Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 0-4 Goals and Highlights with English Commentary (UCL) 2013-14 HD 720p

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Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 0-4 Goals and Highlights with English Commentary (UCL) 2013-14 HD 720p- Watch Messi, Ronaldo and best of La Liga LIVE in HD every week here - Subscribe to my comp channel: - Want my opinion? Follow me on twitter: - Suggest a highlight video: Subscribe & More Videos: , #2016

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ATS Ground llc
Pep ....any word's !?!? Hehehe
Agung Azki
good videos with commentary without music
Ahmed Zaman
But Pep won the passing 😂😂😂😂
Ali Can Karataş
martin tyler. where is he working now???
Ann Noname
Ari Gun
Arslan Javed
Still in 2018??????
Danu Productions
Iker Casillas :\
Debajyoti Ghosh
Does anyone acknowledge how great was this win?? Can Barca knock out any team while playing away? It's only in Real's DNA..sorry to all non-real fans, but there is only club who can achieve this kind of feat!!
Detik Hidayah Chanel
Didz HD
haha Real Madrid destroyed Bayern Munich
All Bayern fans know that the Catalan manager they had at this match was a big fraud that underdelivered and destroyed the machine that Heynckess had created.
Eagle 1903
no Bayern Fans here? 🤣🤣
El Calvo Zidane
Dante must the worst defender in history, he was here where they lost 0-4, he was in the 1-7 against Germany, and in the game where Lewandoski scored 5 goals in like 15 minutes I think.
Entony Raphael
FloAlboTV YT
CR7 is going to Juventus
Fuad Hassan
Tony kross is here, but in rival side..😂
Fut Zueira
Guardiola Sad 😂😂😂
Gianluca P.
la leggenda del Real Madrid (ri)comincia da qui
Guilherme Bittar
Its just so good seeing Ribery getting bonned
Gustavo Abreu S8
So eu sou br aqui
Jose Sorto
why is George Lucas at the game?
João A.
As a Bayern fan, this was like the 7-1 for me
Justin Cosing
This was the biggest domination in a semi I have ever seen. Real Madrid isn’t the Madrid we know now that has won 4 of 5 champions leagues. This team hadn’t made the final let alone win it since 2002. They had been knocked out in the semis for 3-4 straight years I’m pretty sure. They were going up against the Treble winners who was everyone’s favorite by far all season to win it again. Down 1-0 after the first leg many people still had Bayern as the clear favorite. Madrid came in and absolutely demolished them! The score actually doesn’t show the story if you can believe that. This game could’ve been 8-0 it was that bad from Bayern. Real Madrid was literally toying with them the entire game. Amazing memory I will never forget.
Kevaughn Green
We need this BBC right now for the 2nd leg against Bayern
It's just so weird seeing toni Kroos facing real Madrid and making tackles against bale, Ronaldo and Modric
LOS Locos
Tha magnificent mr guardiola
Luis Beltrán
Este partido si fue digno de clasificar el Madrid y no las estupideces que hacen ahora tanto RM como Barcelona, con tal de 'demostrar que son los mejores' hacen robos constantes
Manu Dito
Viva el CRISTIANO RONALDO. Without CR7 RM is nothing....\nNext time will be easy for FCB because CR7 is no more by Real Madrid
Michele Fumagalli
Spero che passi la Roma, ma se non passa forza real
Mimi Mary
Real madrid is crazy and silly but bayrenbis nice and smart
Muhamad Khafifi
Mantap pokoknya real Madrid.
Muhammad Tri Al-hadi Novriandre
kroos vs madrid...
Nodir Saypo'lativ
Realllll Zidaneee
Oppo Iqram
Memang iya Madrid vs Bayern Munich pasti bertemu Munich kalah
Rahim Sharif
Cr7 can beating buffon, neuer, neymar, griezmann, lewandowski, diego costa or wayne rooney but he will never ever better than king messi...
RandomPringle Yum
Why dont you give TehFurious credit for this?
Red John
Bayern got raped haha !!
Romeo Anisoreac
they won because of the referee
Seno Widiyanto
Sergio Ramos (my idola)\n#Halamadrid\n#Fansrealmadridindonesia
This is the last time Madrid didn't need to cheat for advancing.
Video Butterfly
Kroos vs Modric
Welder Rodrigo
Real Madrid joga demais
allex william
Algum brasileiro?
boy william
Ronaldo is the best player...👍
cường trịmh
Bayern Munich ngày đó mạnh thật mà Real chọn đấu pháp quá hay
daniel hernandez
ese si era un real madrid contundente no como el de ahora que solo roban a los equiposs
heroin 5555
Back when Benzema could run
This Madrid was certainly the strongest I ever seen pure counter attacking\nThey deserve the ucl that year and if you said the ref helped them with 5 minutes, Sergio Ramos scored in the 92 minute saved Madrid \nAhtletico Madrid players were crying all over the floor wasting time ref was certainly not involved
marwan mohamad
Name of the commentator
saçma hayat
siham farij
y h
The best defender ever sergio ramos!
Este también fue robo, verdad culés?
Şïlĕñť Hűňťėrŕř
0:13 zidane😍
Seeing Toni Kroos face Real Madrid feels so weird now.