Iker Casillas Vs. Bayern Munich

Goles: Paradas de Iker Casillas ante el Bayern de Munich

Bayern Casillas Iker Munich Vs.

22 dislikes...\r\n11 players from Barcelona\r\n11 players from bayer.
Este vídeo les callara a todos, Neuer es el mejor /watch?v=8rW2N2nPpEk
Alberto Castillo
@Kingaydin98 youre another of the barcelona that says valdes is better, casillas has won al the cups including 4 best keeper of the world, and valdes? sorry but casillas is the best\n\nsorry my bad english
1:05 altintop Ficken XD\n
Andrej Basket
hala madrid
Angel Ruiz
@alvarojoseism Es Badstuber
Ash Clarke
I'm a Barca fan... But Iker Casillas is an amazing goal keeper
I like Casillas so much!!!!!
Boumahdi Hakim
iker is a wall !!
@iTzGladiatorXpL la temporada pasada en el trofeo del bayern
Carlos Freitas
cuando iker casillas era bueno . Solo recuerdos de lo q era
Chris Holloway
@MMAmachinhead92 \nany player would dream of consistently hitting shots in the top right corner its not that easy to do though champ.\nAnd btw he is 6 foot
Christian Sanchez
El mejor arquero del mundo :D HALA MADRID!
Eli Covarrubias
pero si lo tenian que repetir el penalti (el primer penalti) se adelanta de la linea y los porteros tienen que estar en la linea a la hora de pegarle pero que parrada la de iker
Epic Hans
@cLiPhEnGzT Dude, just shut the FUCK up, Who's Cech compare to Iker? \njust fuck off!
Franjo Ivic
After that miss Altintop was transferred to Real
Franz EI
zzz en un amistoso sin muchos jugadores colgados del palo y ganando en penales\r\n
@ManUtdCR7x watch his one-man-show videos, or his top ten saves, or some highlights. he's set up a new record for the longest time for keeping his goal clean this season.\nmanuel neuer may not be as good as casillas now, but he'll be better in 1,2 years
German de la Cruz
el mejor arquero del mundo
@sfumato1002 come on, it's obvious you haven't seen juve or italy playing last years
Israel Orozco
J Liu
@MinoDex Bayer fans lol
Jhonathan Paul Martinez Labrador
Es un guevo pelado y con viegra
Iker Casillas ! Fastest Reaction .
Juan Carlos
jajajaja al final cuando para el ultimo penalti dice el comentarista \
Juru P.
The best goalkeeper of the world!!!
Kasper Hansen
mega nice målmand\n
Kerim Nefes
der sagt fiker\n
Kudret Kadriu
saves every shot... until messi comes
@mwaka369 , in reality...Casillas is light years away from Buffon. Italy and Juve defend with 10 players...Real Madrid and Spain don't need all 10 players defending...they have casillas.
Mario Lopez Nieto
eso fue el año pasado...lumbreras..
Master Tow
Matias Bautista
Iker Casillas el mejor portero que hubo
Medical Maniac
i dont like r madrid but casilas is a living legend
Miguel Currea
where is Bwin???
Oliver Kahn WAS the best goal keeper in the world.\nManuel Neuer is the new best goal keeper in the world. wait a few years and he is it! he is young!
was that a champions league game?? at 13 augoust??
@MrJimluca hell,maybe not!
Nick Deisler
Ese partido se lo ganó Casillas solo
Holger Badsturber
Paola Casillas
El mejor portero del mundo *.*
Patryk Roniv
1:28 BEST SAVE !!
Casillas is only like 5'10. If the Bayern Munch players were smart enough they would've shot high and wide to the upper 90. 4 out of 5 times wouldn't reach it, until it becomes obvious of course.
Ralo peter
@MinoDex \n\n\ni hate real madrid but i love barca barca is the best team of the world i hate madrid but i like iker casillas because he a so great keeper
Rasit Serin
Manuel Neuer is a fucking shit against San Iker!\n
Sam Caballero
wheres the diving save that he uses his both hands?
Sergio Méndez
no se de que se asombran! eso es normal para casillas\n
Sergius Wizard
q paradon d iker el segundo d la tanda the fucking amo...
Sir Tainly
Iker Casillas isn´t adapted to be a goalkeeper. He is too small... And because of this he isn´t able to save 40 m long range-shots. Petr Cech is much better. I´ve never seen a long range-goal against him.
not any more
@12mossi Bayer ? Bayern München !! Bayer Leverkusen..
aladin motherfuckas
Tido Tilmann
@MinoDex i'm a barca fan but casillas is acutally the best
Iker Casillas to me is the BEST goalie in the world at saving penalties. I watch every Real Madrid and Spain game and every time theres a penalty against him he saves alot of them and the ones he doesnt he usually goes the right way and almost stops it. HALA MADRID!! VIVA ESPANA!!!
very good game ?\n\n\n\nNO its just normal game
Tung Dinh
so true the title \
@sfumato1002 Buffon Prime \u003e 10 x Casillas... Too bad you kids don't know anything about history etc, casillas is better than buffon at penalties but that's it.
masturbe y mastubardo son hermanos
hay un jugador llamado masturbe?\n
amelia fernandez heredia
se llama badstuber
andres pazos
boban markovski
Sheet Real Madrid...
bryan leon
Nada que dceir.. simplemente .. UN PUTA!
Una maquina este tipo, pero con Messi es otra historia!
daniels jimenes fonceca
cuando fue este partido alguien m puede decir
ääääähm was that Badstuber at penalty??????
george atkinson
I like Casillas reaction to all the saves. he just stands their like \
casillas and gigi and the maradona and pele of goalkeeping.
@sfumato1002 have you ever seen el clasico ? all they do is defend
Venga tú, casi es mejor, igual a la larga, pero por lo que ha hecho no es ni mierda comparado con Iker, enserio te crees lo que pones?
Bayern vs Madrid sera un partidazo.
james sosa
What that guy said in the comments below is right in his prime gianluigi buffon was better than casillas and he was one of the reasons why they won the world cup\nBut penalty save wise casillas is the best goalie i have ever seeen
jim luca
valdes only can do this in his dreams
@dmwmm Indeed!
Es Badstuber jajaja xD
All i hear is fhdusifhfhrei IKER! udhjfudfji fiuofpjfueh IKEEER!!! diuhfsfshfeyiurh Iker.
sin duda el mejor portero del mundo iker casillas
jaja que pendeja la ultima
michael connolly
There are just no words to describe him other than GOD!!!!
@MinoDex Casillas is great but to call him the best is complete bias. Kahn, Buffon, Sepp Maier, and of course, the great Yashin all make Casillas look shit. He's no doubt the best in the world right now but not even close to the likes ot those greats.
Es la reencarnacion de benji price.
pre-season warm up match?\nnot like the champions league KNOCKOUT STAGE
el madrid gano ese partido?