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Research suggests that thousands of children are potentially being sexually exploited by street grooming gangs. This may only be the tip of the iceberg, as experts believe many crimes of this nature go unreported. Journalist Tazeen Ahmad investigates street grooming and hears from community leaders who say enough is enough and demand action on the issue. She meets victims of grooming and their parents, whose lives have been torn apart. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: Instagram - @realstoriesdocsContent licensed by Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] by True Vision Productions

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I'm going to say something that will ruffle a few feathers but it has to be said and you brits need to know about it to.\n\ni am half Afghan and Russian and we know the Pakistani community very well. they are very nice people and have many positive things about them but one thing that us afghan have known about our neighbours for a very long time is their utter disregards for a womans honour and dignity. they don't see them as someone's daughter, sister or someone's wife they only see them as something to fulfil their sexual desires with. that is why in the afghan community is very frowned upon to let your daughter marry into the pakistani community. \n\nif you want to know the extent of the Pakistani rape and sexual problem all you need to do is look at the war that Pakistan had in Bangladesh where they raped over 400,000 women.
I'm a Pakistani teenager and from my point of view let me tell you this. It's quite cultural for a Pakistani group of men to not be around women. They tend to then not feel any shame as no women are around. Therefore, they are uneducated on what it's like as well as how to act around women and thus prey on young girls. It's also usually the older men that are using their younger boys to attract the young girls and that's when the girls start to trust them. They'll do whatever they want to please them and this is where the younger boys take them to their place where all these old men will be. Personally, this is a problem in the community which needs to be spoken out about more by Pakistanis and everyone else of course. Usually when this sort of news spreads, relatives don't want to spread the wrong doing of the Pakistani men as it will reflect upon them that they are just as bad hence they remain quiet. Overall, these men make me absolutely sick and are giving all the good Pakistanis that contribute to society ,such as me who is a medicine student, a very bad name. Speaking out about this problem will make these vile creatures realise their actions and hopefully get locked up if they continue. It's a real shame this is happening in this world. I came as an immigrant here myself and I do believe if you can't follow the laws and regulations of the country you stay in, you are obliged to leave.
Amber Darling
The attitude of these men stems from what they are taught within their community\nand their family life. Treating and looking at women as second class citizens happens within their own culture and beyond. The father who feels let down by everyone and blames the girls parents - what about his actions?? His actions are also responsible for the way his boys have turned out.
Amelia Ashmore
How funny that these Muslim men only abuse the non Muslim girls!?
This behaviour is very common in pakistan
Andrius Stančaitis
Its probably is in they culture to sleep with kids 😡😡😡
Anthony Semaan
And Tommy Robison is in jail for 13 months for covering this! Wake up UK you live in a tyrannical police state where you cannot speakout against the perpetrators. Take action before its too late! #freeTommy
Ashali Varma
Throw such men out of the country
BG Meadows
There are people in this world without souls or consciences. How else could they do such amoral things?
I am an Asian Asia is very big unfortunately Pakistan is a part of that, however, can you stop saying it is Asians doing this and just say Pakistani are doing this? People look at other Asians who are literally disgusted by this doing by Pakistani as animals. We do NOT agree and most people in Asia don't even consider Pakistani as Asians as they are totally different from most mainstream Asians in behavior religion and such. \nMost Asians are hard working people unfortunately Pakistani are ruining our good name here. This phenomenon is not only in the UK but in Pakistan as well seems to me they are just raised like that. \nI am Chinese we do NOT approve these things and do NOT identify us with Pakistani. \nI understand that these days due to political correctness they think it is offensive to say Pakistani because everybody knows they are Muslims but did they ever think how offending this is to all other Asians?
Caasho Somaal
*Welcome to England*
Candy K
30:15 The offender’s dad is just as sick as his sons.
Catie Quimby
Nice victim blaming here. America and Britain both need stricter punishment for rapists. We say we love our children but hardly even protect them.
Fk that guy at 30:10!
