Tecktonik vs. Shuffle Girls

here is a dance battle of my two fave kind of dances. pure girls. who do u think will win....Songs: 1. Global Deejays ft Technotronic- Get up 2. Dj Dean- Play it Hard 3. Deejay Bola- Private Jet 4. Deepforces- Last Wish 5. Relanium- Lee Lost 6. Deepforces- Harder

shuffle tecktonik

Angela Dahlia
The shuffle is incredibly repetitive. Tecktonic clearly requires more variance and whole body movements, including hips, arms, legs, neck, etc. \n\nThe shuffle is just more simple. I think people are afraid to actually dance or something. Actual dance involves the whole body, not just fancy footwork.
Anthony Fuga
I think that women who dance techtonik, are Sexy, the way their hips emphasize on the beat and their hands tell a story, for us to Interpret : )
As Above So Below
Ew in 2016, but when I was 18 back in 2008 this was the shit )) I feel super lame for dancing this way my GAWD!
Austin Papritz
I haven't seen this video in years and it's weird that I seriously thought tecktonik was a complete joke, but for some reason now I think it looks cooler than shuffle.
Dat first girl is the freakin hottest chick on earth
Tecktonik wins. Also these girls always have a career in being an awesome traffic cop.
Big Al 420
It was all good times back then, no fighting, just dancing and the best time of your life!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Where's the G & the X baby!
I think shuffle looks much, much cooler than tecktonik but you know, that's just my opinion :)
Casper Hansen
Tecktonik is only swinging with their arms lol.
CbC Doom Crew
tektonik isn't dead......I see lots of strippers dance like that lol, not pole dancers....strippers
Chee Tang
That's my mum when she sees a bee.
Chris B
song at 0:15 is GET UP (General Electronic Version) by Global Deejays Feat. Technotronic\nI shazam'ed it.\nYou're welcome.
Christopher Stankiewicz
The first chick i LOVE so much I've seen this video since 09 and still come back to it to see her lol
You can tell how long ago this was just by how they’re fully dressed and not half naked 😂
This is Shitoonik
Ставь лукаса если ты с 2016
Dylan Mobel
2nd to the last girl was going ham at the skate park
LOL Tecktonik dancers look like Star Bucks workers on speed while Shufflers look like they're killing roaches on ice. I'd mix both together to create an ultimate dance style. Tid be aresome .-.
Emerald Santana
shuffle side only showed basic move wasn't a fair vid.
first Lady killed me -_- \u003c3 .who is she !! :D
Euler Characteristic
Oh my god. If they had butter knives in hand, imagine how many sandwiches they could make.
Ever Greatest
dude who's the first girl?
Ezmyrelda Andrade
There's no competition really.. If you can bring it to the dancefloor with either or both styles then you and the whole dancefloor wins. Love to the global dance culture community.. My heart is with everyone keeping alive the spirit of the underground.
Felicia Williamson
Shuffle. Tecktonik looks a bit like you're flailing about crazy. Shuffle actually takes talent to move your feet and ankles in a way to make it look like you're gliding around the floor.
Fidel Vega
Tecktonic is more arm movement with little foot work and shuffle is more foot work with little arm movement. Which is better? My personal opinion ID say none but if u combine both styles that would be my choice. Either way takes skill madd skills to do either correctly
bouncy nerds
Frank Guardado
techtonik died in 2010, Shuffle still happens at every event
i like both tbh.. but really freestyle is the best.. because its all you day or night rockin it how you should.
General Snok
Tecktonik looks like your high as fuuuuck! LMFAO
Hit hit F2 hit hit F2 hit hit F2 hit hit F2 Hit Hit F2
Hash-Slinging Slasher
Ahh such simple times.
Heriberto Morales
No matter how stupid all the damces that have been creating look, they're still so fun to watch and do lol.
I Dunno
We need a hybrid of the two dances, flip the script!!
shuffle but what do u guys think about jump style
JT PoeticalRealism
gotta look at the cons of dancing with either in a club, the shuffle women you gotta chase them all over the place, cause they're never still 😂 and the Tech women when they're too drunk with those hand movements will end up slapping you out, and everyone in arms reach! 😂😂 👀
tektonic is harder IMO. can't lose the rhythm for a even a second or it kills the whole flow and its obvious. rip ZIZZ
Lellex Odessa
it's basically arm dances versus leg dances...why isn't there techshuffle dancer that does them both at the same time? o,.,o I could totally see a smooth transition from one to the next several times in a single dance.
Lork Lorkman
shuffle is by far better and looks great at festivals
Luke Camp
girl at 2:30 was killing it
yo combinaria los dos aver que locura sale
