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3Muskateers &Me
*please if u are in a relationship like this...get out before it's too late. \nIf youre ever being held hostage or in danger & stuck for help & need 2 call the police & it's safe to do the police & ask for a pepperoni pizza. They'll ask if you know you've got through to the police & you just reply yes. They'll ask is there someone in the room or with you? \
these men need their hands amputated
This really makes me want to become a domestic violence counselor / have a career that can help people in these situations, empower them, etc. It would be heartbreaking but I really want to make a difference.
Alexander Carter
Glad her dog kept her company dogs are the best
Alfredo Amador
The puppy wimpering made me want to cry 😭
Altaïr ibn-la’ Ahad
People who beat relatives partners/children etc should never be let out of prison because once they are let out they're free do to do it again to anyone
Amanda Gautier
I wonder what more danger these women are in from their abusers by showing their faces and names? Why not cover their faces, change names?
Anna Razumovich
Terrible. I'm Russian and domestic abuse is legal here. This is absolutely dreadful.
Anne D
Woman remember some good times. Carry a pic of the abuse you suffered, look at it when you feel weak. Be strong.
Margaret Atwood once said, \
In Atlanta, GA any domestic abuse cases go straight to state court to be prosecuted and the woman cannot drop the charges. Even if she wanted to. They made this the law because so many women who dropped the charges eventually ended up being killed by the boyfriend or husband. So now, if you claim domestic violence, you can't drop the charges. The case will proceed whether you want it to or not.
B. T.
How did the guy who beat the woman until she was unrecognizable get 13 months and the other guys got 7 years?
wait so they all abused their wives and only the black guy gets 7 years? what the bloody hell, send them all away for eternity
this Helen broad doesn't want help.
Brandon Gordon
Man I love when someone is caught in a lie 🤣🤣🤣.... 18:55 haha
Brenda Salazar
lol the girl pretending not to remember seeing and having dinner the man who beat her is hilarious!!
Bri Mel
Before I ever experienced this myself I questioned why these women stay. But when you're in this position you finally understand. Because half the time these men are exactly what you want...they make you fall in love and then suddenly the monster emerges. And you're stuck. Stuck in a cycle of knowing who they really are..this monster...and who they made you believe they were. And they know how to give you just a little bit of the man you love to keep you around. For anyone judging..saying they'd just leave. I was you. I said those things. And then I was one of these women. Luckily I got out much sooner than these women. It's a grieving process. When you realize who they really feel as though someone has died. Essentially it feels as though you're grieving the death of the person you fell in love with.. I don't know how else to explain it. It's awful and I hope these women have finally moved on.
Cactus Skeleton
Why would you go for a meal with him and let you child still see them if they have hurt you that badly?
Carly Datson
I'd get that traumatized dog out of there straight off. It's the only one without a choice to experience this.
Charlotte Morgan
real men don't hit women
Cindy Detres
The dog is crying for her. He/she feels her pain and it looks very nervous and anxious. Poor thing. :(
Claire Kidd
What is wrong with that Helen?? Can't believe that she'd do that. I don't think I can watch this documentary. It's very frustrating to watch these women allow their husbands/boyfriends get away with what they're doing. They have a choice and they're choosing to stay with an abusive partner. Not anything you can do about that. And it's just wasting police time to keep calling them out when you're not going to give evidence about them.
Dana garza
he probably abused the puppy too that's why the dog was crying he sounded hurt but no one was listening Or paying attention..
Debster DS67
I watched this documentary whilst sitting beside someone who mentally, physically and verbally abused me knowing he knew what I was thinking. I left not long after. I thank God for this programme and my life was nowhere near as bad as these women in the physical sense. 6.5 years later though I still get that frightened feeling every now and then.
E Quality
My heart aches for these poor women! And that poor little dog!
Eddy Strauss
The pets suffer too, when something like that happens in a relationship. Some end up death to. :-((((
Ee Na
the nicest thing in this drama is the father and daughter talk and closeness and of course how much those cute doggies care for their friends to the point they feel and share their pain
Egle Rinkeviciute
I have been there too. Difference is that I called the police straight after when I escaped and he's been arrested. I am a single mother of two for a year a half now but I would never regret this decition. No one will ever hurt me again.
That poor little puppy, crying breaks my heart. She should have left him a long time ago. Everyone should understand that the abuse is not going to stop. She knew what she was doing, this has happened to her before. The poor little dog doesn't understand, it's a baby. This makes me sick. I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for her or anyone who continues to stay with their abusers, their just as sick as the abuser. Yes! Been there done that and I left.