31:35 Dad is in denial and I bet that’s all the pedo parents think - blame the victim. How did he fail to educate his sons on the basics of his own religion because some how this was supposed to make them into MEN. I feel ashamed as a Muslim and I hope they all get longer sentences and more convictions take place. And yes we need to REVOKE THEIR CITIZENSHIP once they’ve completed their time in jail.
i feed sad for the real british . these idiots who came to Uk would have been eating grass and riding donkey cart back in Pakistan if it is not for the generosity of British people to accept them to their this betrayal and ungratfulness .
Mandatory death sentence #nocure
DJ Trevi
The guy who is saying, \
Danielle Lois
Whilst I hate to agree that what you wear and what time you go out at night is viewed as 'asking for it', it's true - for the majority of the world. At this point, it has just become a standard. Women SHOULD be able to wear whatever they want. Women SHOULD be able to go out at night and not feel as though they're going to be a potential victim of rape. Women DID NOT sit down and enforce the idea that mini skirts and staying out late are 'asking for it'. Society looked at women, and decided themselves to sexualise these women. Due to other people's disturbed minds, society now views what women wear and do as 'asking for it'. People like to link the two in order to put the blame on the victim. \n\nIt's wrong - but it doesn't stop people from doing it. Even at school, we're taught as women not to show 'too much skin' or have our 'skirts too high' due to OTHER people not being able to control themselves. The reality is, if that is what you are attracted to - you're disgusting. If you are able to look at a young lady, see that she has on quite a short skirt and feel aroused by the fact it's so short. YOU have the problem. Not the woman. \n\nI can tell myself all I want, that as a woman, what I wear does not determine whether or not I am worthy of respect - but the sad reality is that it does.
Danielle Toni
How can the midia and politicians deny there are huge problems brought by some refugees?
Dawn Browning
At the end she says \
Dawny P
Where were the parents? Okay some might slip through, but a rather was interviewed! Why was your 12 year old in a kebab shop at 2am?
Ella M
The father needs a beat omg how dare he have such a blazay attitude omg i am disgusted to another level
Fiddle Mike
The Brit press labels anyone who cares about decency as \
This world is rotting
Gerry Lazuardi
Somepeople call it C U L T U R E
Gökmen Güven
What for parents??????\nSomebody try to push his hands on my child, i would burn him.
what kind of fun do 12 year old girls do in the dark, outside with older boys? how can you be native when its your princess at risk?
Harsha Subbaiah
thats why i like guns! and i like a country that gives me the right to use it!
Hiroyuki Heisosumi
The sad truth is that white kids are indoctrinated to not \
Do you guys ever think that, the bad thing you're going write in the comments, is not going benefit anyone, its just going build on your negativity, until youre nothing but an ignorant person who has no value to their life.
Isaac Travers
This is the future the left wants for America too
Jeffrey Salzman
Maybe these girls believe the police won't stop them because the police and government officials spend all their time imprisoning anyone who dares talk about it?
Jemimah Kendall
I still can't deal with the fact the 16 is the legal age of consent it really should be older, 16 is only 6 year past the age of ten and only 3-4 years out of primary school, even if a girl is 17 or 18 I will judge an older man for dating her, leave them alone you old sleaze bags and let them date boys their own age.
Jennifer Salas
Just cut there balls off see how they feel then !!u ppl ? Stop letting everyone in this country period! I’m an American but I know you do not treat women and children this way at all? I don’t care what country you came from , my brothers and sisters in this country who are for human rights are the brothers and sisters of the United States Marine corp! Need I say more? 😡🤬semperfi! 🇺🇸
Jim Mc Nicholas
This is not a race issue, its a muslim one
John Notmylastname
I’d have no problem burning these “men” alive. Them and anyone that turns a blind eye or condones what they have done.
Another example of m uslim extremists' hatred for western civilization and our way of life!!! Thank you for talking about this and exposing the reality!
