Man United vs Bayern Munich 3-2 Goals and Highlights with English Commentary (UCL) 2009-10

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Crazy, I remember watching this live but the footage looks so old now, this wasn't even 10 years ago.
Darnell .Shaw
This game was bs
Dat guy Jonesy
One of the best UCL goals in history that robben goal
Diehard Barca
I can’t forget this goal in lifetime because so much accuracy in corner kick and finish.
Doc Dave
Nani was so good back then, you wouldn't foresee the way he would fall out of grace a few years after this tremendous performance.
Hari Sankar
1.28, commentator...irresistable from manchester utd...try stopping them now...\n\nBayern Munich ;- hold my beer.....
J Nine
James Lawlor
Thanks Rafael :'D
Janfrans Zuidema
Manchester United played a fantastic game. But Olic and Robben (also) scored fantastic goals. \n\nGreat game. Man Utd should have made the difference in Munich. They were the better team.
Jorge Paredes
Valencia, Nani, Rooney (Y)
If only Nani scored. :(
Justin Nicklas
Nani 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lukas Nuernberg
I'll miss you, Robbery! Will be over soon. Bedankt and merci for the good times!
Niall Wagner
Sir Alex made Darron Gibson look like Paul Scholes for a while, incredible
Octávio Silva
That game hurted so bad
Prash Mc
Van Gaal's team played like shit as usual and got a couple of lucky breaks... This was heart breaking as a United fan...
Robert De Niro
Nani was just brilliant
Samuel Gutiérrez
Robben Crack
Shariq Paracha
Sir Alex's UTD had a different dimension. Players like fletcher, carrick, O'Shea strived under him. Hands down the best manager to ever grace the game. Arsenal Fan here.
Tanjid Khan
LVG silencing old trafford since 2010
Theophane Cheong
Can’t believe a team about 5 times cheaper than the current one beat Bayern convincingly and this expensive ass team now can’t even beat Brighton
Tounsi Behi
What a crazy game United should've been qualified i dont know what happened .
Vitor Sousa
Depois desse jogo que eu comecei a torcer pelo Bayern.
haha great
lucas Cavalcante
The bests games of history
magical football
If there was de gea then man utd would went to sf
7:46 thank me later
I remember this so well. United came out the blocks firing on all cylinders Bayern had no answer to them. The red card changed everything and Bayern sneaked through. \nUnited would’ve won the CL that season if they had gone through.