Bold Guy vs Dance Girl (Freestyle Techno / House Battle)

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Confident and funny the Bold Guy tries to pick up a girl who challenges him to a freestyle techno / house dance battle. Part 2:

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who thinks she's hot
GIRL OK BUT THIS GUY SUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o
Every time you find a girl with both a cute face and a hot body and I think she's the best ever you find another which is even better..yet I can decide which one could be 1st.\n\nKeep it up with the finest girls and the epic movies, insta-share ;)
Anjelo Whebb
they're actually good dances
Anna Tanner
1:40 was my favorite part of the entire video. BECAUSE WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON
Astroboy ZA
The Girl Obviously won... ;P
She knows how to dance other styles than techno. Looks like her legs are doing mambo/tango at times.\n\nEspecially at: 1:52
Benny Corona
Damn this girl, this girl... this girl is so attractive. She is the kind of girl that if I saw in the street I would look down in shame and avoid all eye contact with her as to not draw attention to my attraction to her. Then I would go home and fantasize about her.
Beremiz Belo
hot girl!
Blaze mordly
i could watch her all day...the dancing isn't bad either.
Charlie Theroux
What kind of style was she doing, pole dancing?
Christopher Poole
(Read in an older British gentleman's voice): What we are now witnessing, for one of the first times ever captured on camera, is the mating dance of the elusive Homo sapien male and his prospective female mate.  At first initiated by the girl to the sound of her \
Cynthia Den
i would say the boy danced more
Derin Rodoslu
How 2 dance simulator 2031
Dj Husseina
Dominik Zamojski
That dance-skillzzzz though xD
Dr. John Walid
I like your videos, I should be doing homework, but this is adictive :D
Ella Sansolis
She totally won.
Emerald Kelsi
This is fun. The girl had the better moves but the guy, he was impressive as well. Don't hate on them.
Froggy Doo
I guess she was feeling a bit cold? or ... ?
Giraffes eat stuff
These are constantly in my recommendations. I am very disappointed to have finally clicked.
seriously? \nI was still waiting for the dancing part when, oops! the vid came to an end. Now how am I going to get my 6.50 mins back? Huh?
HM Cabroose
I'd give her an 8/10...would probably avoid eye contact ;)
Hayder Al-Mirza
what in gods name is that guy doing?!!
Hesen Ekberov
Hidden Stardust
dude looks like a young bill murray.
Tramp stamp made her do it.
My granma without a limb dances better
Isra Ali
I love it 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘and
Jackyy Kayy
better than I could do, but nothing special
Jmac Doe
Jona Jona
da faq did i just watch?!
Jose Maria Palomino Sedano
I want her name and phone number, I'll learn to dance somewhere else tho...
Just ME
The music makes me shake the body
Kellon James
the girl dances better
Kevin Cordova
dance girl obviously won😂
Khie Riva
anyone counted the amount of times she spun around n touched her hair
Kor Tes
just watch it because that hottie rigth there lol!
Kyle Hopkins
This video is good. Both the girl and guy has skill. The girl danced girly but she did the most dancing. The guy had some good moves that he proved but he should have done better. The girl is the winner out of the dancing on this vid.
Have to admit,out of everyone I seen dancing in these videos,Bold Guy has the rythm down all the way.Hat's off to you Bold Guy,you clearly FEEL the music therefore your dancing is on point.My vote: Bold Guy 😉
La rata Carrier
mierda de video
Len Danley
This would be so much more interesting, if I did not get here from THE WORLD BREAK DANCE FINAL BATTLES!!!
That boombox has a lot of bass, it's rattling my winows.
Lunacy Loveborn
was he checking her butt out
Maria Chaidez
the girl is better then the boy
Matilda Jansson
the girl was more like oh my gash look at my butt
Matt Hoss Zone
Music links are now in the description. Thanks for watching and listening! Part 2:
Michał Ż.
Placek słabo tu wymiata ale ona zajebiscie się porusza 💖💖💖😘😘😘
Mikey Macabre
how romantic. wish i could dance like that.
Mithilesh Kuncham
Guy killed it ...
Mr. Gamer
Pendel Witch
This is class well done 😊
Pouya Vagefi
Another mystery girl
Qwerty Direct
none of them can dance plus the girl is tuching her hair to much
Ricardo Camacho
The girl looks like she gets some moves from salsa and maybe hip hop.
Roman Reigns
WhAt is this video why there is a video like even ?
Russel Walker
I like it I do
Ryan Seawell
I would hit that. Sexually.
Seth 66
That dude got the swig dance! In a totally straight way! 2018 rock on!!!!!
Silver Arrow
if you liked watching the girl dance most like this comment
Simona Popescu
The sexiest girl I've seen, congratulations !
Sonu Raj
Nice danc
Sterling Archer
lol only if you insist
Stewart Meadows
I think what everyone is really where did you find that boombox.
how the F am i end there??!?!
Sweeter Mans
faaaaaaaaaaam this guy is SOOOOOO BUCKTEEEEE LOL\nWHAT IS HE WEARING ?
Love the videos dude. Bought the album. Very cool indeed
3:33 daaaam that movement thoo on the feet
haha as a guy u cant dance sexy to techno xD
Unicorns are better than BOYS
He's not even bold 😏
Wesam 79
both of them are very good ,,,,but the bold guy is the best.
Zenny boi
HAHAH she's all like \
Zorana Mccallum
the dance girl totally won that
abcdefg hijklmnop
HAHA hella haters on this video. Some people a sitting at home with no partners hella jelly just hating on this cuz they are lonely HAHAHAHAHA
beth liebermann
I like the track, though. Makes me want to go dancing.
big meme
Her hair is bothering me its too messy...
Everyone should listen for a moment.\n1. Just because you are not a good dancer it does NOT mean that you cannot define a good dancer.\n2. Just because you do not like something it does NOT mean that you are jealous.\n3. Just because you are not a good dancer it does NOT mean that you are fat\n4. Just because someone else says his opinion and has his argument and individual taste it is NOT a reason to insult someone.\n5. Stop trying to push everyone into grey and ordinary tastes.\n6. Discussing is ok, of course! :)
I want the girl to sit on my face
the girl did do better then the boy but a lot of her dance moves made her look like a hooker not being mean i am just saying
desiree vang
i like the girl because she is pretty and a good dancer ♡ she also dance kinda fast but the bold boy sucks at dancing and it dance too slow but it just dance like a robot ! i am not trying to be mean !
I finally get this dance, the rhythmic yet disparate moves depicts the grievous dangers on humanity by continuously neglecting the causes of climate change
This is the modern mating dance!
ivana raicheva
мъжът е малко смешен но като цяло е готино
jose GD García
2:57 - 3:14 es un genio lol en esos pasos \ndeberían de hacer un tutorial de esos pasos Lol
lil Stacc
girl won
liz henson
The bold guys smile reminded me of macgruber lol
marco raf 18 Tabada
I like the boy😀😀😀
cute girl i like the way that she moove
Did I just observe a mating ritual?
sachin ingale
Totally impressive girl
Dayum she is fine.
vicky raj
HOLLYCRAP!... this guy is so lame
vijay sangle
Both are girls
this guy is funny
Рамазан Магомедов
Мой взгляд в просмотре видео не описать, смотрел с выражением лица \