Just another Bird
Girls need to see these videos, I thought parents taught their kids, stranger danger. If the state doesn't give a damn, then the parents need to give a damn and show that there are bad people out there. And boys need to be taught not to follow these kinds of bad behaviors. I know the roles of gender can be reversed, but let's be realistic, this happens more with girls and men are the perpetrators.
Kelly Trindles
If white men did this to Pakistani girls there would be an uproar it’s reverse rascism
Lisa Noelle
No one should be raped and torture because of their clothing or because they're out late. That being said, parents should have a tight hold on their chidren, know what the child is doing, who they are with, how they're behaving. You aren't there to be a friend, you're a parent with the responsibility of protecting your child's best interests. Our culture these days does sexualize young girls, so we have to be careful to teach our kids to respect their own boundaries and bodies, like how they an 11yr old should not be wearing something that would be concidered risque for an adult woman to wear. It's up to the parents to instill in each child a sense of their worth, how precious they are and how they deserve to be treated with respect- it starts at home. An issue that's complicating the matter, and I hate to say it, (but you know it's true) certain cultures are inherently misogynistic and treat women as property or second-class citizens. You've got that mentality showing up in the behaviors of these young men that have been reared to believe that women are something given as some kind of prize they deserve; they see these women as something to own, something that's akin to property and that their needs should be fulfilled with no consideration of what the victim wants or feels. It's like these females are being seen as something subhuman and only there for meeting the needs and desires of a man. But this is a complex issue that can't be dealt with in black and white reasoning or seen in broad brush strokes...these complexities won't be solved just blaming one side or dealing with one aspect. It will have to be tackled on many different fronts, starting with bigger consequences for the crime...send a message loud and clear....educate and prepare the young girls as to just how dangerous certain choices can be. But seeing these girls, it's just horrific...
Louisa Armstrong
How is it far-right to be against children being raped!\nAnd why do they get approached when walking home from school! Should they not be allowed out then either? Picked up and driven straight home by a parent and locked up .... Might as well eh?! Seems safer
M . a . k . s
Where was the women's march for this?
Mark Reynolds
Tht old father with th beard should never done th interview , he still thinks hes back in cashmere
These men are pus-filled maggots and need their wieners and cod sack amputated; they're nothing more cancerous on this earth.
Michael Gabriel
can't watch this but these men need to be caught and killed
Monish N Jacob
My dear British people ,you are sole responsible for these kind of incidents. You are letting these kinds of Pakistani Bastards in your nation.
Nigel Pritchard-Conrad
The figures are: Pakistani males represent 2% of UK population and perpetrate 86% of gang grooming rapes. That's all you need to know...
Nikolaos Molis
All this guys keep repeating phrases like \
The government are useless. Silenced by political correctness
Patrick Cabahug
Here it is folks the real #rapeculture cause by none other than Muslim Migrants yet the feminist and the MSM keep silent about it
Paul Suarez
Fuckin scum
Paul and Ancila
We now have dozens and dozens of volunteer paedo hunting groups across the UK who are getting very organised and professional at collecting evidence and securing convictions (much more effective than the police).. why don't these groups turn their attention onto this particular community and the gangs that operate within it, working with the victims and decoys they can gather evidence and arrange meetings and make citizens arrests, then hand the evidence (from victims) and from the decoy arrests over to the police to put these filthy animals away for a long time. It might be a good idea if some moslem/Pakistan or Indian etc volunteers came forward to join the volunteer paedo hunting groups to infiltrate their groups and get first hand evidence.
Rahim Khan
Solution for this is that the male should be hanged and shown to the public and no one would even think of this
Ram101 205
Our punishments aren’t severe. Not only do we need to teach young girls exactly how they may be manipulated but increase the severity of the punishment that people won’t think twice before doing something bad. - I hope no one’s daughter has to go through this🙏🏼\n\nThese girls will always be in my prayers, they’re honestly scarred for life - I don’t understand how anyone can be turned on by this😭
Rob W
Robbie kinsey
Death penalty
Robert K
Every time I try to convince myself that Islam is misunderstood... I KEEP hearing about this crap in various Western countries. Starting to REALLY dislike Pakistanis and this religion.
