Hustle Gang - Chosen ft. T.I., B.o.B, Spodee

Hustle Gang feat. T.I., B.o.B & Spodee - ChosenFor the single, "Chosen (Feat. T.I., B.o.B & Spodee)". Available Now!iTunes:

... B.o.B. Chosen Gang Hustle Music Rap/Hip-Hop T.I TI bob. BOB. B.O.B. chosen hip hop hip-hop hiphop hustle gang hustle gang music rap t.i. ti

#HUSTLEGANG  over errrbody!
Aaron Thomas
B.O.B went hard!!
Aldeir Menezes
T.i. & b.o.b is the best
Andile Kaba
Ohhh, It Makes Sense... This Song Was Made By B.o.B For T.I.'s PaperWork. So T.I. Refused Refused To Shine Out Of His Lil Partna's Work. He Decided To Put It On Hustle Gang... WooooW Tip, So Considerate Of You. Thanks For Doing That #Respect
Andrew Adams
I love this song I know most of the words the chosen part
Angelica Murry
Heyyyyy my jam
Mad love for T.I. Only complaint... It had to end. More please.
Anthony Shockness
B.J. Lord
Now this is music that I can vibe to not young thug and Migos
Baphomet 666
Hell yeah. This is def a go too song for me. Good bass, Good Quality video. Thanks to the uploader. THANKS!!!!!
B.o.B DESTROYED this track
Bhagya Karandawela
wow that's damn
This song feels like its missing something...
Brandon Bello
Grand hustle is back and those dislikes must be from mayweather fans
Bryan Dilworth
we need more songs with a truly good message being delivered like this
Charlene Knight
He's from atl bro
Charles Tacy
Dam T.I killed this one and BoB killed the verse
Was T.I. high and/or drunk in this video?
Cris Ronaldo
Hustle Gang - doing the work
Darien Tubbs
Ya'll Sleepin On Spodee
David Inez
Still listening in 2016 🙏🏽
Deck zone3
Spodee I see ya
Diego alessandro
Tem que fazer turnê no Brasil aqui vocês tem muito fãs eu em primeiro lugar ........... protesto quero turnê no Brasil
Domenick Shuler
this is work at its best hustle gang killing it t.i is a legend and bob is a monster on the mic !!!!!
Don Crozier
T.I. b.o.b trae and hopsin tech 9 should make a song together it will probably be best song ever
Dulce Gutierrez
WeePAAA!! Papi! Love T.I.
D’Jovens Palmy
Let them haters do it for me.
Ej Lea-Scandrett
Ahh throwback. All three killed it. But I don't care what anyone says, Spo snapped the hardest 🔥
Faith Seed
an illest great epic beat with a great collabo like this, i love hip hop like this, want more
FatCat TheGoon
T.I is killing it these days
120 people weren't chosen.
T.I's flow is sick!
Haseeb Abdul
T.i always kill\
Hassan Arain
This is raw man, tip killed it again guy been going in hard recently
Tip should've put Spodee at the front of the label. Easily the most talented.
Ti flow is just crazy on here
Hugo Oliveira
Damn Spodee doee! killin it wit the last verse
Humberto Lopez
This is the shit I like
J Castro
B.o.B and T.I. - This message goes to you. I'd like to thank you for all your work that you've put in your work. Since I was a kid I looked up to you. Your music, lyrics and diction is so influential. I have put work in my songs in order to be somebody who will be remembered when my time is up. My dream is coming up and rapping with you on my track. Now you may or may not see this, but trust me, this shit right here is goina be quoted when I finally make it and I'm known. No need to wait up for me, cuz I'm sprinting to the top.
T.I. and B.o.B forever kills the game!\nHustle Gang nikkuhs!!
T.i. need to start working with Kevin Gates them working together would kill the game!
Janay Belford
Haters don't do nothing but hate
Justin Tejada
BADASS SONG !!!!!!!!  \
This is fire. You already know Tip & Bob gone flame, but tha boy Spodee can spit! #Heat #HustleGang
Biggg !!! Some sick flows from hustle gang, biggg track the beat was also Chosen
Lefty Billionsfalls
T.I. is the king of the south hands down in this generation the man spits lava hot magma
t.I is a beast
LookIts YourPapi
Sucks that this song didn't get the exposure it deserved. Love this song!
Luejuana Beasley
love this song
Marc Willis
I feel chosen
Marquise Smith
Spodee went the hardest
Marvo Fivestarsz
Spodee should have spat a 32. his 16 was ill but sounded like he was just getting started.
Alright!  Now someone bass boost this already!  HD!
Michael Russell
Aye Bobby ray smashin that chorus.....
Mike Pryor
Spodee sick with it👽💫
Mike Wyatt
love this song 
Muana Fanai
Hustle Gang better than MMG
Nan OG Tha Screw DJ
this beat speaks trae tha truth.....
Hustle Gang need a new mixtape A$AP
PappaDock AP
Albania 1
Pat Greenall
Lets go TIP once the king always the king. keep em comming
Philani Kunene
Who's watching in 2018 cause this is badass
Polo Danni
man that boy spodee the truth
Rafael Silva
Bobby Ray killed it !!
Randyn Guzman
T I and B.o.B are the best rappers right now
Raza Ali
b.o.b produced this track. Thats why the beat and the music is soo amazing
The homie doe B would have murked this track hands dwn
Ronildo Araújo
B.o.B KILLED IT !!!!
Sagiv Zaguri
Savannah Sepulveda
#starOnsTar A Rizon A in city of phoenix
Sebastian Sandoval
The whole flight I'm going to heard this song. Cancun----\u003eBrasil
Shpetim Selmani
Spawn 333
In 2018 \u003c3
St JaRhon Haywood
spodee went in doe, Kerry Kittles used to go off wit J. Kidd and Rich Jeff
Strangetrack Bdreams
Super Thomas Bros
3 dislikes from mayweather fans
Spodee snapped!
TJ Phillykid
Why are you trying to kill his joke bro ? He didn't do anything to you.. Stop hatin because he said something you WISH you said. #LOSER
Tana Marie Taken Alive
Sweethearted rhymes
Tomáš Ján
T.I and B.O.B look like brothers
Tramarci Jackson
Hustle Gang should use this trio primarily. Also Follow up the Hustle Gang Album with an Official Spodee album, jus saying. It would be like No Limit back in the day lol
Trap House of CM
Miss Doe B :(
That TIP flow was nuts, he's the truth. 
I think B.o.B should do more song like he used to. He changed his style and flow, it would be cool if he did songs like he did on The Adventures of Bobby Ray but also did songs like Underground luxury. Strange clouds album was a good mix
Yuji Mizuno
Spodee is cold
amine oudouche
#morocco     @
druzzy dru
that b.o.b. swag tho'
t.i. and b.o.b definitely killin' it! siiiiiick!
john doe
I demand a Man & a Martian
kenneth sutton
Pop Pop.Spodee the Truth!!!!Nothing beat the Double but the Triple
rachie rachie
❤ this song
robert rutter
love this song this be my shit
sean shelly
Favorite song of all time... Dope AF
B.O.B. in my opinion is the greatest artist T.I, signed
just discovered this song , actually i liked it.