Bayern Munich vs Frankfurt 1-3 Highlights Goals - DFB Final 2018

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Frankfurt played like Real Madrid
10 L MESSIHD TUBEyanez yanez
He said greiezmann instead of martinez,LOL😂💀
Bayern lose semi final to Madrid Bayern lose cup to Frankfurt haha😂 SHAME
A True Love Official
No one could stop him during the last minute of the match. What an unbelievable run! I wonder where the keeper was at that time?
Aaron Nutzinger
Hala Madrid
Alessandro Felipe
When you think that only Real Madrid can robbed you but then appears Frankfurt gg
Ana A
Andreas 19
Balkan power✌️🤜🤛💪🏻
Angel Rai
LOOOOL, 100% looked penalty
6:35 he just stopped it.
Arkadiusz Ferdinandus
Congratz Eintracht Frankfurt,,
Asad leo
This same will happens with RM at UCL 2018 final 😂😂
Awesome Godzilla
How to do a Germany World Cup 2018
Bernhard Sonn
lel nr 4 Striker😂
Rebic was behind those two defenders still he ran past them to score.For those 'bayern got robbed' ones.
Cachito Pepito
Frankfurt franckfurt Frankfurt!!!!!!!!!
Cansulla J
ante rebic.. what a beastt
Clarense ger
frankfurt have rebic :)
Claudio Pizarro
Good frankfurt
David Zamora
The match that made Ante Rebic a Croatian superstar
Djoker Dominator
Well done Frankfurt if only Motherwell could’ve pulled off same as you
Dony Samara Tambunan
Noob bayern
Edwin Olio
Ulreich has to go ASAP!
Enrique Juarez
There are persons so stupid that even with technology can’t make a fair and good decision. VAR is great when good referees use it but it’s trash when trash referees use it.
Fed ex
Hahaha Bayern getting wrecked as usual. Losing to Madrid 3 ties on the trot and now being owned in Germany.\nOverrated club.\nHopefully Madrid get them again next year and finish them off.
Francisco Fuentes
Iamgine scoring a hattrick in a final against the team youll be goining next season
Frane Žuljević
Rebic is a beast
Franek Bera
Rebic \u003c3
Franja Postar
rebic is a legend
Gamer Bala
Many chances to Munich
Giorgio Salvi
Green Leader
Nice when a team other than Bayern wins something in Germany
Henry Reinoso
I'm happy that Frankfurt won cause I'm tired of Bayern Munich winning everything... deserved win
Highlight E&Sport
Congrats frankfurt
Ivan Novak
Croatian power wins the cup! Kovač ,Rebić
Jack Pants
Rebic is too good for Eintracht
Love how Bayern fans thought Jupp Heynckes would make all their problems disappear in 6 months. I bet the German media are finding ways to somehow blame Pep Guardiola for this. But the reality is, even with their full strength squad, Bayern are just overrated AF. If you can survive their initial 30 minutes of high pressing, attacking onslaught, you can cruise through them for the rest of the match. 2013 was the end of their golden generation...
John Goodluck
Bayern cut my ticket
Jumajas Jas
Hummels is a suspect .. German won't win a world cup this time the defence is too weak
Kamran Alavi
No penalty. He made the most out of a ordinary contact. That was a good call, thanks for saving football.
Kilia KZ
Niclas Sule is tree!😕
King Barca
Are the four screens for the four eyed aliens 👽 👽 🙃
KlarK K
Rebic is the best
Krist Mike D'arcy
Would've been a soft penalty IMO, credit to the ref for making the right call. Congrats to Frankfurt.
Kristen Lewis
And now bayern will Rob, Kovac from Frankfurt. Always buy players, managers from rivals and increase the gap between their rivals.
Rebic is awesome
L Uis
Too bad Niko Kovac will go to bayern
Luca xNik3l
Rebic such a beast
Luffi Risnandar
Ante rebic
MajnkraftIRobloxSuSexiZajedno 2
Bjutiful goal by Rebic
Marrion Lulu
yooo that foward single-handedly destroyed bayerns defence. Every time he touched the ball he did something dangerous or scored. Sad that bayern lost after all the chances they had throughout the game but well done francfurt!