Violence ,Raping , using alcohol and drugs then your not a Muslim full stop ! \nPaedophilic comes in all colours and yes it may be a particular race involved in this crime and they should be heavily punished and not to be supported by their community. \nPeople should point out and tell the police if they suspect anyone they know who have such thoughts or intentions.\nIt’s a shame people like these drink alcohol , commit crimes and at the same time visit the local mosque once in a while . The local community should get together and take strict action . The police should also tackle drug gangs as they are are risk to others esp exploiting young girls in using them to finance drugs.
Samantha Gipson
Samuel Hall
Shahrukh Afzal
I'm pakistani and they letting our country down. I feel so sad for those innocent British girls the best solution is to deport them or hang them up.
Sharon Cross
Just get them out of OUR country.
Slip in the shower
I am 15 years old and pretty much everyday I have specificlly Pakistani men adding me, I'm like *NOPE*
Stefan Trbovic
Are we really going to believe that these girls were neglected by their parents, ignored by the Police, ignored by the Social Services, ignored by Elected Politicians and eventually called thrown into the gutter by the judicial system. I hold my head in shame for those that have let these children down.
Suzanne Higginson
The father of those men is a disgrace, what type of parent must he have been to have raised scum like that, should have drown them in buckets when they were babies, I'd be hanging my head in absolute shame !
this is why multiculturalism is wrong and suicidal. No thank you. Glad I'm in the u.s
ThaTruthAccording ToMe
Blame the girls parents....well your the parent of two violent paedophiles, so what's that say about you, DAD. smh. Public castration.
The Indian Economist
Britishers saved indians from pakistani filth by dividing the country but unfortunately now filt is attacking their masters.
Toby Goodguy
What I want to know is, what does the Queen have to say about this.\nAnything?\nOr is she so out of it.
Ujjwal Kamlapuri
If British are want to solving this serious problem , first they deport all Pakistani,middle eastern in their land,you don't imagine these guys are radically motivated and they start war against non Muslim , why they don't choose oil richest countries,turkey,for living,they want spreading fundamentalism in whole world they only want spreading of fear and isolation and want destroying liberal and secular culture,Today whole European Union,Russia,India,U.S.A,Australia,Canada,Israel etc are in their first most target,they want spreading fundamentalism specially these region or countries at any cost they don't tolerant any culture except Radicalism they believe non Muslim is their first enemy,they misused the liberal and secular laws of these countries, now the time is come please wake up,we are seeing in present what the problems arises in Nigeria,
Vance Wallace
I'm 99% positive that the Pakistani men the reporter met with in the cafe who wanted their faces blurred are pedophiles. Not just because they wanted to hide their identities either (although that is CERTAINLY suspect). Some of the things they said/phrases they used as well as their general attitude during the interview made it fairly obvious IMO. And if they aren't pedophiles then they are definitely at the very least terrible people and enablers.
Veronica Moody
There are also white British men exploiting young girls and involved in prostitution. When I lived in Leeds, Armley, there was a group of mostly young white British males that were obviously doing something illegal. I and others from the neighborhood noticed lots of young nice-looking girls coming in and out of two different properties. One house across the street had lots of girls in and out and lots of other traffic. There was often fights, screaming and one night I could have sworn I heard gun shots. The news doesn't print half of what's really happening in this country. England seems to want to hide and create a false front when really there is evil lurking everywhere.
Vicky vivek
Pakistani gangs in the UK are heavily involved in this racket. Sadly the British Government due to it's political correctness allows this to continue . waiting for the day when the kid of a rich powerful politician gets involved in this forcing the authorities to act.
Yt Yt
Tony Blair’s mass immigration and multiculturalism at work.
