Bayern Munich vs Chelsea 1-1 (pen 3-4) - UCL Final 2012 - Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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Abdul Azim
This is my fav footy match of all time!!!
Abdullah Moiz
Ashley Cole ,cech, bosingwa , Cahill and of course drogba played like warriors in this game
Adam Ausaw
Probably one of the worst teams to lift the trophy in recent times, look at that starting lineup.
Afiq Recebov
Agcobile Shushu
Ah was only 16 years of age during this final but... but ah always come here to watch Drogba, Peter and Lampard just for a moral booster, ohman ah love Chelsea ❤\n\nAll the way from East London in South Africa
Ale Radd
Bayern deserved to win
AllThe RiseThing
cocksucker robben
Anthony Lopez
Cobrook Studios
Best game in UCL history...
Concepcion Hinestroza Valencia
Cr 7
the day petr Cech was on drugs
David Read
Honestly the best night of my life
Chegou no mundial perdeu pra um tal de Corinthians
Dodi Junaedi88
Drogba 💪💪
Dude, I'm not Wilson!
Chelsea fez Milagre nesse jogo.
Eden Hazardous
Against all the odds
Emanuel For Africa
Am a Chelsea fan who never knew I would ever go to Germany... was so very happy when we won this Match 😄😄😄 life
FLA Show
Fortnite Michael
Imagine if Bayern had lewandowoski
Fuad Danial
As a Chelsea fan growing up in the Mourinho era, there's no greater feeling than following this mid table team grow to become the European champions. Drogba, Lamps, Cech, Terry, Cole, to see it happen after so many disappointing tries, this still gives me shivers.
I love Drogba,Lampard and Terry,I hate Juan Mata,I like David Luiz but not such as those 3
Gamerchannel 123
Drogba’s header was powerful
Goleiros Guerreiros
Come on Chelsea!
Good Videos Only
You can't beat your luck...😁😂 Byren 😗
H Dot
I'm a Liverpool fan but Drogbas goal gave me goosebumps
Drogba legend ❤❤❤😭
Hrangao Laii
And the MOTH was Petr Czech
Ilhan H
Drogba Legend 👑
Ismael Torres
JPB Jonender
Jamaican Drama TV
50 likes if you miss drogba!
Jawad Cule
Thank you very much for this
Jayson Singh
whats insane is peter chech going the right way for six penalties...our legendary keeper
Joshua Zepeda
Chelsea Champions of Europe, bigger than Arsenal and waay bigger than City
José Ángel M. Montoya
Fue épico, tanto que recuerdo cuando lo vi:')\n\nEl Bayern perdonó muchas, por eso perdió, me alegró mucho que ganará Chelsea, en aquel entonces ese equipo me encantaba, Drogba era la berga:')
Cech's performance on the night was astronomical. It was one of the best performances ever by a keeper on European night.
KenG Brissy
This is called fighting!!!💪🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Kurt Cobain
10:28 when your mum finds your porn collection
L bax
Would love to see expected goal stats for this match
Lukhanyo lucky Luks Lucca Maneli
We will never forget
Malik Y - Z
This could have been the highest win in a final since Real beating Frankfurt 7:3 in the 60's, but Bayern missed so many chances.
Marcus Exton
If you look closer at schweinsteiger’s miss from 10:25 - 10:27 you can see Cech gets a little touch helping it on to the post. Cech was undoubtedly Chelsea’s unsung hero in their champions league glory
Chelsea has so many useless players, like seriously get rid of bakayoko( I don't even know how to spell this guys name) He's awful, Fabregas Is no more. What the hell was drink water for? Morata and giroud are awful, in our history we take strikers very seriously and then comes these pricks. Pedro Is no more, What the hell is zappacosta for? However the one change im ok with is the new goalkeeper. But for real, Chelsea is no more however I will still be a fan
Michael Skelly
Greatest feeling iv ever had watching football was Drogba's header then his penalty
Mohammed Jr
Coming back for the 5th time.
Mr Man
2018?? Anyone
Muhammad Makin Shalahuddin
petr cech 100x better than courtoa!!!
