10 BEST SHUFFLE GIRL'S | •2015 - 2016•___________________________________________Waht do you think Is the best Dancer?___________________________________________×Subscribe my Channel ×Like this Video×Thanks for watching___________________________________________Songs:#10 = How To Save a Life (Jiggers Remix)#9 = Release Me - Fosmo feat. Lotti #8 = My Squads Lit #7 = (Unknown)#6 = Asphyxiation#5 = Grit Mania#4 = Krush Groove#3 = Switch - JUST DAY YES#2 = Seve - Tez Cadey#1 = Wait Dombresky___________________________________________Dancer:#10 = (Unknown)#9 = (Unknown)#8 = "Elena Cruz"#7 = "Elena Cruz"#6 = "Elena Cruz"#5 = "Elena Cruz"#4 = "Elena Cruz "#3 = "Gabby David"#2 = (Unknown)#1 = "Elena Cruz"___________________________________________BP Dance

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#Lesley Foreves#
#2 was that lisa from blackpink????\n\n\n\n\n\nOr should I buy myself eye glasses....
When you see a spider and you can't bring yourself to properly stomp it cause you're scared.
Absolutely Dreadful
This industry is tough, I hope these people can afford clothes one day.
😂😂😂I needed a good laugh
Fun fact: \nThe #3 girl is actually the girl who made the one and only dance known as the “Electro Shuffle” in Fortnite
Number 10 killed it!!
Ava Smith
#10 was better than #1
Bebe F
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Beyza Kalkan
Number 10 killed it!!
Bob Saget
Is this a commercial for SKECHERS?
Cali u Field
Omg the first one is me how did u guys get my video the heak
Candy Punch
Electro shuffle
Cheryl Keaton
Title should say \
Crunch Buttsteak
I can almost shuffle cards does that mean anything??
Cutieheats C
Hi random person hiding in the comments hope your having a great day😋
Daffodil Frank
Mmmm todas bailan igual me cagó de risa
#10 looked like she was wearing Anti-Gravity shoes. And should be #1.
Dana Meleaca
3 killed it m8 da fuk
Darkness Kitty
I wish I could shuffle like that lol
Dinah Vanhoute
IKR number 10 killed it XD
The first girl nailed it.
Eve's Gymnastics
Does anyone know the name of the song in #10 ???
song at 3:02 pls
Fade Away
Its hard being a raver techno edm guru and can't do this :(
Felix Bannister
Top 10 biggest thots
Frazzle Mc Daz
Fynn Schumann
#7 is Warehouse Dub from Ash O'Connor 1:25
Greg Cab
ten video's, ten thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍..
Song plz 3:04
Il_lord_tachanka 0990
I approve
This list is not that good.. I have a better list..
JB Unlimited
honestly it wasn't that good in my opinion
James Reyes
2# anyone know the song
If you could only see my face right now..discovering that this is actually a thing... Didn't the Irish do this in the 90's and call it \
Jimins pink hair
2:16 song PLEASE???
Jorge Espinoza
is that the fornit danc electro 😮❤🐒😍
Jorge Hernandez
What's up with the skimpy get up??? doesnt add anything, only serves as a distraction imo
Joseph Vandro
#7 can sit on my face
Josiah Simons
umm number 10 should of been number one. awful selection from person who made video
Juan Alvarez
The first dancer is a BOZO who put that in?
JubaL VW
#10 was actually the best in my opinion
song #7 is Ash O'Connor -Warehouse Dub. its (unknown in description)
K Lalremruati Ruati
#8 was cool
Kaasmeneer !
#3, gabyyyyy!
Katie Oros
Adore #8 \u003c3 This has seriously inspired me. Thanks for this!
Keegan Keegan
Why do ppl think walking place is so cool?? 🤔
Kevin Blancuzzi
Song minute 4?
Leonie Peters
Why did they all look bitchy except the first? I mean what is wrong with them, can't they afford some long clothes?!
First girl was more impressive imo. She had that moon walk effect going on almost the whole time, looked cool as hell.
8,7,6,5,4 and 1 Elena Cruz :)
#3 was amazing! I just love how in-sync she is with the music, and the bass goes HARD! 🤪\nI just can't stop replaying it, haha.
1# Fortnite Shuffle
Electro shuffle is the best
Mardreana Reed
i think she wearing the shoes that have roller skates on i think like if u agree
Maria Eve
The first girl knew what she was doin
Mesut Topgume
Michael Malhi
No 9 for me
#10 is great. She's dancing on a cloud.
Nurul Syahirah
#10 song?
P istY
1:30 what is name this music type?
*T H I C C*
Philippe Flick
Is this list ranking them on their skills at dancing or looks?... Cause its all out of whack.
Piper Ann.x
The last one killed it
Prince Tebogo
whats the song at #2
Princess Sophie
cooles Video
that girl in 10th place should have been number one, just saying
Roman R
#10 is here for her skill. the rest for their hotpants
Ross Kim
Top10 so good 🤣👏👏👏
SUB Mari D. Gamer
Sandro Chkhartishvili
#2 should be 10th
Spiritual Exploration
one girl was like 4 numbers
Stanislav Ungr
Btw: song #7 is Ash O'Connor - Warehouse Dub
T Ghost
The \
Take Note
#10 nail it! She's the best. 😎😎
#8 was the best
Yosef Stalin
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 x better then twerk
#10 and #3 were the best ones in my opinion.\nAnd why does Elena Cruz have 6 numbers in this list..?
When you watch others with pro shuffling skills and when you try you almost break your legs
honey boo hoo
i personally thin number 10 did better than all,,,looked like the floor was moving ,,no one else gave that effect
iisxlenia MSP
All the teens have the light up shoes. ;-; Im salty
ikey Oruc
Ömer more
john thebaker
just meh
joseph 88
Whats the name of song in the dancer #9 ?
#10 was best. Girl looked like at some points she was gliding
maddys world alderton
Ok guys I'm weird ik
This is DEFINITELY some high level attention whoring...\n\nIf there’s anything to be gained from this, it’s that if you’re going to attention whore on the internet with light up shoes, thong jeans and a sports bra, at least do it with some talent and rhythm.\n\nAnd what do you mean, you don’t know who #2 is...how dare you? That’s fuk mai chin and *click, click* manamaaa. Have you been living under a rock?\n\nAlrighty then...I think that’s enough misanthropy for the day...powering down...
melanie nill
I hate number 10
poké girl
What music 3:03 plus its my favorit
Isso parece que afina as pernas!Só vejo mulher da perna fina
sixto guzman
Como se llama la rola de la #9
thinklikeadoor destiny
who else thinks that little girl beat all these contenders?
violets star marvles -GUCCI
O.o i..can shuffle god to\nWell i hope so
#7 song anyone? Please
혜정 승완
What’s the song at 4:10 ?