I grew up around Pakistanis and Indians. Indians would always get really upset if you confused them for Pakistani, I now understand why. Why is it that the Pakistanis I went to school with still all live with their parents at 30+ years old but yet drive £50K luxury cars and always have the latest phone/Rolex?\n\nI know this is a huge generalization but I notice it all the time pretty much exclusively with Pakistanis and Arabs, its all about show and the illusion of success, or maybe picking up under-aged girls as I can only assume they would be the only ones gullible enough to fall for it.\n\nIndians generally invest in businesses and education, I have allot more respect for that. Very different people indeed.
I cannot finish watching this because I know it will add to my growing distaste for people of that culture. I pray that the great civilizations of Europe can survive this onslaught- we were medieval 6 centuries ago. These people have not progressed.
I have no doubt the grooming gangs are protected and sanctioned by their communities. The community gives their blessings to the 'Jihadi-Rapists' because as long as they are busy raping young white girls, the gangs won't be targeting young Asian girls. The older members of those communities know that a girl raped in their country of birth (Bangladesh or Pakistan) would be charged with 'adultery' if authorities are notified. Under Sharia law she would be charged with adultery and sentenced to a lashing either by the villagers or a proper judge. If she survived the lashing she'd then be ostracised by the entire community, denied any prospect of a marriage and children, or a job, and to top that off she'd also be disowned by her entire family. Women have very few rights in south Asians country's.
brebella angel
This is disgusting I don't care what you are or were you came from point blank period!
Why did people wait for the police to do something? If they had done this to me, my dad and my uncles and a few buddies would have had a little talk with whoever was doing it to me. And I don't think they would have survived to go and complain to the police about \
chant aliyah
These men are just doing this because they can't get women their own age.
the gang members are all muslim. surprise suprise
what makes me \
iheartchoo2 Jones
Castration is the only answer.
jen han
The fact that these pedophiles see less consequences in raping and torturing kids than stealing is telling. The punishment has to be far harsher. Forget political correctness, protect the children.
kazba nasil
It's not an islamic/Muslim problem, its a Pakistani one. The truth is Islam is a religion of modesty and controling of desires, it's forbidden to even look at woman who isn't a family member or your wife.
leema chamir
The problem is islam in UK... kick out islam n problem solved
'She's asking for it' because she's wearing a short skirt. Really? How can your brain cells construct such a thought, think about it, and then release it into the atmosphere?
mal chick
Why don't more Pakistan's speak out against Muslim grooming gang's, they need to protest publicly
Pakistanis will never learn to live peacefully anywhere
nrew eel
31.30 blaming it on the victim's parents and the victims. like father like son. i hope his boys rot in prison.
paul davies
WOW , WOW , WOW --- , at 29, 40 ,,, a pakistani father , whos TWO SONS were convicted of peadophilia ,, BLAMES the 13 year old girl for looking older then her age !!\nthen he goes on to blame the parents , the police , the social services , the country , BRITISH SOCIETY . \n\n but he IGNORES THE FACT , THE GIRL WAS 13 years old !! \nAND CONTINUES TO PLEAD THAT HIS TWO BOYS WER NOT TO BLAME !! \nhe should be in jail also .
All these grooming gangs are of mirpuris descents from Azad Kashmir, who unfortunately carried Pakistani Passports and were backward and illiterates even in their own language never mind English. These are their off-springs possibly of second or third generation, they are very uncouth, uncivilised ignorant people and have ruined this great Country.
samia bibi
Take there mother's , sister's , daughter's and wife's....see how they like it ...... SHAME ON PAKISTANI COMMUNITY.....
skyhigh lihi
where were the parents at ? and why thse pigs are not in jail
tenho lindberg
you documentary host these asians are not like chinese japanese vietnamese etc if you dont want them to get mix up for other group call them PAKISTANI
Let's call this what it is - another sick growing cultural specific sexual violence of child girls. These men need to be socialized into respecting women. If they can't or won't adopt then harsh consequences need to be enforced. Another most excellent documentary. Many thanks for posting. Loving ALL the videos you post.