Munar Amar Mohamed
Bayer Munich Borussia Dortmund 2013 Champions League Final pleaaseee👏
Nenad Ristovski
Chech , Terry, Lampard, Drogba great job dudes finaly
Nikhil Kakkar
Cech MOTM for me.. What a keeper..
I'm a United fan so secretly wanted Bayern to win, but what a header to equalise :)\nDeserved it in the end.
Nêbilon FRANCE
This is probably the best defense i've ever seen... That game was a great lesson of football
O Aleatorio
What is the point on winning the ucl then lose to Corinthians in world championship?
Bayern Munich was to nervous.
Paul Daniels
Never was there a more undeserving champion , didn’t show up in the final , and the smash and grab defensive football that got them over the line in the semi fluked it for them again in the final , Bayern turned up and were the only team that played football, the game can be cruel as proved to be the case when Real Madrid got unreal luck in the 2016 2017 2018 champions leagues and referees help ! There was no doubt that by the time of the penalties Bayern had bottled it because they couldn’t score , but they still deserved to win the 2012 champions league
Prata Santos
O foda é que perdeu pro corinthians na final do mundial!
Rafy Ramadzie
Drogba is the hero final ucl 2012
Robin Nibor
Didier KING Drogba
greatest day of my life
Santiago Gongora
La Mejor Final De Champions League De La Historia Hasta La Fecha. 🏆👌👏
It’s crazy that Cech went the right way for every pen.
Soro Lefoumba
it was a great moment for me and many people
Srpski Cetnik
It's been 6 years of this match WOW...\nRespect xD
Stutter • Allan Scott
DROGBA! CHELSEA'S BEST 👍\nNo one goes on about how Drogba's goal was in the exact same place & if not better than the Mullers
Suraj's Opinion is Better
Absolutely hate German fans. So delusional and haven't realised for over 10 years that the Bundesliga is a development league for Prem youngsters. \n\nLamps \u003e Basti, no debate. \n\nDrogba one of the best big game performers of all time.
I'm gonna cry, literally my childhood
The Pride of London
It was just our day that day ( the whole campaign really ).. many forget how horrible of a start we had to the season that season .. and to end it like this was soooo satisfying great words can’t describe .. that night I wanted to kiss drogba’s head lol LOVE my blues
Victor Destiny
Can neva forget...what a game
William Woha
Totally undeserved
XGladiator 307
poor muller, to scores a goal in ucl final at the 83th min...he give the victory to bayern if drogba header was not scored
Yash Acharya
Coming into the final there was Soo much odds against us\n 1)playing in Allianz Arena,\n2) Hardcore Bayern Home support \n3) Bayern getting a ton of chances \n4) Robben's penalty\n 5)Mata's miss \n6) A very Strong Bayern team\n 7) one of the weakest Chelsea teams in UCL \n8) Barcelona\n 9) Messi's penalty \n10) 3-1 down against Napoli in R16..... \nStill we managed to win the champions league! what are the chances of that happening?
Yusuf Eges
11:34 The huge between 3 legends of Chelsea#Drogba #Terry #Lambard those reaction of that unbelievable
agnwstos XD
Kroos has been in the ucl final 6 times in the last 7 years.
Petr Cech dived correctly in every penalty kick. He can read mind.
3:18. 6 years later and i still cant believe Bayern lost this game
apache tyson
Bayern should of won that with all the chances they had
chiraqchief 71chichief
Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DAY WHAT A DAY CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!
ful mato
drogba was the hero in this chelsea historic win, but you know what's crazy ? he was actually so close to cost chelsea the match in their 2 last matches in ucl, first when he gave barca a penalty in camp nou after he fouled fabregas then he does it again in the final fouled ribery to gave bayern the penalty kick, it's crazy.
johandi sagala
Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Cech, Ashley Cole legendary
Man of the match: Pietr Czech
oLogical YT
Typical Germans can’t handle a defeat......sad \n\n\n\n\n\n\nNo wonder they started another World War
ratilla jeje
Jesus christ this looked like a fifa game turn the handicap off
xuanbao Xb2103
chelsea ❤❤❤
zack N dinimo
Drogba we miss more
şeytanın avukatı
*O Nome Dele E Didier Drogba*
0:04 touch tropi in Minhyen