Mason B
I miss the rave scene of the 2000s...
i haven't seen this video in so long
No sé qué hago aquí
N. Khan
Didn't see a catfight.
practice with a mirror everyday for a year and you'll be as good as any of these people. don't get discouraged, everyone starts somewhere.
j'ai vomis
Neb - Roqket
back when tecktonic was dying out... so sad! 😭😢 miss late 90s early 00s
Ninon Badier
Qui regarde sa en 2018
What if.......................\n\n\n\nyou could combine them?
Olicraft Barver
The first girl \u003c3... LOL. By the way, what the \
Outstep !!!
I've got a major stiffy right now 😮
Papa KnoxxX - Aurcus
Okay, obviously, these two need to collaborate dance styles...They're BOTH good...
The first tecktonic girl is my crush for decades, never found out who she is
Rapix War Robots ITA
i pantaloni a vita bassa le mutande di fuori e il cinturino d&g taroccato..orrori d altri tempi che non si possono più vedere
Raven Lederer
First girl. How to look hot and sexy while guiding a plane. Lol
Tektonic looks so sexy
I can't get enough of that first girl wish I knew her name
Rod Templar
there is NO better sight in this world than watching girls dancing.
first 2 girls are cute AF
The first girl is extremely pretty! \u003c3 imo! She literally just had me lost for a moment... Lolololol
SerbKing SerbKing
Put the 2 together
Shining Diamond
Tecktonic:causes people in public to look a you like \
Silviu Tudorescu
1st chic all the way lol
Stefan Taylor
TeckTonic dancers should become traffic stop people or flaggers. LOL
Svenja Blum
Cyber wins 😂😍🤘
It would help if you found some girls that can actually shuffle. This is clearly bias.
Tectonic = Vouge on crack, Shuffling = the running man on speed
if i tried to dance like this i would fall and die. sidenote i did try to dance the other day and my cats looked at me so concerned. probably becuz they thot i was gonna fall and die hahahahaha. props to these people tho. its dancing who cares. i will never understand why these videos get so much hate hahahahaha
Tiwaking Tiwaking
I miss 2009
Twinkie Cakey
I have to admit that I find Tecktonik quite weird. I don't know why. It seems like that's only for girls. D:\nBecause, if a guy did that, the way the moves go, he would look like he's gay or something. I dunno, it's just my point of view lol.
song at 1:59?. . . . . .
Universal Peace
Someone out there must've combined these for a shuffonik or a techuffle....come on, let's see it 💃🏽
Unknown_ Beatkilla!
Do people still do tecktonick?\nI know people still for sure at the rave parties!
Virito S2
Cadê os Br
Not gonna lie, the second girl that \
William Hicks
I think the girl at 0:18 and the girl at 1:57 are super hot. I like a girl who can dance tektonik.
shuffle wins
Zen Dragon
easy and obvious win by Tecktonik.... which incorporated hand leg and hip movements, change-ups constantly , running through a repertoire of skills... a as opposed to the shufflers who.. did a shuffle step.... with few variances.. maybe an extra kick or twist here or there.. hands, head, hips doing nothing, like the simple shuffle step was requiring every ounce of concentration.. and , honestly, not even that good of a shuffle step.. very liitle control in range, dirtection, consistency,,, completely uninteresting.. this isn't even a close contest
Tecktonic = Traffic Cops on acid\nShuffle = Drunk on Ice Rink
Shuffle dance is \
tecktonik looks better when you're glowsticking. could always be like the aesthetic crew and mix both together, lol
I don't know much about dancing....but fuck that music is GREAT!
why not do both styles tecktonik is more arms and shuffle is legs put em together ;)
damn that first tectonic is hot!
looks like a dance style inspired by long sleepless nights smoking meth.
Arm dance vs leg dance. I think leg dances will always win, because: bouncing breasts...
misfiTed One.
girl at 1:54 kills it dead
my name
I remember in my room when I was little I would try to shuffle. My gosh
remember when this was what made you cool in highschool
paul rogers
I like tectonic, but they don't use their feet or legs at all; shuffle is practically the opposite- mostly feet. Shuffle looks a little more ghetto; tectonic a little more refined :-)\nHow about techshuffle- combine the two??
ЕБАТЬ ПУШКА, 2018 нервно курит в сторонке
Tecktonik is more fun to do and watch.
trog lodyte
Reasons to go Tecktonik: You won't crash into anyone and get into a fight, If you do crash into someone you won't be as exhausted to fight them.
Saw this when it came out, and now watching it 8 years later like...
x CymricEuphoric x
I don't know why there's so much hate for shuffling and tecktonik, it's far more entertaining and fun than TWERKING..-__-\
0:15 Nice.............truck.
Владимир Самсонов
Казбек Абайханов
tell me what music is played 3:52 ?!