Mukesh Baraskar
EPL is the best league in the world because there are so many great teams and you can't predict who will win.\nBut in France there is only PSG , in Germany Bayern and in Italy Juventus.\n\nBut this match is different....😄
Navab Italia
The day all Munich fans sleepless night 🧐.. congratulations Frankfurt 🏆🥇🏅🎖🏆
Nicolas Jr Villasenor
Bra 😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🏆🏆🏆
O Kay
Arsenal should have got Niko ?
Patrick Niranjan
Rebic Mourinho sign him up please
Riwan D Masiv
Congrats of another german team was blocked bayern domination
Rock On!
Rebić did it!
Rulo Turati
Rebic is a Croatian fuking beast!
SS Dar
Kovac will guide Bayern to success in Europe again...I like that Bayern have given a young manager a chance, Real Madrid should do the same when they replace Zidane...(Liverpool fan btw)
Saker Falcon
Machine Rebic ..
Sayeed Matin
KPB \u003e Jerome
Ante Rebic is a one man buffalo herd.
Siddy Fisher
I thought the last goal was really cool, it's very rare you see that kind of goal in that kind of way
Silke Kaiser
Ante Rebic i love you
Solo Lolo
Lewa needs to leave this Bayern team because it has become a joke. Lewa makes a perfect cross-goal pass for someone to run onto it and no one even bothers making the run. Bayern is sad now. Why does Muller not make runs toward the fucking goal. he's a striker. Everything is on Lewa's shoulders now, no wonder he wants out.
One of the greatest games in soccer history. This match had everything
Theo Ambarita
For all people that says bayern is robbed, who does even care. Bayern should've easily defeat frankfurt. RESPECT to francfurt. Deserve to win the tournament
Um Rato Sem Noção
Valverde out Bartomeu out
What's happening to Bayern
Vasquez Isco
Every time bayern loses. Bayern fans be like we were robbed
Verdian Kurniawan
do not forever the first so that is always a first 😂😂😂
ViZu Restart
And then of course Bayern had to buy Frankfurt's manager...
Westfalen Stadion
This was a very Gd and Deserving victory for 'Eintracht Frankfurt' who finally Won this trophy after Sooo many Attempts, Ironically their 'Manager and star Player' have all just recently Transferred too 'Bayern Munich' ....I think how can you Compete when your Resources are being Removed.
Yad's Party
Bayern Munich were too arrogant. They thought they would win easily. But they don't know that every other team in the league is good too and for different reasons
Zaxel 22
Rebic is best
ashu bisht
Why dfb do not copystrike this viedo . Please reply
carlos vaći
Bravooo 💪
cleiton rasino
Esse era o bayern que iria eliminar o real madrid ? Kkkkk e ainda falam que foi o roubado,quem perde para esse zé ninguém não merece respeito.
marijo todorić
Rebić is a beast
mehmet zahid Taşpınar
Şampiyon Frankfurt yazdıracağız
Nur die sge
nani !?
Rebić 👌
napstar da ghettokid
What kind of VAR is that?😂😂😂
United from Frankfurt
Something very suspicious I've been noticing with youtube is that they don't seem to allow uploaders to show controversial VAR moments, like what happened between Bayern and Frankfurt. If you look for the penalty on youtube you won't find it. - And I'm saying this even though I agree with the referee's decision.
the frankfurt players ready to celebrate that last goal as they were all waiting at the side of the field
Yes there was contact, but I don't believe he intended to hit his foot on purpose; they were both going for the ball and they both happened to make contact at the same time. Good call by the ref
waqar ahmad
james roudrigez crosses and passes are what Real is missing..... hopes he come back 🤔🤔🤔
Çóšmõ Ñâ
Even with VAR
lol, for me that's is not a penalty, yes boateng does not hit the ball, the same with that bayern no.8.. he goes down and clearly \