue
aces 1982
Proof that the establishment is rotten to the core. The judge should hang his head in shame. Even after all the years you can see all three guys are scarred. Peter Wright, just remember you will meet your maker one day...
annamal pete
cathy vice
The one victim's comment about not wanting to hurt their parents by letting them know they had failed to protect them really rang a bell with me.
cindy pattana
The worst part -- the robbing of innocence and stealing of a normal childhood.
Looking at those beautiful children and knowing what was being done to them is utterly gutwrenching.My heart goes out to them all.
The British are so well known for their eloquence and this horrifically traumatizing story told by these men of each of their experiences at the hands of these monsters is no exception. First class all the way, and I so admire them for their courage in speaking so candidly and so beautifully about their experiences!!! \n\nI don't know if they understand at the deepest levels of their beings that they were children, not fully formed maturationally and that is precisely WHY they were chosen. Perhaps they were each shy, quiet, reserved, fragile - who knows why these pedophiles seem to be able to pick out the vulnerable ones who ''won't tell'' or fight back. But, in no way, not in a million years are these men in any way responsible for what happened to them at that stage of their lives. Neither are they to feel a sense of guilt for not being more assertive or feeling as though they were being weak or not speaking out during the rapes and assaults!! They are NOT responsible. Period. They were children and it was not their duty to tell or protect others. They were themselves victims of horrible human beings - barely human at all!\n\nI hope they are all well! Love and well wishes to each of them from Canada.
gorilla twist
The families are dysfunctional. Preditors look for weak kids to abuse and know they are unable to defend themselves.
This was heartbreaking to watch. I'm grateful these men had the courage to speak out
As the victim of child abuse, I watched this documentary learning that abuse scars both men and women in the very same way, I feel so strongly that these men have been so immensely brave to tell there stories. No matter what ever happens to the abusers there is never any true justice in your heart. The scars are so huge it is a life time of uphill battles. Revelation 21:3-4 is our only answer to the suffering and pain caused by these monsters.... A fantastic documentary absolutely.....
Thank you for setting me free .... I worked so hard trying to undo what it did to me but nothing .... nothing, makes it go away. It has caused me so much pain throughout my life. I thought I was the only one that couldn't get over it. I thought I was the only one that all that therapy ... didn't help. It helped me to better understand myself, why I do the things I do, why I use to turn to drugs and alcohol but it didn't help with my relationships. Two marriages and several relationships all ended because .... most of the time I can't stand to be touched. Something triggers it and when it happens .... there is nothing I can do, the feeling won't go away, I have to literally get up and get away. It's so hard for the other person, they take it personal, they don't understand, how could they? I don't even try to have relationships anymore. It's not fair to the other person. It f'ked me up for life! It is what it is. Thank you again for your courage and your honesty .... @ 1:08:16 I really really needed to hear that, you have no idea how much I needed to hear that! I have been beating myself up for years cos I kept telling myself I should be over it, I went through all that therapy, it happened so long ago, why is it still coming up, why does it still haunt me? But now I know ..... I'm not the only one that never got over it. Thank you
kolleen o
I'm not a boy I'm a female that was molested why the old man that lives around the corner from us when I was seven in this documentary how they talk about oh how the predator without understanding or gentle that's exactly how I described my Predator he was a gentle Persuader always acted like he cared for was concerned wasn't too pushy but always got his way like gentle persuasion
Watching these men struggle with guilt for being abused is heartbreaking. The ripple effect predators have on their victims seems to go on forever.
Such brave men to still be standing after such torment. I hope they are all doing well.
i wish i could hug them and tell them how sorry i am that this horror happened to them. :(
paulala rideout
When you hurt a child you are hurting the adult they will be. Abuse is a permanent lesion on their minds. These men are brave for confronting their Demons. Time doesn't heal wounds, it only gives you a distance, another vantage point ,to see what the outcomes will be of the truths and the falses.
I was in my 40's before I could talk about my abuse. I'm thankful for the talk shows that started to talk about the subject.
one year after my parents' divorce, the teacher targeted me... Do you think vulnerability in a child attracts these psychopaths?
stephen obrien
I wouldn't wish this on anyone, not even some of the arseholes who wrote sick comments on this site.
How very brave these guys are to be on camera and speak about it in such detail. My heart goes out to them.
peter wright got caught in the end. At 83 he was arrested in 2014 and sentenced to 8 years. Let's hope he gets his arse busted by a few big boyz the age as he was in the 70s. Frail in boyhood, frail in old age. Bring it on
Seeing the pictures of those precious children,  and knowing that Peter _stole_ their innocence is really upsetting.  When l look into his face and think of his dirty mouth,  l just can't believe it.  Horrors!
tipperary links
I am so grateful they spoke out. Such courage. Children must be protected. We must talk about it with children and punish the perpetrator befitting the lifelong devastation of the victims. The statute of limitations must be changed for prosecution to the full extent of the law.
I know he had to sleep at one point and there's a knife in the kitchen. I'd go hanibal lector on his ass and fed him his wee wee.
This is horrendous and its the same for women who are violated by family members too. Your innocence is stolen forever. Anyone who can't support people who live through these experiences and demand governments make and enforce much better laws, are also part of the problem.