Bayern Munich vs Chelsea 1-1 (pen 3-4) - UCL Final 2012 - Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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1CE _ Galactic
Drogba my man my hero❤️
When Chelsea wasn't an spanish team 😍😍
Abdulkadir i
Who is watching 2019 😍😍
Abdullah Moiz
Ashley Cole ,cech, bosingwa , Cahill and of course drogba played like warriors in this game
Agustin Garcia
Gol in 5:0
Alejandro Macías Rodríguez
Cech just announced his retirement and I'm here just to remember his legacy. Thanks for the awesome childhood, Petr.
Anmol Bhatnagar
One of the best UCL final, second only to the Istanbul 2005🙏 final.❤️💙
Anthony Lopez
Who's watching this in 2018??\n\n\nDramatic game ever...\n\nChelsea for life...
Beniparodias e videos 2
Drogba Legendery
Bilal Siddiqui
Like messi, robben is also very unreliable in big moments 😂😂
what a ridiculous penalty from Drogba. So cool, so accurate. What a player.
Blessing Andrea
Drogba of Chelsea,the king of the bridge
Brown Brown
Drogba is legend one who still watching it November 2018 if your here please like and comment
Chalesberg CA
The way Drogba runs to his team first. When Ronaldo did the same, he ran off and took his top off showing his muscles. That’s why CR7 will never be the greatest
Cool Adventurer
11:27 Three Pillars of Chelsea
Cristo Nguyen
There are some games that u never get bored of
Daniel Aldridge
there isn't a single player created for big games more than didier drogba
David Lucas
Equipe do Bayern Perigosíssima
Chegou no mundial perdeu pra um tal de Corinthians
Dário Rota
Petr cech legend
Eden Hazardous
Against all the odds
Emmanuel Prince
2012, is the year that all Chelsea fans can never forget,,thanks to our grate legend Drogba..
Flavio Amaro
Alguem a ver em 2019 ??
I love Drogba,Lampard and Terry,I hate Juan Mata,I like David Luiz but not such as those 3
Gabriel Ferreira
Ataque contra defesa, jogão dos blues.\nFelizmente pegamos o Chelsea na final do mundial, se fosse o bayer a história poderia ter sido diferente. kkkkkkk
Haydar Reyiz
best actor ribery
Hyrine BarcaCfc
This feeling feels awesome, happy retirement Legend #Drogba, you are the reason why i loved and still love football #ChelseaFC
Ikraan Aragsan
I am from somalia i love chelsea
Isaac Meme
Chec obviously better than de gea
Jamaican Drama TV
50 likes if you miss drogba!
Joel N. Gashagaza
Who's here for the fact that Didier Drogba announced his retirement? What a player he was... he will always be remembered for helping Chelsea win her first UCL title. happy retirement legend. :)
Joey 11
I will never understand how we won the ucl with Cahill, Kalou, Bertrand and Bosingwa but I’m so happy we did💙
John Kennedy
Chelsea has been crown the champions before the final... after hard fight with Barcelona...Drogba caused penalty against Barca and also here with Bayern, blues for life💪💪💪
Jose Mendes
Petr Cech a true Chelsea legend 💙
Joshua Zepeda
Chelsea deserve it, they were close to win it in '08 and '09, finally they won it in '12, Bayern bounce back and won it in '13, great story
Cech's performance on the night was astronomical. It was one of the best performances ever by a keeper on European night.
Justin David
Anyone here because of Cech's retirement? This memory is never die.
Cech, best wishes!!
This match will never forget. What a game!👌👌
Kurt Cobain
What a game
L bax
Čech is the greatest keeper in the PL history. Enjoy your retirement, legend.
Lolo Koko
Un match de bras casser
Lukas Klein
Bayern was better, Czech was superior.
Malik Y - Z
95% of this Video is just Bayern missing their chances. \nIt's insane.
Mandeep Singh Bakshi
Bayern should have won this match easily. Man so many chances missed.
Marcus Exton
If you look closer at schweinsteiger’s miss from 10:25 - 10:27 you can see Cech gets a little touch helping it on to the post. Cech was undoubtedly Chelsea’s unsung hero in their champions league glory
Maxamuud Xabad
Drogba and the rest of the players became a golden page of Chelsea's history how many are proud of that?
Mehdi Moujahed
Today drogba retired , what a legend ! What a career !
Mohd Ariff
Who jumped to this highlight after Petr Chech announce his retirement by the end of 2018/19 season ✋
It was now (then) or never for Chelsea. Glad they won though Im a pool fan
Muhamad Irvan
Your Nation, Your City, Your Home..Our Trophy 🏆\n#KTBFFH
Ojasvi Singh
i was watching this match....and the day i become Chelsea fan...and still!
