Valley Of Wolves - Chosen One ☠Badass☠

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ⒹiscoveringⓂusic✈+25 millions visualizations, thank you 🤖☠Badass☠ 🎧🎧🎧✈Soundcloud➥

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plain reality. this is me. just you watch. this song is my anthem.
Aaron Schafferius
I don't do rap and things. Found this song randomly and I tell you what it had me at hello. Great song good work keep it up!!
Airsoft Chameleon
Awesome😀. Now i want more
Anna 16
That is, indeed, badass
Anthony Elizondo
You deserve more subs than the views
Armand Stan
i love this music
Austin Norris
Got a new sub
Ayush Kumar
Man this track, always fill energy in me on intense workouts
great song
Baby Boii Bealcher aka SavageAf
I am the most badass dude on the toilet.... at least I feel this way now.
I can imagine this with a McGregor nontage video
Black Rabbit
Bradynn Conley 2024
i listen to this every day and it inspires me
Captain Barbossa
here from faceit major olof's highlights
Chaela Lucas
Damn I love this music! You've got yourself a new sub
Christopher Hardt
Why so little views? I swear if Jesus listened to this he’d be like: HEY DAD! DAD! HIRE THIS GUY!
Daniel T.
Danyal Fryer
Found my next inspiration for a sci-fi novella :D
Der Anfänger Sack
the story continues. and it keeps getting more awesome. the piano in this one is lit.
Diamond Overwatch
OMG this Musik
Discovering Music
First song of Valley of Wolves to reach 1 million views on YouTube ever!!! Thank you people♡
Dj auto Rap sans
2018!!!! 💪✌🐺 ❤ 💞
Dustin Stanek
To the 5 people that disliked this song:\n\nShame on you,\nShame on your family,\nAnd shame on your cow!
E&J Family
Who would I contact about licensing this song for our guild recruitment video?
Enoc Rasmijn
Do you know what it means to be chosen by God? Because I heard it in my life? It means you have a reason, a mission in this life. Something bigger than you, but you have to be strong for the challenges ahead and if you can overcome these challenges than God himself will let your rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Remember as a phoenix is reborn from his death and his ashes. We can be resurrected from the dead when Jesus call us. It will be like the sounds of many waters and the ones that died in Jesus name shall rise from the ashes. It is a promise and believe me; \
Evan Hardy
favorite song for sure
From the ashes we rise
0:15 who else thought that he said I might play a little girly someday 😋😂
Gabriel Ziero
impressão minha ou essa musica é do \
Game Slayyaa
This song is 🔥🔥🔥!
Geohound 777
Going through the road of sacrifice in dark souls 3 and people constantly invade you this is perfect for that
Giorgos Seferis
Came here by chance......didnt regret it
Ily Spencer
Love it! Thanks ✌🏻
Itachi Uchiha
you made me subsribe and turned on the notification after just one song and its really rare for me to hit the notification. your channel is fire 🔥
Jason Garcia
This might be my favorite one of yours yet
Best freaking music evaaaaa!!!!!
Joker J
Hope at least half of these 1.8M viewers see your channel \nCus if they just hear 1 more song,\nJust 1 more song...\nThey’re gonna freakin sub and listen to your channel music every day
When I listen to this song I imagine myself going to the bar “pass me the beer Joe!”
Lacy Gorman
Lane Hawthorne
One thing to say damn what a good song
Lawn Mower Productions
*calls fire department* Well see who stops the fire
Macseszka L
Epic. Thank you! It's so powerfull. It helps to survive a difficult day \u003c3 \u003c3
Mahmut Servet Tümkaya
Texas esiyor
Matrix Master
Local Legend: 121 + 121 + 212 + 212 = Chosen One ☠Badass☠
Megon Templar
Melissa Galindo
This song reminds me Paladin of the end 😍
Mike Wazowski
freaking looove youtube cause of its recommendations\nin love with this song + subbed
Lit as always🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏼
Nathan Bobo 2024
this is my best!!!!
Niagara wJones
This music is FIRE !!
Normální kluk
já su jako ďas po tomhle songu :o
Oscar Abraham Ramirez Figueroa
Picture of Dark Souls 2.
Parth Aggarwal
Phorn Pharath
Damnnnnn I love it \u003c3
Player one
This for real badass
Can I use songs from this channel in my youtube videos?
Rage rex
😍😎👍, this one rocks,😊🤘🤙
Randy Charman
John Snows theme song
This music it's absolutely a beast! Keep up the good work ^·^ 🤘
Raul 4070
Dark Souls 2
Reagan Carney
People who listen to this music are the best community honestly
Rigdon Harris
best song ever i came pass this one and cant stop listening to it
Scope32 Gameing
I love this song because it’s not like all of the other rock songs where it’s just screaming and can hardly hear some of the words but this you can understand everything and I absolutely love the guitar in this song that’s the thing I was mostly listening to most of the time
Tailgate Rivets
this song is awsome af holy hell
The Dimensioncyborg
Now I've never been the one to play it safe\nI might play a little dirty some day\nI'm just following fate they say I'm the chosen one\nI know what it takes to be the king\nBe the song everybody wanna sing\nBring harmony and be the chosen one\nAin't no one gonna stop us\nAin't no one gonna stop this fire\n\nI was born to be making history\nSomething greater something higher\nAin't nothing gonna stop this fire\nIt's plain reality I was born to be\nSomething greater something higher\nAin't nothing gonna stop this fire\n\nAin't nothing gonna stop this this fire\n\nThey told me I was never getting far\nBut those words couldn't take to heart\nI know the day will come be the chosen one\nI never had a safe place to hide\nRun to the end of the tunnel to find\nTrain or the shining sun and be the chosen\n\nAin't nothing gonna stop this\nAin't nothing gonna stop this fire
Thomas A
Good Stuffff
Skyrim... That's all I'm gonna say
Tristania Wolf
This song makes me want to have sex O.O
Vinicius Sousa
Well, we reached 2M. \nWell, this band is badass.\nWell, this channel is badass.\nWell, I'm in love.
Wild Of Fox
Never gonna stop this fire :)
Your Neighbor
Hello from Skyrim, Im a Dovakin!
a random box
I need more this is absolutely amazing
akash gravel
Gotta admit the chosen one is kinda sexy just being the chosen one
chad birth name
Hahaha nice im the chosen 1 bless
enderfire 32
Dark souls
evilgame /michael sperling
Say it dark souls 2 is best game and don't care what you say
karthika srinivasan
Ain't not gonna stop this fire! Story continues
Am the chosen one...i am the god of war my name is kratos
matthew Bonckowski
I've experience most emotions heartbreak in prison jail fields industries n mind...ready
Thank you for this one My Friend \u003c3
Came by mistake, stayed by purpose
planet pastime
Valley of the Wolf a band I don't know about but thanks you they one of my fav bands of all-time 😁👌
poly g
I'm gon play this track in my next workout! Yeah!! 👎😍
rachel houston
Johnny cash
rbs rbs
Ho messing with hoo ? U are al king and qweens
sKELETR0N Gaming
Why would you dislike this awesome song????
semanur gurcay
this fire doesnt stop
stuffed fad
Is that lead singer the same from Kaleo cause I just listened to him and the voices sound exactly the same.
sugar hobby
Amazing beats!
the angel of death
Born to be makeing history
this is ridiculous you already know
🖤ain't nothing gonna stop this,\nThis 🔥
Евгений Калиниченко