A Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial (1 of 2!)

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*ALWAYS WATCH IN HD FOR BEST QUALITY*Want something a little more SEXY? Try my SULTRY Valentines Day Tutorial -

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Your so gorgeous i love your videos they are very helpful :)i wanna know if you curl your lashes before you put on mascara ?
Aime Torres
your are so beautiful , alot like leighton meester
Alina D
Oficially I love itt ... you are gorgeus , I love your eyes and this look is amazing.
Amanda Strong
I did this tutorial. My skin is very medium, so I used darker colors and it came out great! I kind of mixed this and the other Valentine's tutorial. Lol, worked wonders.
Andj A
OMG chloe you replied to my comment it's made my day \u003c3
Anwar Al Kanderi
You looks so MUCH like Candice!
this made me laugh so much!
you should go a dark honey brunette
Brunette M
very nice look for Valentin day.. thanks darling \nestoy gustar su maquillaje tanto .... te mantienes al día con un buen trabajo
I gorgeous omg
Christina Moreschi
You look gorgeous and sexy. I feel like you're the kind of woman guys would notice, I wish I could do the same.
Dave Krella
the gloss...... orrible orrible
DeShenna Payton
Your eyebrows are amazing!!! So gorgeous
Devin Killoran
Chloe, you are honestly one of my biggest inspirations! I learned everything I know about makeup from watching your videos and I'm now a beauty advisor at Estée Lauder! :) sooo thank you, beautiful! Keep doing what you're doing!
Dewy Bunten
I swear you are hilarious... \
Duniya Ismail
love your vids!! colours never come out the same on darker Asian skin :-(
Emily Canavesio
i love thisssss one!\n
Esmee van Benthem
Hahah you are so funny in this vid!
Hey Chloe! I know exactly how you feel when you opened your gorgeous chanel highlighter and there is a finger. That happened to me last month with a dior palette that i waited on and wanted so bad. I learned to check my blushes, eye shadows etc if it is a higher end product. But it just makes you wonder why and who did that! As if they could not touch the sample. Oh we'll I
Gabriela López Bertoni
what was the number for the mac eyeliner brush?
Gabriella Beatrice
you look so so much like Candice Swanepoel
Genevieve Maslin
Such a fab look; please do some more like this! Your skin looks so perfect x
Omg that make up look is so so beautiful and you are also so beautiful! X
Hattie Morshuis
still loveeeee this 
Humayra Faizah
You are gorgeous
Ina Dewi
i love how you highlighted the lip. it makes it even sexier look!\nlove it!! gotta try this make-up
Jane Larkin
This is my favourite video, MI GUSTA !!
Jay Jay
OMG you are soooooooooo pretty what the hell OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Jikke Schreurs
Best valentine's tutorial ever!
Joanna Buttigieg
Jodie Trow
I love your older videos there so simple but sexy and sweet. Very pretty
JuIi Felix
Julie Fonseca
I did this make up today and SERIOUSLY LOVE IT \u003c3 \u003c3 thanks for sharing!\n
Karin Breault
Love the non traditional contour!!!!! You're amazing!
Kimberly Encio
I can't stop smilin while watching! haha i love you ms. Chloe! Keep it up!
Krizza Achico
Trying this out. Gorgeous! :)
Libertine Leo
Gourdgeous Chloe :)
Lihui Cai
Agree!!! And a little bit of Leighton Meester!!!
Louise Jacobson
Keep coming back to this one. Loves it x
Love Saskia
Your so beautiful
Luxe Beauty
OMG I want that Chanel highlighter
Lyescka Diaz
not only is this an amazing tutorial but it actually made me laugh! the part where you said the channel highlighter is for show lol!
Makayla Richardson
The hell is that LMFAO!
Maria Jose Juarez
Gorgeous makeup! It looks soo pretty :)
Mariam Alshamisi
Woooow LOVE IT
Michelle Angela
Love this look! You're so beautiful & talented:)
Millie Cooke
you should be a model - youre so beautiful!
This si still my fav video of you, you look so pretty chloe!\nDo you know any foundation who is similiar to the MF HD one? 
Miyuki Nishioka
You are so beautiful! I hope you are already a model, or else you would be wasting your 'modelesc' traits :)
Mohammad Moniruzzaman
Hi, do you know \
Help me, please! Where can I get this trio concealer from?? I need online shop
Nathalie Cabral
Very nice! I love how real you are. Most YouTube makeup girls try so hard to stay peppy and perfect and you don't, and you're still stunning! GREAT JOB!
Lol at the \
Love this look, it's so pretty!. Where is your top from if it's ok to ask?, I just love yellow! Xxxx
Omg I thought u were Candice!!
Ola Balinska
where is this top from? ohhmyygosshhh
Olivia Quinn-Kumar
LOVE YOU!!!! cannot get enough I love your looks! everstop mmaking these please your my make up guru from now on! so using the lip trick :D Xx
Pim Moulton
'is that even doing anything?' HAHAHA makes me laugh everytime
You're so pretty :O
Rawan Maq
U remind me of miranda kerr
Rhiannon Schultz
too much contouring. so much better b4 she does that.\n
this entire makeup is the next best masterpiece of yours, LOVE IT
I. Love. You
Sara G
youre perfect oh my god i love u
Sepi Pepa
Your the best Chloe! Xx
Sharifun Naher
You don’t have to be younger to experience break-outs. My own mature pal had it as severely as his young boy. Each were able to heal themselves the moment they came across the Acne Executioner (Google it). The majority of people aren’t going to be as lucky as them.
Whitney Gosnell
If you dyed your hair blonde you would look so much like Candice Swanepoel!
Wilma Olsson
I love this look so much!
Ysaline S.
I love it thanks chloe!!
aiida miilka
You are so pretty :)
angela green
Love the eyeshadow in this ...
angelica rodriguez
Min 7:57 hahahahhhaha omg me gusta!!! Hahahaaha so funny :D
You remind me so much of Candice Swanepoel!
ariel ava
Pink lipstick doesn't look good with that makeup.
asli bora
she is way beautiful than Candice Swanepoe! \u003c3
If you had blonde hair you could pass off as Candice Swanepoel
You are great,keep it up! ;)
gemma austen
This is my favourite tutorial , I remember watching this aggeeessss ago and loving it.
hannah butters
So adorable and fresh looking love it :)
ianica kumanova
janina casanova
Fantastic.. Talented girl. I use all your tutorials.. \u003c3 
wow I prefer you with dark hair!!
You look just like Leighton Meester
menel menzli
like this look so much \u003c3 it is so simple so easy and so classy
mila dark _memories
Omg ily
nathania chandra
you are so beautiful!! i love both your long and short hair \u003c3\u003c3
can't get over how perfect you look in this video
Hello there, do you know \
sad chihuahua
You look like Candice Swanepoel
shaghayegh mohmmadi
i like ittttttttttttttt
You are so gorgeous.
Chloe is so cute
love your contour!!it makes your cheeks look like they're 3D!!
Chloe,u r so cute...xoxo
You r so beautiful... Victoria Secret needs you!!!
Алла Никулина
очень красивая и позитивная девушка!
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