Rick James - Sweet And Sexy Thing - 12 Inch

(c) Motown a Division of UMG....From The 1986 "Sweet and Sexy Thing" 12 Inch.

1986 Band City FireitupBedford Flag Funk James R&B Rick Sexy Stone Sweet The Thing and

Aung Un'Rama
Rick looks like a space bounty Hunter I this pic 🤣🤣 I love Rick James 😁🤣
B Taylor
Your very welcome...
Benjamino Lee
This song reminds me of the film, The bedroom window, as it is in one of the scenes in that film. That was where i first heard this song !.
Brian Clepper
Why didn't this make the best of collection? Loved this!
Calvin Gilmore
Rick knew how to write a song that rhythm
Droopus Tunes
@cwayz08 Please. People were doing remixes decades before Diddy was born. Talk to Tom Moulton, who really did invent the modern remix: a total new production using almost nothing of the original. Diddy didn't \
@BombchuPilot ebay had the CD/LP up for sale sometime ago. Google search it. I am sure that their is a copy somewhere.
Jerry Rainey
We funked this track
Kenneth Robinson
Dang!! I am a Prince fan. But when Rick was in the right frame of groove, like on this track, brother was funky as heck!!! Use to crank this groove up in the dorm.
Kevin Collins
The groove on this is infectious but it’s the simple bass pluck that gave it that funk I wonder if Allen McGuire played bass on this cause it sounds like his tone I’ll have to ask him
The Mastur could never sae Know to this one. Just do it to shim NOW!!! Reminder: be aware of hiz claws and fangs when mounting him. Sometimes she/he gets too worked up!
Michael Robles
Sweet an sexy....great jam.....!💛♨
Morrisman Smith
Does anybody have a copy of the track Rick recorded with the stone city band called \
Perry old school Crumbley
Perry old school
Sasa Jankovic
Always like to dance with James in earth or Heaven!
Semaj James
Sound like music from Scarface
The Bedroom Window! I miss the 80's. The Mary Jane Girls sounded like this too.
The Master of Sexy Romantic Funk!! A FUNK Masterpiece!!! May the Lord Bless him and may he R.I.P.
Thomas Griffin
I had this album. It is very good and I don't think it is too well known, even back then.
david lucas
The flag! Yes brother 😉
deni zen
makes you dance till the sweat soaks your underwear....quality dance track with a fat bass ;-)
erika clingerman
my favorite
thank uuuu\n
marco polo
Been looking for this album for ages...very heavy stuff, so bad...thanx for ^posting
i'm getting a coke buzz just listening to this....
ron coomans
in my houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
schafhausen genfer
excellent album  RICK JAMES should come in Paris in 1986 i bought ticket but no concert
bought this album when it first came out back in 86. i still have it and it sounds as fresh the day it came out.