Fiona Gregory
Helen and women like that wasting police time. The taxpayers' money being wasted yet again (and I am not even a taxpayer, not on dole either).
Gina Cable
Helen met up with him twice! what do her and her dad expect!
I London
So guy batter that lady and he only gets done for ABH only got 2 years \nBlack guy got 7 years for GBH while other men who are just as guilty conflicted even worst abuse that went on for hours Lawrence even jumped bail he received no prison time \nLawrence kept harassing x threatening her with violence physical abuse again breech his conditions even again and even after getting arrested again again he could not control him self at police station
Inge Posch
i'd like to pick up a sledgehammer and beat those guys to death with it... SLOWLY, starting with their feet and ending with bashing their heads in. :(
Many commentators are more sympathetic towards the dog than the woman. It worries me that the \
Jacqueline Flower
She says it started with just a few slaps as if that's acceptable,pet one slap is to many,any man that raises his hands to a woman,is not a real man,
Jas Rigg
Domestic abusers should have to put their names on and go through the same process of announcing their identity as sex offenders.
Jordan Cowan
Kaitlyn King
domestic abusers should be put on a register list like pedophiles
Kathy Mathers
so answer me this, why did the white guys get off, but the black man didn't make ???.? mmmmm it makes me wonder. especially the buffed white guy threatened too many times to kill her. the black man didn't. can any one answer this???😠
Katie F
I feel sorry for the dog too. The dog seems so worried about her😭 Not only did the man abuse the woman he abused the dog by letting thr dog witness such a thing.
Kerry Anne
Men are bloody wimps hitting women bet they couldn't do that to another man this makes me so angry
LaFaith Networks
These stories are very heartbreaking. In this world, there is more that can be done. Each one of these low life human being animals needs to be dumped in a deep hole. Why do we continue to tolerate this type of behavior? The power that be, needs to step down off their thrones and change laws all over this world. No more courts and dollars for these type of human animals and if the children/us the people will start waking the H*ll Up and demand Change. These type of stories will be very limited. Always remember, everyone will go through God Golden Gates for your Actions. He will make your final decision of your life, no matter how much material things in life you have. We must Change the Actions in our world, so each and everyone of US can live a better life. God Bless You, if you're one of these people living in these stories. Find a way and GET OUT, LOVE DO NOT HURT AND IF IT DOES, IT'S NOT LOVE...
Laenna Klein
that puppy is so scared. hes so worried for his momma.
Leesa Cotton
Dat dear little dog snuggling up to her such a loyal pit
Lone Wolf
that dog is a witness considering how distressed it is. That is brutal what that women went through.
MMay Cam
I'm curious, why the wig?
I think the dog is more traumatised than the lady. Heartbreaking.
Mohammed Rahman
Courts of justice, shouldn't feel remorse for these wife beaters, & give them life sentence. They need to learn their lessons. Why are systems is to soft to deal with these nasty criminals. I feel sorry for them, they deserve much better husbands. You'll find them everywhere, not in the streets. If I was your husband I'll would've given you the best love & kindness to you all. Nobody deserves evil monsters like them etc
That woman's Dad speaks truth about the UK justice system, it is a mockery (at 50:05 ) & Those are how dogs should be, one of them sensing the woman's distress; but the other woman with the staffy, well that was just a distressed dog full stop, it isn't \
Nana S
wow the dog is crying with her....feel her pain n may have been abused as while
Nanette Morton
When I was in my teens, my father told me, \
Nina Zuccaro
In my opinion, the abusers should be charged PERIOD. Always.
I feel much sympathy for abused women, but am I supposed to keep feeling sympathy when they refuse to press charges and stay with these men and say they still love them??
P Rai
3 abusers (2 whites &1 black) and only one got proper guilty verdict (guess who?)\n\nGod bless these the women.
Polly Symonds
Four minutes in and I am out. This is too upsetting.
RM Geno
I feel sorry for sabrina that guy should be booked for attempted murder
Lawrence is so dangerous! I can't understand how he keeps getting off so easily esp after jumping bail. Smh
Real Expose`
Why are women always looking for men or someone to depend on or be with?\nThe main thing is happiness and if you are truly happy within yourself you do NOT need to be looking for men and getting hurt in the process.\nMany women die every day just because of bad decisions they make. They run after men and end up in the worst unimaginable relationships.\nWomen need to understand they do NOT need men to complete them. \nWe are already complete in God.\nMarriage or similar relationships is NOT what defines us\nYour decisions, things you achieve and do for yourself are what defines you.\nYour life and happiness is most important
Renee Gonzales
You basically need to be killed for the authorities or government to do anything its BS !!