Ojukwu Ugochukwu
2019 who is here....drogba is a legend
DROGBA, LAMPARD, A.COLE, CECH on this night cemented their legacy as Chelsea Legends.
Patrick Moon
Who here after Petr Cech announce his retirement?\n\nTruly a legend goalkeeper, I will always remember this night as chelsea fan, thank you for winning us the Champion League.💙
Pranav Iyer
Drogba always turned up in big games.
Pranav Panicker
Who’s here after the legend has retired?\nThank you Drogba.
Rafy Ramadzie
Drogba is the hero final ucl 2012
Raymond Mensah
I don't think any team better deserved this trophy than the Chelsea team. Hard Core Survivors. Every player playing at 200% . What a game...what a team! Blues for life!
7:34 - that block from Cahill has gone unrecognised, absolutely threw his entire body on the line to stop that from going in
Robin Mediskah
And the Blue Legend has retired..thanks for your service buddy!!
Robin Nibor
Didier KING Drogba
Roger Renthlei
I saw a post on this game since Peter Cech is gonna retire, so I decided to watch the highlights and here I am...... Watching and getting goosebumps
RpM_ Mina
here after Cech's announce his retirement
Sebastián 10
1.8k 4rsenal fans disliked this
Sergio Ospina
One of the best finals of UCL since I Know this competition, MVP ●D.D●.
It’s crazy that Cech went the right way for every pen.
Soro Lefoumba
it was a great moment for me and many people
On that year, Chelsea wrote the most dramatic comeback victories over Napoli, Barca and then Bayern to win it all. Not a Chelsea fan, but seeing Chelsea pull this one off was truly remarkable and enjoyable.
9:50 when the commentators gave up on being neutral 👌🏼🤣
I'm gonna cry, literally my childhood
Who's better Prime de gea or cech?
The Pride of London
It was just our day that day ( the whole campaign really ).. many forget how horrible of a start we had to the season that season .. and to end it like this was soooo satisfying great words can’t describe .. that night I wanted to kiss drogba’s head lol LOVE my blues
TheBeast Puia
Drogba is my Hero
Theboy Raefish
Back when Cech was one of the best players
Thegamer 989
Drogba’s header was powerful
Tluanga Ralte
Because of Droga we win a cup
Never sub out Mueller! Ever!
Who on earth would've thought that Drogba conceding the pen ultimately helped Chelsea win the whole thing. That challenge injured Ribery and he couldn't take a pen in the shootout and his replacement missed thanks to Cech the legend. Unreal
Wailissa Sadad
Drogba Legend
Yaros :V
Gracias señor por darme la oportunidad de ver a este negro fenómeno llamado : Drogba❤️
Yash Acharya
Coming into the final there was Soo much odds against us\n 1)playing in Allianz Arena,\n2) Hardcore Bayern Home support \n3) Bayern getting a ton of chances \n4) Robben's penalty\n 5)Mata's miss \n6) A very Strong Bayern team\n 7) one of the weakest Chelsea teams in UCL \n8) Barcelona\n 9) Messi's penalty \n10) 3-1 down against Napoli in R16..... \nStill we managed to win the champions league! what are the chances of that happening?
Yoga Octa
The best perfom of petr cech ♥️
You are the best
Alot of people made fun of Fernando Torres playing in chelsea but without him they wouldn't have won the champions cup.He was a true legend.
Zamin Zahoor
Who's here after Cech announced his retirement? I'm a Liverpool fan but the guy's a legend. Not only a Chelsea legend but a Premier League legend.
Zul Shahmi Ruslan
Now i can see a 'Drogba Legend' banner in Chelsea's match. What a legendary! 🤙
agnwstos XD
Kroos has been in the ucl final 6 times in the last 7 years.
Petr Cech dived correctly in every penalty kick. He can read mind.
brhcapace380 brhcapace380
I will never forget this moment as long as I live
invictus gaming
Thank you for everything petr cech. Hope you enjoy your retirement life.
jeremiah imanuel
You all only see drogba and cech in this game. You didnt even noticed how many block did ashley cole made to save chelsea
johandi sagala
Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Cech, Ashley Cole legendary
lee sue
If it wasnt because of torres, chelsea shoud not have that corner kick which was converted by drogba.. Amazinggg..
nakanapi omakala
Thanks Petr Čech for this amazing night!!! It was a pleasure to watch your career! Good luck in your personal life!
Cech had one of the greatest goalkeeper performances in a big stage