DotA Top 10 Weekly - Vol 7 by HELiCaL

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Dare... Defense of the Ancients DotA HELiCaL's Top10 Weekly Vol 7 WoDotA Top10 dota top 10 garena helicals top10 ranked gaming clinet rgc top10 weekly

Top 1 - holy carp, somebody actually uses Euls on enemies!
Зевс вор!
Aavishkar Jugwanth
It's sad coz i just found this channel, seemed so good, and then there is shit like this making it way onto the top 10. Map hacks.... Map hacks everywhere. Downvoted vid and unsubscribing.
Adolf H1tler
4:20 uahahhaahahahaha nice
Adrian Ayong
SF MH! gay!\n
Amru Abdul
spporting :) \n
Andrija Milicevic
Первое место наше)
Brian Scalabrine aka GOAT
You see a good SF player, and you assume MH? The stupidity of noob dota players
Buh Buh
Channel Shin
Welcome to modern WoDoTA, where almost half of the top weekly kills are MH
Cheshire reaper
best realistic nevermore use.
Chibi Kurenai
cool story bro . but that's obviously MH .
Christopher Pogoy
MH halata yung sf
Im trying to believe its pure skills but its so obvious damn ...
Eldridge jan Dulatas
Just appreciate what's in there
Enes Türkmener
i think zeus dont know his ulti reveals invisible units. or 2nd skill on cd.
ExisTedZ gaming
no100 is 1000000000000000000000000% MH
SKilled and Pro player exist..
Gammal Erlangga kianoka
helical, the song is really annoying
Gia Huy
^\nName: Keyboard Hero\nSpecial Ability: assuming every nice dota scene maphack. Therefore also assuming helical retarded for not knowing which is maphack and which is not whenever there is someone who sends replays to him
hack i sad
Hone Garber
Good skill
Huy Nguyễn Quang
Sf maphack chứ pro cái đéo gì nó
Hưng Phạm
r u VietNamese?\n
Ibrahim Candemir
sf good mh :( oç
Jhon santos ticona
John Sureta
mh 5
Justin Lau
i like the music:D
#5 was MH what the fuckk was dat
Kuro Asagi
5th HM
Laslo Papp
it's MH as fuck..
Lauren Bulcher zDy
#5 = Sf user,pro blind raze .. But it seem like using MH .. But still,its nice .. \n
Lazuardi MR
Singapore better ^^
Lennon Fabian
I prefer this song ... Eletric is boring
MI nash
yeah the way that invoker too.
Maciej Martinek
No when 100 hp SF can juke invi sniper with full hp and SF is the 1 who attempet a kill on sniper someting is realy finishy, its hard to belive he he does not have maphack
Experiences + lucks , and I'm that #7
Mr Rinnegan
Kill by ntral creep haha
loved it\n
Ngắm Gái Văn Minh
top 5 is hacker
Nika Nika
Where are you gaming? =/
NikolA Stanojevic
Pavel Podlešák
You never know. This one seems pretty decent as far as he can see the sniper on the lane and then a few times in the forest. I agree that it is arguable, though.
Rakker GyrtZ
damn you noob, it's so fucking obvious
i love you helical your videos have good dota replays
I can
Sazriman Parman
Mh for 5
the skill of using mh :))
SoonJet Lee
5th is Holyshit nt Godlike LoL
i agree with you he is mher :)
Sulaiman Akhlaken
#7 Seems like he`s using MH . How the hell he could tell that Riki was there ? Experience ? Impossible because if using logic, Riki surely will go back to fountain simply without no need to go into that forest .
Sya Hidah
malaysia ..!!!
Sorry, but you it seemed that SF plays with MH. SF just professional and it is perfectly visible in the movie.
Teodorico Pinlac
Thanh Hai
why always is HOST. 80% :o
No matter how skileld you are, 5 is DEFINITLY Maphack.
Dat SF play :p
if he had mh he could kill sniper faster.. you can see his moves are safe, while someone with mh would hit all razes. if hes a good player, then its no mh at all imo..
asar talo ung Kardel sa SF ee hahaha . top 5. hahahaha xD\n
VE Canis Majoris VECM
I dont think what in this videos to be a maphackers . But i can mistake . Sorry for my bad english.
I like all of it except the 5th one MH..and 7th one Ks and MH.Im sorry if i offended anyone but it looks really obvious to be maphacked so don't bitch about it.
Xyvier XyV
Ure good. As im the 4th place so i watch several times, but I know u did not mh. Good job, don't need to argue so much to get confirmation, as long as u know what you did. \nTake people saying u MH as compliment, as u have the skill to do something you dont have the proper tools. Keep it up! :)
that is called skill, what you will never have
don't bother with people like this\n
charlemagne umpad
,. daming bobo di ka masasali sa wodota kung MH ka tanga
chechar olivera
HELICAL que programa usas para editar los videos ayudame kiero aser yo unos de otro juego\neres muy bueno en tu canañ suscrito
elviz vilchez
rubick bitch please
fadel emiryl
nvm mh.
gilbert martin
haha mh 5
hazizi harith
malaysia pro.. ^^,
hui xiang Lim
2nd one nw is the enemy sg noob nothing only normal nw,
Sorry, but for SF with MH in 5th moment I dislike this video.
jacky sew
5, sf, 100% mh.\n
number 6 santa Roshan :D
leong jimin
haters goes hate , helical will never post a map hack videos , you all cunts :( pity for all of you doesn't use your brain as a mh
sf at #5, impossible to know where riki is. pure mh. in my opinion :O
Nope... If you have some experience in DotA both the situations were predictable, especially 5th where SF lured sniper
i like the first place\ngood ZEUS player!
nicko rodavia
i love the song!!!!!! it makes me sh*t!!!!\n
omg man...skill this??? players like dendi yaphets and lots of others can't have a moment like this....logic pls...of course mh...get serius pls..
Xmas Roshan??
seven eleven
What platform the game is played?\n
disliking this video cause you put a map hacker on your top 10 and this is the first time i saw your dota videos. you knew he is map hacking yet you still put him in your top 10
skill my ass mh is mh play fair
#7 maphacks so obvious
Илья Мишин
У сфа N5 стальные яйца
Санат Сабденбеов
вахахахахах)))) мх!! пздц!! мх ещё на мувике!!\n