Richard Macleod
No one should have to go threw any kind of abuse from anybody. The guy I was seeing used mental abuse as a way of controlling me though he never hit me their were death threats and would put my body down or my looks. SLept around and would shout at me all the time. You are left feeling lonely, frightened and ill. Warning to all get out of a relationship as soon as you realise something is wrong Never stay with an abuser. Im from Liverpool Uk and his name was Anthony Earl.
Rocío Aguilera
Paul is a damned coward, but Sabrina didn't support the police. A grave mistake. Lawrence said he was going to kill himself. Let him do it, don be stupid. Helen believed Lawrence, a grave mistake. Violence only escalates, never diminishes. \nI was a victim of domestic JUST ONCE. I called the police and they took me to a domestic violence shelter. We were divorced and I NEVER contacted him again. \nThat's why I don't understand those women
Rosa Moreno
With this type of crime there shouldn't be an option for pressing charges the DA should take over and investigate, prosecute.
Shavhaun Marie Jackson
black dude got 7 years and didnt beat his woman up worse than the old guy who got 13 months. So both the white guys got off with less than 2 year sentences but the black dude went to jail and served at least 3.5 years out of his 7
Sheila Mchgee
Its called 'Stockholm Syndrome' police know this and that its serious and very very dangerous !!!
Stacy Polk
Remove the dog and place in another home. Domestic abusers harm innocent pets too. The pup has no choices....the woman does.
Helen is not a victim. She is a liar and a worthless mother to put her kid in an unsafe situation!
T Sommers
I don't know what to say. I don't think I took a breathe through out the entire video. My grandmother went through this. I can't imagine. I'm so so sorry.
Tajiri San
20:47 - What these women all have in common is zero self-esteem. In reality they hate being single and their lack of self-esteem makes them believe they won't find anyone else. They dress it up as 'he's like a drug' but really their situation won't change until they rebuild their self esteem.
TheArtistsHeart Studio
At 55:59 I started crying my eyes out in RELIEF!! At least this one woman got real justice! When I was 2 years old,although I don't remember any of it,my mum certainly does and credits me for saving her life, my dad was beating her viciously, and had been for some time, but that night he had her pinned to the floor,on top of her holding a heavy led crystal vase over her head about to smash her with it,and my little voice saying\
the dog is actually crying its so sad what happened to her many women experience domestic violence ..coward men is what they are
Tom Foley
Sabrina is a lucky girl he clearly was gonna kill her an she has a lovely dog ,bless u sabrina
Transcendent Media Tv
My Dad thought us that the day any us hit any woman, that day we have lost the virtue of been a REAL MAN... so in all my relationships when i am pissed i put my hands at my back and walk away her...
Poor, poor women. How brave of them to bring it out in the open. I can feel their terror.
Valentina Perez
I like How this documentary shows women literally speaking up and going to the police (all the things people love to criticize victims for not doing), and showing that even then, they're still in danger and not all of their problems are magically solved. And people in the comms are still jumping through hoops to find something to blame them for. Do you actually think that abusers start being awful and violent from the first day? Do you really think they don't take time doing things for their victims, seducing them, acting like a decent person before getting them into a commited relationship before gradually building up to show their true colours? Just say you hate women and go. Really. Save yourself the mental acrobatics about a subject you clearly haven't thought about and done research deeply enough.
Virginia Neil
I was a victim of domestic abuse/violence for 2 years , I WILL NEVER EVER GET INTO ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP AGAIN . I WILL NEVER TRUST ANOTHER MAN .
Yo Daddy 9999
I understand domestic abuse, I have been through it and my prayers go out o this woman and her beautiful dog. It's heartbreaking , hearing the dog's cries because you know the dog has been through hell. I hope they are both in a much safer place.
Yoyo Yoya
The dog 😥😥😥
Zyklopin Repeat
Considering what life expectancy we have these days the prison time offenders need to do for such horrible crimes is not short of a digusting joke. Lawrence went free without doing any time. It seems beating your wife to a bloody pulp is the right thing to do. That certainly sends out the wrong signals. There is anger building up within me. Those women finally find the courage to do something against their brutal partners and then the court lets them down in the most shameful way.
Nobody's daughter should go through this.
These Men have Mental and most likely physical abuse from their Childhood ...So I believe their needs to be counseling for them with prison time. The Women and Children need support for as long is needed ! This is what I think Thanks
I have no idea why on Earth a woman wants to be dependent on a man.
fawzia abdurrahman
it's very simple, anyone (any human being spouse or not) who has hit you once will definitely hit you again. and they always go for the face so they can disfigure you! the only reason to continue staying after the first blow is if you are ready for a second one. and we can see that they get very lenient sentences! i guess they wait for him to kill you so they can get a maximum sentence! the same case with rape. very lenient sentences. failed systems!
