Dan Dennett: Cute, sexy, sweet, funny

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The chimps are total boner killers please change the slide, lol.
Andrew Raines
i just laughed my friend. thanks for that.
Andrew Rice
In fact, many things I find very interesting now originally bored me before I comprehended them. \n\nYes, though \
Ara Ghukasyan
I thought this was a fan video with a very affectionate title
Ayoobe Wonders
Plot twist; What is Danial is the reincarnation of Darwin?
Imo, the greatest living philosopher.
Bobby Hill
Blowin' me away all over the place... Bravo
Brandon Love
Lol the first thing he says is he's talking about Darwin and I thought \
Nobody has walked in the room all evening, I've been here on my own, I get to 2:16 and half the family walks in. Any other time in the whole evening would have been better ffs!
David Griffith
So we were wired a certain way but the wiring is all accidental? Huh? Notice he talks nothing about love because atheists can say nothing of objective truth because that would mean there is a source of objective truth. That's why as a country we abort all the non cute babies because we are not being taught to go beyond our mere feelings and to make a choice to love.
Now what I would like to know is how, I, some random guy, can alter myself slightly to make me a super stimuli for sexiness to the opposite sex. ;)
Diamondd Goldd
Dennette you make me fall asleep :( So boring.
At 0:48 secs, Ms R Beverly Mackenzie seems to claim that humans are perfect and beautiful... they are neither... humans have many, many genetic deficiencies such that they develop many sorts of medical diseases, and many have deviant minds, so they are neither perfect, nor beautiful... and beauty is only a construct... it is an aesthetic.\n(to be cont)
Erin K
Why are there still wolves if dogs evolved from them, which you cannot dispute?
he looks like Darwin.
Israel Groysman
There's a so-called theory for a \
Ivar Lavins
When I first looked at this, I thought that they meant that Dan Dennett was Cute, sexy, sweet, funny. I think that young girls of any \
JL Mur
He looks more like Darwin.
I want a chocolate cake. RIGHT! NOW!!!
Jacob Powell
and a little like Darwin too... Come to think of it I've never seen them all in one room together before either...
Joseph Stern
For expansion, you might read his many books --- which are dense and not at all easygoing. TED talks aren't for expansiveness, really. They're just little bites.
Konstantin Gurmeza
he brings a good point,. found this quote, \
Lily sung
As a Christian I find this very educational and I feel less ignorant. If any fellow Christians out there feels the urge to attack this gentleman simply because he’s trying to explain the world from a scientific perspective, you better change your church or educate yourself more, or both.\nWhat’s the problem with having an almighty creator and having our brains wired in certain ways at the same time? I mean that’s one way of doing it. And if this truly is how it works, it’s still wonderful. And I do believe that the Genesis might be a super brief version of what could be a very complicated process, one that’s beyond our understanding. Can we really tell how the Lord engineered everything? Are we in such a position? You know the answer to this.\nFurthermore, are you saying this is a scam simply because the Bible didn’t mention conditioning and neuroscience? Well last time I checked it didn’t talk about YouTube either.\nKnowledge likes this allows us to understand the Lord’s world better. This is a plus, not something evil. Let’s not judge so fast and rely so much on our limited knowledge.\nSeriously, you all sound like you’d burn him alive on a stick if we were still in the Dark Age.
Lucía Arndt
Darwinception... a man that looks like Darwin talking about Darwin
Michal Kravec
aspartam is sweet, with no energy. so why it is sweet?
Milan Ghimire
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@Erin K... We still wolves today because humans segregated some species of wolves. These ancestors to the dog were domesticated and bred to be specialized for hunting, herding, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of the wolf population carried on uninterrupted.
No crazy feminists have complained about 4:30 yet ?\nThere's hope for humanity .
Nguyen Huy Huan
Shit. I’m envious of my friend. He’s been unattached permanently. By a fluke, he’s got a model to love him in weeks. How is that manageable? He laughed and said he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive fell for me… I really don’t recall at any time seeing him so fulfilled. Kinda makes me sick.
isn't laughter based on social cohesion\n\na natural way to tell people to conform because they did or said something unexpected?.
Oliver Stieber
you learn from your mistskes
He makes me fall asleep too, so I can commit everything he said to memory.
Peace 〈3
I didn't get the last one about funniness.....
Peter Schmidt
@StefanoD420 i didn't even need to see the frame and i knew what you were talking about
Ri dan
becoz ur 13 lol
Robert Barboza
Was I supposed to be offended by this? I don't know why.
Daniel Dennett should be mocked, scorned, and removed from the public eye.  Who is it that grants this guy an audience?  He tells you that you have no free will, that honey isn't really sweet, and even goes so far as to say that hot chicks aren't really hot - and then waxes \
Toughen Up, Fluffy
That last bit was hilarious!
Travis Romig
I share this video more than any other video. It makes me sad that this had under 1 mil views and it was released in 2009.
U 2
перевод ужасный.
life, who needs it, right? ;]
Vidar Kristiansen
I believe a similar approach to what they have done to explain humor should be taken to give an evolutionary explanation as to why people enjoy music. \n
Viktor Hansen
Daniel Dennett is a very good speaker
Vinay Seth
Ok, Professor Dumbledore.
Warren Pugh
About as sexy as a barbed wire fence. Lets get education back an track.
andri irinata
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But we find cats lovable. Why's that?
Dogs didn't evolve from wolves, but rather the various breeds of dogs are still essentially wolves that have been altered by man's intervention and breeding for various qualities. This didn't happen to the entire population of wolves, only those that stayed close to human encampments and were eventually captured where their breeding was under man's control.
cnith theonliestone
OK but couldn't he have found better examples?  I mean those girls were ugly, the babies were ugly, and his joke wasn't funny, it was a plug in for some book I'll never read.  I have reproduced so I don't think it's bc I find babies ugly, he just had ugly pictures.
If that's what it tells you, it looks like you have a lot of researching to do.
This talk was going good... until it was basically an ad for his book.
The End - Dennett: \
And yet what are we to do about this terribly significant business of \
Fuck that intro. Just fuck it.
came here for the sexy
Dennett is a good entertainer.
I thought the title referred to Daniel Dennett, himself. \n\n...I wasn't entirely disappointed.
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what does this talk have to do with procrastination?
He is kind of funny in his own dry way, and I guess you could call him sweet if you wanted too. But something disconnects in my brain when I try to call him cute or sexy. The cognitive dissonance becomes too great.\n\nI'm sure that somewhere out there there are people who would find him cute and sexy but until presented with such people I do find the video title to be somewhat disturbingly wrong.
As a person of a similar disposition, if Santa Claus came down my roof, then I hope he visits the houses of creationists, he would've put books on Darwinism against their trees!
Very good talk
I must have fallen off the evolutionary bandwagon at some point, because I can't stand babies.
mildly interesting, I guess.
Thanks Dan
samantha bandara
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and you think some magical sky daddy just puffed us into existence hence- intelligence. HA! HA!HA!HA!
The title and thumbnail of the video combined make this look like a Darwinist fetish video. Lmfao.