6 hours of being beaten & no one intervened.. A truly disgusting case of the bystander effect
harlyn blanchflower
Helen is an idiot. She keeps meeting him!
Wow! One white man got a year, the other one guy a fine. Black man got 7 years.. interesting!!!
laurel clanton
I'm sure the comments are filled with people who are having negative and hateful things to say about these women who were abused so badly which is crazy not knowing how these women feel and what they have actually endured after all of this abuse I can't even watch it I'm only 10 minutes and but how dare anyone have anything negative to say
Serving 1 year after methodically beating your significant other for 6 hours? The biggest problem with domestic abuse is that they get sentenced ridicolous sentences, that's why women never press charges, they risk getting even more violently abused and the men don't get lenghty sentences anyway, what's even the point.
Sick they would even consider letting monsters like this out of prison
molly brown
I can too😞 \nPlease- please pray for my 27 yr. old daughter. Her boyfriend/abuser 6'2 and over 200 lbs beat her over & over for having a simple personal boundary. She didn't want him to take her car. She left and went to a shelter. (I live 4 states away) had his mother call her and say she has my daughter's computer in the back her car and that she needs to it up in the morning. his mother assured my daughter did he was nowhere around and assured her that he was locked away in a drug rehab center. My 5'4 and 100 lb daughter fearfully goes to the abusers mother's house. At that moment ambushed her he knocked her out hitting her in the head with his gun and kidnapped her & her 2 young boys w/ a gun & knife. Raped her & beat her all that day... (which was 2 wks. ago) Upon him telling her 7 yr old who was in the back seat of the car - \
It is completely insane to me that a woman would wine and dine with a man that brutalized her. Ffs...
That's why violence against women must be liable to prosecution by the state, instead of by the victim initiative. Those women are terrified and with zero self-esteem, beyond women are socialized to go through lots of pain and discomfort in the \
Having been where Helen is, I don't think it's just or fair that having met up with her abuser and harasser should crush her case. Abusers have immense control - emotional, physical, mental, financial, anything - over their victims. They wear their victims down to a point that they feel utterly useless without their abuser, and often the ONLY thing that drives a victim is a desperation to finally get into the good graces of, or to please, or to finally see that \
Helen went to see him because she loves him, that's what they all say just before they get maimed or killed by the arshole
sparty pants
Lawrence is a pure beast. Hope his mates see this and how he treats women. Fckn embarrassment of a man and anyone like him that does this
tipperary links
I understand why people are upset that the two white men did not receive lengthy sentences, but Paul only got 13 months because Helen had met with him in the restaurant. It compromised her case. I'm sure he was aware of this, the great manipulator. And they said he had not broken skin (despite terrible bruising and torture over 6 hrs), so ABH, not GBH. The second white guy -- I have no idea why the judge would let him out but there are judges who dont take DV seriously. He will kill the next woman. Agree racism could be a factor - justice failed. Outrageous.
An excellent doc on this horrendous issue. Governments at every level in every country ARE complicit and guilty of these crimes as well because they continue to do little to nothing.
vj lockett
Beat someone half to death get community service and a fine. Get caught with a few drugs 5 years. Fools still act like the law is there to protect them lmfao!!! Maybe these women should stop going for \
x silc x
When I was 8 years old (I'm 12 now) my mum used to have a boyfriend and I don't wanna say his name so let's call him Sam. He was nice to me and my mum at first but then one day I was sleeping on the sofa I heard a loud bang from the kitchen and woke up and he has threw a chair at my mum. I think I was too young to understand what they were arguing about I was crying,and my siblings weren't home so I was alone with them until my brother came in and stopped them. They took a break and my mum was an alcoholic so life wasn't any better. They got together and they always had fight and one time he slapped her, he broke our microwave our cooker. He had kicked our dog. One night it became extremely bad. I was upstairs maybe about 10 I was and I was on my laptop then I heard screaming and a loud thump. My dog ran upstairs to me and about an hour later I came down they were cleaning up smashed bottles and I saw my mum. Swollen lip gaint black eye 2 front teeth knocked out bruised forehead bruised chin. I asked what happened and their excuse was she was on a ladder trying to fix a light bulb and fell and smashed her face. Didn't believe it. An ambulance was called (I was also there alone with no siblings) and she came back and she was crying on her bed. My sister rang my granny and now I don't live with my mum and live with my gran. They have broken up but that phyco still isn't in jail. These fuckers are monsters. Sorry this was long